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  1. Lady_Athena

    Whats the point of AA again?

    You missed the point. My point is CV's can be balanced.. (maybe not by WGing), So it's dumb to say "there are a few things that need fixing, therefore lets proclaim its impossible and get rid of an entire class".. It's a fair argument, but that really has to do with WGings stupid logic that "players are too stupid to handle multiple weapon systems".. I myself would like to see secondary weapons actually being both automated at a cost to efficiency and manually controlled, with far better accuracy to them stock if manually shot.. The same should be for AA imo.. A ship gets to manually control the AA, or let them be automated but at a cost to efficiency. The problem then is how do you balance that? it's far too easy to just keep the target on the planes and shred them. At what point is damage vs plane and damage to ship a fair trade off? Should CV's get ACTUAL unlimited planes? Since CV's damage is literally strictly tied to the planes, and no other ship has the unique disadvantage of their damage output being shattered simply because they took damage.. What's fair? I think CV's can be balanced.. but it'll take 2 things. 1) WGing to get more intelligent developers and 2) The player base sitting down and shutting up, and acknowledging facts when it comes to the pro's and con's of CV's... Then you're not playing CV's right.. CV's focus and priority is supporting the team.. You're still relying on your team to knock out those high AA ships, and help spot DD's. Or help support in taking out a crippled enemy that's by himself.. If you're not htinking about the team as a CV you're a bad CV player. So don't remove the problematic AA mechanic, remove the ship itself? So can we remove DD's then because its a serious problem that 2 DD"s (or hell even 1) are literally unkillable, untargetable, and have me perma spotted in a BB and will kill me regardless of what I have to say about it as I dodge endless waves of torpedoes and stop me from actually playing the game... Which is far less options than a DD has with 1 squadron of planes which will go away eventually, etc.... But assuming that the answer to my question is a resounding No, then no we can't just remove CV's because you find them problematic.. I 100% wholeheartedly agree. WGing is a joke when it comes to balance, and understanding what makes a fun game.. God I can't wait until someone actually makes a proper similar game to this and world of tanks that puts WarGaming on its toes.... It's also why I play this game maybe.. 1-2 times a month.. But that's still no argument against removing CV's..
  2. Lady_Athena

    Whats the point of AA again?

    This to me isn't an argument for various reasons, though I respect the logic you're going with it. This argument is pretty much saying "He can do this to me easily therefore its bad", and there is so much of that quote in this game.. DD's stealth spamming BB"s endlessly and with extreme ease, cruisers able to IFHE any target to death from complete immunity behind an island with ease, and Battleships alpha striking a target in 1 volley with 1 good shot.. There's a ton of that B.S. in this game that's far more detrimental and problematic than 1 squadron of planes harassing 1 ship and doing no damage. And if you're in a spot where you get spotted by planes where you're in radar range and get kiled either way you over extended and its 100% your fault, with or without a CV causing it. Planes can be spotted from 40 miles away.. You have ample time to react to them as a DD, and you have no excuse to be in a position which gets you in that sort of predicament. You'd have to elaborate on this more for me to really respond. "Amazing to see how drastically a single ship in a game can influence tactics".. Is literally no different than any other ship class... The problem is you're so used to how every other ship class effects it, and you see Destroyers, cruisers, and battleships in most games (but not CV's in every game). You don't even realize how vastly different those games play... This again isn't remotely an argument.. For example, games with no DD's which is insanely rare, but happens. I can aggressively hard push in my Battleship, and make cruisers absolutely cry by charging them with no care about walls of torps.. Cruisers can flank and get exceptional fire down or get into unusual positions because no chance of being out spotted by a DD.. Games with no Battleships, again SUPER rare, but happens.. DD's are literally just a whack a mole hunt for the cruisers, while the cruisers just duke it out as if they were battleships.. The way you have to play in a Cruiser infested game as a DD or Battleship is night and day compared to a 3 cruiser per side game and you're in a BB or DD. CV's already have a lmit of only 2 per side due to their unique range, but they don't influence the way anybody plays anymore than any other ship type. The DD's get impacted the most, but again is still less of an impact than a no DD game vs a DD game for other ship classes.. It's not "Crippling" you just need to wait a bit longer, and generally its only 1 tube out of several others, so you still get to lay down your ICBM tactical nukes. Just less of them for 1 reload duration.. hardly crippling. When arguments stop being "I have to use my brain" I'll stop using that comment. So far, that's how most arguments end up being when people cry about DD's having problems and their main point basically boils down too "I have to think and analyze the situation and can't yolo anymore". Though you haven't subjected your arguments to that, and that particular comment wasn't directed at you. I fully disagree with this.. Cruisers are the weakest classes in terms of survivability, so much so they HAVE to hide and hug islands or they will get insta popped quickly.. The only reason you don't see the numbers reflect his is because cruiser players have adapted and started hugging islands non stop because it makes them nearly invulnerable to everything including planes. DD's survivability doesn't come from its armor, it comes from the fact it has no Citadels anymore, extremely small radius of detection, can out spot 90% of the other ships in the game and depending on what nation of DD's even most other DD's, they get several smoke generators, AND speed boosts ontop of that for extreme utility in survivability, and now even get commander skills like last stand, etc. which allow them to continue moving into safety even after they got crippled or caught out... No other ship in the game has such an overloaded level of survivability, not even Battleships with their HP pools which are rendered pointless with all the IFHE spam, and the high levels of armor. --------------- I actually HATE this whole "DD's are expected to do everything".. Yea.. you ever wonder why? because they are by far the most easily played ship and have the most utility and power packed into them... Torpedo spams ontop of extreme survivability in terms of literally just not getting spotted if you don't want to be, etc. etc... and everytime anyone suggests changes which makes DD's less viable and puts some of that power and jobs to another ship class guess who starts raging first? Yup.. the DD players.. On one hand the DD players want everything and continue to proclaim their ship class is somehow weak or has issues... while on the other hand claiming everyone expects them to do everything.... Nobody expects a BB to cap, or a cruiser.. because it can't.. nobody expects ships to do things they can't.. DD's are expected to do everything because unlike other ships.. they can do everything and do it EASILY. I can cap as a Cruiser, or Battleship, I can spot, I can do everything a DD can, but it's far far far more difficult and detrimental than letting a DD do it that can do it significantly more easily and safely.. and whey can they do it more easily and safely? Because of how much utility and survivability they actually have. ----------------- If you want other classes to do some of those jobs.. YOu need to take power away from the DD.. nerf the torpedo spams or damage, or limit torpedo numbers on ships.. Allow Battleships to actually take a few torepdoes without it literally crippling their entire game. Lower IFHE damage.. Lower citadel damage done by battleships, so cruisers can actually take some hits before getting insta killed to help support the Battleships push. Even DD's aren't insta killed unless the battleship gets a super super SUPER lucky RNG roll on accuracy, and that's so insanely rare I've only ever seen it once myself.. Ground should stop radar, but no ship should be able to shoot accurately within smoke screens, Smoke should be a purely defensive tool, not a "I get to farm free damage lawls" Thank you for responding respectfully yourself. None of my comments of "brainless" was directed at you. It was directed at the countless other arguments I see all the time when argueing around DD's many of which are just "I have to think I hate this" arguments, which is.. brainless.. Your arguments were actually the best I've seen, and I can respect everything you've said and can see where you're coming from, unlike most who argue in favor of DD's.
  3. Lady_Athena

    Whats the point of AA again?

    Multiple ships absolutely can deny multiple attack runs, that's a very broad statement. How many ships should it take to deny? In a game where there are 15 ships, and many times there are 4+ ships overlapping each other with AA. It seems that 4 ships for 100% area denial and only allowing 1 attack is more than fair.. less than 4 if they have the AA consumable which nobody uses cuz "its useless" apparently. Except it takes only 2 ships with this skill to literally shred every plane before even 1 attack can happen.. lol "useless" "Universally agree" right.. Let's clarify so you don't trip over your own comment... What they universally agree on is that it's too easy to cheese the mechanics and get around AA. Which I agree. however people are stupid.. Because they then use this as an excuse to say "CV's are impossible to balance get rid of them!" Which is just retarded on every level.. Why people are complaining NOW about CV"s is beyond me... Would you rather it be how it was for the first 75% of this games life, where a CV could literally deathball 5 squadrons together and insta kill a Battleship right out of the gate in the first 30 seconds of the game?, or a cruiser, or even a destroyer... rinse and repeat 3-4x until the planes are all shot down or the friendly CV decides to do something about it? I much prefer the balance of how they are now.. Which is to say, far more balanced and fair to both sides..
  4. Lady_Athena

    DDs and spotting XP : Nonexistent

    Why? Because I can yolo into a cap, laucn a wave of torpedoes off, only 1 hits, causes flooding which he doesn't repair because its only 1 flood, either cancel the cap getting me a ribbon for it, or getting the cap getting me a ribbon for it, while getting experience taking the cap.. and die in the process all within the first 3 minutes of a game, and literally come out top 4 on the team for doing literally nothing useful... DD's have the most insanely easy and mass amount of exp potential on their side.. Getting top 3-4 on the team is a cake walk no matter what you do because of how OP the cap ribbons are, both canceling and taking them. In-fact, i can take 1 cap wich isn't too hard to do in a DD, then sail around "spotting" and literally only spotting while maybe taking a few potshots to set 1 or 2 fires.. and go dark again.. and I'll still get top 3 on the team for literally doing nothing of real value (as most of those "spotted" ships didn't even need me to spot.. They got spotted by me, but would of been spotted anyway when they started shooting. So I was essentially take xp I again didn't do jack to actually deserve).
  5. Lady_Athena

    Whats the point of AA again?

    Seems like an absolutely fair trade off when you put teamwork into the equation... How is 1) any different than a ship with better stealth than you perma spotting you? What you smoke? You can do that too against planes.. They sit above you forever? Yea but their teammates aren't going to sit and wait forever.. You have openings, and if half hteir team is sitting staring at you waiting for the 2 minute smoke to go off cool down than mission accomplished.. you effectively canceled half their team... seems more than fair. 2) again how is that any different than just being spotted by another ship? It happens.. and when carriers are in play yes you have play a bit differently.. Just like you gotta play differently when the enemy is overloaded with radar as opposed to at eam that has none or almost none.. 3) ..... now you're grasping at straws for a competent argument... I've never seen a single attack run from planes permenantly knock out torpedo tubes before.. Can't say it doesn't happen, but I've never seen it happen. Damaged? Sure. of course.. But that is not even remotely "crippling" your power... You want to see "Crippling" power, play an actual CV... then watch as your power output goes from "pretty good" to "can't do any damage lawls" in very quick succession as the ships all claim they're doing no damage to you and their AA is useless... ------------------- What I can't understand.. is why DD's think they should be able to sail around immune to everything.. and why having to play around ships and mechanics is "no fun"... isn't that the damn point of a game? To work around and master mechanics both playing as and against? Why are DD's the only class that seems immune to the logic of "don't yolo" and everyone thinks they have to be yoloing... actively spot for your team.. Stay near your ships with strong AA until part of the battle is over and the planes have been whacked pretty good.. wait to see where the enemy CV's are focusing and pick targets away from that.. It's literally no different than fighting any other ship or class, you just need to you know... not expect to be immune in your little anime ships, and actually use your brain.. I know.. *gasp* actually having to think while playing DD's! what a catastrophe!
  6. Lady_Athena

    Facts, Speculation, and Fixes: The USN Battleship Split

    Like me. Which still brings into a serious question about WGings competency, however I agree with you that while I highly question WGings ability to balance or use meaningful and intelligent thought process, the player base is about the most whiny self centered, narrow minded, and derptastic levels of stupid I've seen in a community, and unfortunately WGing has no control over that, which is why they let other players deal with the stupid through the Community Contributors lol.
  7. Don't worry I have a life total of 0 hours on twitter, and about 5 minutes life total on Reddit (That's counting the links I click to Reddit posts looking up something lol)
  8. Ashley said she quit the CC, not warships. She still said she'd be playing.
  9. So pretty much this is just an odd series of events and really has nothing to do with anything.
  10. No I heard that one lol.
  11. Sorry I edited the main post. Mighty Jingles mentioned it on a video of his.
  12. Last month or so I've stopped paying attention to WoWs after the sub drama which I honestly can't handle, much like I stopped paying attention when carriers were released, and just focused on enjoying the game. Now just like then.. it seems there's more hub bub over something but I can't seem to find anything about it... Flamu black listed? Ashley leaving the CC, etc. Not sure what its all about. Did WarGaming do something again I'm not aware of? Edit: I found my information via Mighty Jingles latest video. Googling it only comes up with Ashley's twitter post about leaving. Seems odd Ashely, one other CC and flamu being black listed on warships reddit all happens at the same time.
  13. Lady_Athena

    How Many Complaints Before Chat Ban Kicks In?

    It can be, but its based off of X amount and how quickly you received them.. Over time through days and weeks the system "forgets". basically think of it like a funnel with water going through, and the water being the reports.. the more water (reports) going through at the same time, eventually that funnel is going to flow over, and you get banned, but even with intermittent and occessional reports, if it doesn't hit the threshold they set, you'll never get banned.
  14. Lady_Athena

    No More of my $$$$

    This comedian does not get enough praise.. So glad to see a meme with him.
  15. They can hit submarines. Any time a torpedo hits a submarine it detonates and kills it.. The thing about "Deep water" torpedoes is a submarine can actually go above, or below it.... just like how some ships hulls don't go deep enough for the deep water torps to activate. The submarine can surface and sail over them in the same way. Or the submarine can dive under them. Torpedoes work in the game as they did irl.. they require themselves to actually hit or come within a certain distance of something to activate.. This is why deep water torps don't trigger on some ships.. they literally are going under it and not hitting the hull. This is also why sometimes even with normal torpedoes you'll see it sail under the prop of an enemy ship and not detonate, it's because it literally didn't hit anything.