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  1. I need to just stop coming onto the forums, way too much ignorance, stupidity, moronic retardation and all types of idiocy of all calibers..
  2. Personally tired of of seeing a DD that did literally nothing of value all game, end up getting top on the scoreboard because they suicide torp a for 80k dmg at the end, or farm points by abusing their ship. To be fair, I've seen BB's and even CLs do it before, but the last person alive generally ends up getting a high chance to farm enough points even if its through a ram, or torp spam suicide run to get top on the team and secure their star for the loss. I think this is utterly garbage. There are many times where I've seen a teammate pull clutch secures on objectives, DD's smoke at just the right time, and or sonar or radar brilliantly, despite us losing I believe they deserve to keep the star even if they didn't get top on the scoreboard. It's not always about damage, its about teamwork, damage, and good calls, players who show all of these imo should be the ones to keep the star in a ranked game. Even if your team can't capitalize on it, doesn't mean that player doesn't deserve to keep the star. I think the losing team should be able to vote on a player to keep the star after the game. With a few rules. 1) You can't vote for yourself. 2) You can't vote for clan members. I play 100% only the German BB in rank regardless of the tier. Often times I do end up 8/10 times getting top on the team, abusing the sonar/secondary 6km range against DD's the maps in ranked are perfect for trolling DD's who thinkt hey're safe. However despite that, I'd still be willing to give up many of those stars I kept for a more fair system, (because some of those games I didn't deserve to keep the star on a loss, I just got it cuz my secondaries did work at the end, and I farmed points on the remaining ships).
  3. They just can't do it with impunity anymore. They still can and very easily by mid game still.
  4. Yea best games are with no DD"s too. You can do the same thing.
  5. Lady_Athena

    Well DD's still suck after the fix..

    DD's suck even more now because Carriers are literally useless against everything except DD's. They cannot survive attacks anymore, so now DD"s are getting hounded 3x harder than before because you're the only thing they can kill and survive against.
  6. Lady_Athena

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    It broke CV completely. A DD staying near his battle group can still smoke and lay down meaningful gunfire, area denial caps with his torps, or even stealth torp if you're certain DD's. If Radar is part of the equation you can still again.. lay down meaningful gunfire over low mountains, or from max gun range with your battlegroup. Some instance you can't fair enough, but you have many options still available to you. CV's literally have none.
  7. Lady_Athena

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    Safe place to disengage is anywhere near another friendly ship... Meaning not over extending.. I do believe that's still check mate.
  8. Lady_Athena

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    Not the same situation. Please dont try again.
  9. Lady_Athena

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    cop out.. If you put yourself in an unsafe position and get focused by a carrier then that's on you right? They're just doing their thing... Or at least, that's hwo the mentality should be.. but as you said yourself.. even you don't see it that way.. so why is it ok for the cruisers to be putting damage down with literal 100% impunity, but not CV's? hmmm... Check mate.
  10. Lady_Athena

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    Completely different situation... DDs can still cap, cover their team, and be effective, while gaining experience, silver, and all the goodies of being a good team player, while waiting for the opening to strike. CV players unfortunately cannot do this.. CV players dont get smoke, and cannot fire safely from behind islands and put down safe damage. CV's cannot spot while staying hidden (The planes) and reposition into a good flanking position, to strike unexpectedly all at the same time, and CV's cannot cap... Totally not the same thing. DD's having to play safe at the start is a completely different world than CV's. CV's playing safe, is literally just afking because you cant do crap for the team then besides.. spot.. but who's gonna play CV's if half the game is you just spotting and getting absolutely nothing for it every game? Stop pretending like the situation is remotely the same. It's not.
  11. Lady_Athena

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    Define "Meaningfully disengage" because surface ships getting hammered by 2-3 cruisers behind an island can't "meaningfully disengage" either.. They are gonna gte over half their HP dwindled to nothing, and are stuck in a crappy position.. Hope to go dthey can turn and quickly get out, or take 9 years to come to a stop, and start backing up... CV's are actually the only real counterplay to those tactics... just saying.. They are and should be the ones to route out those ships. Heck, even 1 cruiser can cripple a BB hiding safely behind an island... Let alone 2 or 3..
  12. Lady_Athena

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    Yea but that's the problem.. Infact that just shows how horribly nerfed and neutered CV's are at this point. That's a tier X fighting against ships of equal or UNDER her tier, and she still needs to cheese the system for just a chance at being useful later on... Imagine the Tier 8 CV's constantly getting into tier 9-10 matches.. this "Trick" doesn't work.. trust me.. I already tried before you even wrote this post.. your entire squad gets wiped out before you can even make 1 decent drop...
  13. Lady_Athena

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    Unfortunately this is the case. Why they made CV's only even tiers is beyond me. They need them at every tier after tier 3, and make them 1-2 tier MM, and never seeing ships 3 tiers higher or lower than them. That would be ideal balance for both AA defense, and CV damage output.
  14. Lady_Athena

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    Agreed, but CV's couldn't attack ships with impunity 24 hours ago.. planes did get shot down and it was a dwindling bleeding effect on that CV. Yes there was tweaking involved, but this was waaay over the top. Then again talking about the bolded part.. I'm looking at all the cruisers, and DD's out there that can shoot over hills, mountains, and or stealth torp with complete impunity and or arc HE hell with impunity.. none of that crap should exist either.
  15. Lady_Athena

    Anyone else disappointed with cv rework so far?

    Waiting to see what WarGaming does in the final iteration of balance.. but if I am not liking what I see by the time this free CV exchange thing is up, I'm getting rid of all of my CV's.