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  1. SkeletonDenial

    Losing Credits by Running Midway

    imo, skip coop, waste of tiime, trial by 🔥 fire, You will fight like you train, and co-op is a terrible way to train
  2. SkeletonDenial

    Should i come back to CVs or WoWs in general?

    FTP, what’s to lose....
  3. SkeletonDenial

    Which Tier has the Most CV play?

    Tier 8 definitely
  4. SkeletonDenial

    ❤️CVs 😎

    Love flying the planes, so much better to have cool graphics rather than icons to play with!
  5. SkeletonDenial

    Well DD's still suck after the fix..

    As a cv cpt , yes I do this!!! Why? You ask? Because damn near every game a benson or other dd appears 6 km of my bow and deletes me. So yeah, I see a dd....... I’m gonna give up everything to remove you from the board. Period. Doesn’t matter how bad they make cvs suck, this will never change!
  6. SkeletonDenial

    Grinding Through Ranger

    Enjoy it! New ranger is a lot of fun
  7. SkeletonDenial

    are DDs OP?

    Meaning, should it always be that the first team to lose their DDs. lose the battle nearly every time?
  8. SkeletonDenial

    Großer Kurfürst — German Tier X battleship.

    After some research... I think the inefficient msg refers to the main guns, as you can already pen with or without ifhe, after reading the ranari’s response, looks like ifhe would benefit kurfurst 2ndaries due to the guns size. So then the question would now be: do you want NO IFHE 2ndaries with fire damage, or IFHE 2ndaries with direct damage? With which config would be better for close quarters brawling.... don’t know, Try it in the training room and see how diff would make......if small difference, est to use them 4 points for something else........
  9. SkeletonDenial

    Großer Kurfürst — German Tier X battleship.

    I have been wondering this myself as well
  10. SkeletonDenial

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    I determined would take me approx 122 battles, not enough time... moved on... Bummer