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  1. It is better than the traditional BB line. I never said it wasn't. So give it the 6km range then, or less for what it should be used at. Yes it does have better stealth. Keep enjoying them. Doesn't make anything I said wrong. I also enjoy Battlecruiser lines more than BB lines. My Gulio Cesare is my favorite ship out of every ship in the game because Battlecruisers are just fun. None of these points remotely counter anything I said though.
  2. My point still stands, Germans aren't allowed to have anything nice, or be able to be competitive to any degree... Just look at the new German line. The prince Heinrich or whatever.. 10km torpedo range, but super slow, and super low damage.. Is almost 100% similar in every way to the 1 tier lower ship... still has all the short comings of every other German ship in accuracy, and is expected to get close range still with even less armor than before.. There is nothing going for the new German line. IT's all garbage because of the bias hate towards anything German from wargaming.
  3. Lady_Athena

    10 more tiers need to be added me thinks.

    So pretty much a Battleship.. Largest most powerful arsenal there is, but the smallest thing can take it out with ease and 1 well placed torpedo lol.
  4. Welcome to Wargaming and their bias discrimination against anything German.. Every German main line in every one of their games has the same exact problem.. Really good something, but literally everything else about it completely contradicts that strength, and kills its role. German BB's example. Turtle back armor, can't be citadeled, awesome right? Except any good side volley anyway by a BB will do max AP damage and while it wasn't a citadel, you actually took MORE damage than if you were a regular Battleship that took a citadel hit.. Why? Because every one of those damn shells did MAX damage.. Meanwhile a regular BB that won't happen. You'll get a big boost from the citadel, the rest will do lower damage. It's a lose/lose. Supposed to be a brawler? Too bad. The amount of extreme stealth torpedo spams present in the game and insane ROF IFHE Perma burn cruisers sitting behind islands you can't hope to lob a shell over will make sure you sure as heck aren't gonna get to do your job until its already half over, and the game is already decided anyway. Slow AF turret rotation, and equally as slow rudder shift time compared to other BB's.. oh cool I get a sonar, so I can see the unavoidable torpedoes coming and maybe take 1 or 2 less hits, but I'm still boned because now I have to wait another 20 seconds to get my guns back on target, and I just ate a full solvo of full AP damage shells from an enemy BB.. GG.... Now they have Submarines that can just lol yolo right through your protection belt with homing torpedoes.. To add insult to injury they decided to also pretty much nerf the secondary builds to complete garbage status anyway.. -------------------------- Destroyer line is the same problem.. Hey we get more armor than any other destroyer! awesome right? except..... lawls.. now we can actually arm the fuse on AP shells for some ships, netting extreme damage anyway.. Any HE shells that that armor would of actually helped against does so many damage and fires so quickly anyway that point is moot.. Huge detection ranges makes sure you're the main target, and despite having sonar and being able to contest caps well, well.. you're slow and slow rudder shift and being a larger than normal target with more armor actually works against you.. So GG with that... ------------------------- And the long forgotten cruiser line, which has been gutted and forgotten for the last 5 years or more. Some ships are good in it yes, but their citadels are like a magnet for AP shells. I never score more critical hits than when I shoot at a German cruiser.. I'm not the best of aim, but I can 1 smack German cruisers with ease, while I struggle greatly against any other cruiser at the same ranges. It's night and day difference in how easy it is to 1 shot German cruisers. -------------------------- So yea.. never play anything German unless you go in knowing you're already setting yourself and your team back.
  5. I think adding 10 more tiers to the game, (or at least as many as the ships we currently have allow it. Looking at World of Tanks for example, the amount of absolute saturation of premium and normal vehicles is insane. It's making it impossible for them to balance anything and "power creep" thus happens. This will eventually be the same for World of Warships to the same degree. By adding 10 more tiers, or potential tiers, they can accomplish many things, all of them good for the health of the game, the player base, and more. 1) It allows them more room to shuffle around ships. Some ships are just weak at their tier, but can't be moved higher or lower. While some ships just over perform, but can't be bumped up either. By adding 10 more tiers, this essentially pulls these tiers apart a bit more, allowing these ships to be placed a little better and separately from each other. 2) It reduces the saturation of too many vehicles, and too many vehicles which are too similar to each other. This is why "power creep" happens. Power creep absolutely is avoidable. The problem is nobody wants to buy, or grind to a vehicle that's 99.9% like another. Thus the developers feel as though they need add something "new" to make something "slightly better" 8 years later, we have "slightly better" suddenly becoming super god super sayan mode compared to stuff that was "slightly better" 8 years ago. Now we have extreme power creep. So how does adding more tiers fix this? By removing the saturation of tier X, you can start moving many vehicles up a few tiers, give them some buffs, or even de buffs as needed, and give the tier more breathing room, much like the lower tiers. Less vehicles that are the same, less need for "power creep" while developing. 3) You can push the time-line of the game farther, and balance it properly. This is the problem you have in World of Tanks at the moment.. They had to start taking designs from the Vietnam-ish era and Korean war era, make them look WWII ish, and throw on make believe stats.. They wouldn't need to do this if they simply added more tiers. If WW I era battleships can fight early war era WWII ships, then late war WWII ships can fight early era Korean-Vietnam era ships. This is a game after all, tweak the numbers.
  6. Get good, and realize this situation applies for every type of ship (except DD's).
  7. You're right. The game would be better off without subs and destroyers.
  8. Lady_Athena

    Secondaries vs DD's needs attention / fixes

    I'd agree with you if: 1) That "Extra Recon" wasn't already always readily available 24/7. The Battleship recons itself everytime it shoots at someone else.. Meaning the cruiser will always have shots. 2) I disagree entirely.. It's extremely easy for DD's to sail around or spam torps towards a BB, Generally most BB's need to stop and camp islands themselves now in most high tier meta's, making them even easier broadside targets if you can get around. 3) They do do this, but doesn't mean Cruisers aren't IFHEing it down, or they're being hard focused by Aircraft Carriers, and other Battleships. 4) Just about every cruiser can now...
  9. Lady_Athena

    Secondaries vs DD's needs attention / fixes

    Everything is BB's hard counter, that's the problem... Cruisers get to bow tank you by rank 7-8 in some cases, and or just lob IFHE at you from 25-30km or from behind an island where they are just about completely invulnerable to your return fire, or RNG spread, or just smoke up and keep moving, wait to watch where you shoot then move forward or back immediately to dodge everything.. DD's just yolo kill them from stealth with torp walls. Other BB's smash each other relentlessly, and counter each other. BB's are HP pinata's and point farms for Aircraft Carriers.. and lets not forget about the upcoming subs with their ability to citadel BB's for upwards of 20-40k every 20-30 seconds with impossible to dodge homing torps that ignore the torpedo protection... Everything counters BB's.. that's the problem... Yes BB's can punch back with a lucky RNG roll, (or if close enough good aim), but that doesn't mean BB's counter them, there has to be a mechanic or consistant ability that BB's can do that will on average counter something, or be difficult for said ship class to counter, or get around. (Like a DD yoloing a BB, or stealth torping it, DD's are their counter. Thus that's nearly impossible for a BB to actually deal with, unless the DD is absolutely utterly stupid about it.) Cruisers used to get countered by BB's, up until they were given enough armor to frontal tank, smoke to avoid, captain skills, and buffs to dodge incoming shells easily and immediately at 25-30km and IFHE skills to burn a BB down even in a 1v1 out in open water... So BB's don't even counter cruisers anymore in the vast majority of cases...
  10. Lady_Athena

    Secondaries vs DD's needs attention / fixes

    a 1% potential to be better, is not an argument. You're either a troll, or very dim witted. Choose 1.
  11. Lady_Athena

    I'm not surprised.

    The anology you're all looking for is WoWs and WoTs are both different tree's in the same farmers garden... Thus both tree's are rancid and dieing because the farmer doesn't know how to properly take care of them.
  12. Lady_Athena

    Open your eyes community

    I did 6 years ago.
  13. Extremely well said... Saying "omg this company is sooo bad" then going out and continueing to use their product is just virtue signaling and being a hypocrit, especially when you yourself are making money from it.. "Guys! this company is so bad and morally bankrupt, I want nothing to do with them! But watch as I continue using their product, as you shower me with money while doing it.. but.. you know don't play it yourself! they're a bad company!" Sounds... hypocritical...
  14. They've been systematically dumbing down thisi game since its its release... - Adding a hit indicator if your shells are gonna hit terrain in front of you.. So no longer idiots sit there wailing 90% of their shells into the mountain cuz they're less than capable of understanding whats right in front of them... literally.. - Adding ribbons so you know if you penned, or bounced, etc and the ratio that you are.. helps identify if you need to adjust aim, or ammo type. - Made Smoke not hide cruisers and battleships behind it like it used too, making the ability for smart and tactically minded individuals to not be able to actually use that to their advantage, or team work.. (cuz Wging doesn't believe in teamwork) - Nerfing BB's rudder shift time so the loli bots can hit their torp walls significantly easier and pretend like they're good players in a difficult ship.. - Nerfing secondaries, because loli bot tears - Nerfing them again, because more loli bot tears - Removing Citadels from DD ships because.. apparently having the best stealth, smallest tiniest hit boxes, fastest speeds, smoke consumables, and high rudder shift times still isn't enough to make loli bots play well, so better remove the citadels too... Becuase we can't have loli bot tears... - Changed the RTS style of Aircraft Carriers to a brain dead point and click using only 1 squadron because again.. too difficult controlling 4-5 squadrons at once.. - more pronounced, and obvious UI stuff, like fires, torpedo indicators, etc. because apparently people are too blind to see their ship is on fire, they're taking damage, or the big white streaks in the water, so better add blaring sounds, flashing indicators, AND a "we're on FIre!!!" (yet somehow still people are too oblivious and derpy to understand what's happening..) - + Much more, but you get the point.