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  1. Lady_Athena

    why is auto pilot so bad?

    No I wasn't drunk... If I wanted to turn with the old one, I turned, If I wanted to stop, I stopped. Not the Auto pilots fault you didn't plan for the distance your ship had to stop. That's easily fixed by placing the point a little behind where you wanted to stop, or beaching it on purpose. Meanwhile the auto pilot freaks out whenever it has to make tight turns, has no idea what to do with the border of the map (It literally refuses to allow your ship to touch it which creates hilariously [edited] moments of it sitting your ship in the water refusing to do anything), and then lets not forget, the randomly canceling itself, and and plethora of other problems.. For regular ships this stuff is minor, for an aircraft carrier that loses the control of its own ship for 80% of the game because it has to control the aircraft themselves, these minor things turn into major problems that can get you straight up killed.
  2. Lady_Athena

    Interesting post on Pearl Harbor Attack

    Except, those weren't the orders... not officially, those were orders used to explain it later. If they had followed the original plans, they would of been all at port reservicing.. Don't use the tin foil hat meme insult either, it makes you look stupid.
  3. Lady_Athena

    Interesting post on Pearl Harbor Attack

    History also loves to ignore the fact that America leading up too, and even during the early stages of the war were selling ammunition, to both Allies and Axis. America was not as unified in the government as much as history or Hollywood would like you to believe. Some even pushing to join on the Axis side. Then you got all types of hideous facts as well like Ford, and other major companies, etc. are the ones who built many of the factories in Germany, and even the ones who laid down the railway lines for the concentration camps. But of course, we won, so nobody remembers those facts, and they are well covered up,.
  4. Lady_Athena

    Interesting post on Pearl Harbor Attack

    now, not to piss more people off, but I would like to throw more facts out there... Leading up to that point, Japan had decimated China in air, land, and sea. Their strikes against China did first focus the fuel, trade lanes, and factories. Japan knew how to fight a war, better than most. To make such an incredible blunder of error while they did it several times before just makes no sense... To top that, our aircraft carriers were supposed to be at dock that day, the information surrounding why they weren't is vague, shady, and a big ? and hole. Official reasons, and documentation on it are contradictory and it's surprising and fishy that such a simple thing is somehow one of the most argued, and cloudy facts. Our radar sites did pick up the planes coming in, and we even picked up via submarines the task force heading to Pearl. The excuse of why the radar sites didn't give the warning again change everytime I read it, first its because of a training excercise they thought (even though its sunday and they don't do those on sundays), then it was supposed to be a relief of B 17's, (Which again turned out to be untrue as documents were unclassified, and nothing about B 17's or bombers were ever ordered to pearl, so the radar sites would never have been expecting them). The situation surrounding Pearl Harbor is extremely cloudy, fishy, and all together questionable.
  5. Lady_Athena

    Truly awful teams

    This is completely false... Their ranked system has nothing to do with MM, it has to do with RNG and your team.. Now if the ranked system worked something like StarCrafts, or League of legends, and went year around, then you'd have a point... "sprint" ranked where last game sprint I got 1st with a 90% w/r and I barely play this game, all the games were blowouts.. That has nothing to do with skill..
  6. Lady_Athena

    Truly awful teams

    One of my best CV games in a ranked game, top on the team by far, helped kill the enemy DD's early on so we had all the advantage, just battleships and 1 cruiser left.. somehow my team managed to F up the easiest win in the world..
  7. I notice it mostly in my CV, and especially this ranked season.. Half the time I come back after setting auto pilot and focusing on my planes only to find the auto pilot stopped at some point without warning, no indiciation, and no heads up, just not there anymore, and I have to re put in my commands.. This has gotten me killed prematurely, though not often, one time is too many.... That or if you're stuck having to make a hard turn it insists on stopping, reversing, then going forward again, and it can't even complete that simple task without bugging out... its beyond frustrating.. The old auto pilot system was 10x better than this garbage.
  8. Lady_Athena

    Test 2 Comprehensive feedback on Submarines

    On that we agree.
  9. Lady_Athena

    WG, Fix this!

    Dude. use your brain.. he was comparing the two obvious skill difference levels to make an obvious comparison without having to nit pick fine details and make a 10 page response to make a point... Even with me who isn't a unicum, and barely plays this game plays it at significantly different skill levels of other players who aren't unicum and have 40k more battles than me. You don't need to be a unicum to play well, or do well, or know how to play exceptionally well either.. I seriously wonder the ability of some people to think.
  10. Lady_Athena

    WG, Fix this!

    Did you even read?, or do you only know troll language?
  11. Lady_Athena

    Test 2 Comprehensive feedback on Submarines

    It's balance reasons.
  12. Lady_Athena

    Test 2 Comprehensive feedback on Submarines

    Some of these are good idea's that play off my suggestion.
  13. Lady_Athena

    If people enjoy flying planes in WOWS

    It was about 10 years too late..
  14. Lady_Athena

    If people enjoy flying planes in WOWS

    Begs to question why you're on the forums than, and what's old to you is new to others.. regardless the point is weaker than a wet paper bag.