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  1. SkeletonDenial

    Your MOST played Premium ship?

    Scharnhorst 373. Not just most played premium, most played ship of all ships in me port! Looks Cool, Gots Torps, Great 2ndaries, nice tank front on, .. what else is needed? lol.
  2. SkeletonDenial

    Secret to Doing Massive Damage with CVs Found!

    Ramming flag and ramming another cv works great too !!!!
  3. I love events where I can work toward a reward ships, gives me a reason to go battle...
  4. SkeletonDenial

    Would CV Mains like return to Alpha Damage?

    Cv ought to be more support ships, low spotting values, limited range from carrier, with carrier detectability being much lower as well so they can cruise with the group better Imho
  5. SkeletonDenial

    NA Server Crash Compensation

    Works if you do it straight from webpage news item, rather than in client, Must be logged in first
  6. SkeletonDenial


    Decent secondaries perhaps would be a fair trade
  7. SkeletonDenial


    oh good, even more helpless against dd cv hunters. :D
  8. SkeletonDenial


    Yeah got mine 2 days ago, look in your inventory, the unique mod is currently locked down until futher notice due to rework. Was,excited to get it, disappointed ☹️ I can’t mount it! Hanging on to it tho.... I’m sure it’ll be useable in th furture...
  9. SkeletonDenial

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    Good stuff!
  10. SkeletonDenial

    Losing Credits by Running Midway

    imo, skip coop, waste of tiime, trial by 🔥 fire, You will fight like you train, and co-op is a terrible way to train
  11. SkeletonDenial

    Should i come back to CVs or WoWs in general?

    FTP, what’s to lose....
  12. SkeletonDenial

    Which Tier has the Most CV play?

    Tier 8 definitely
  13. SkeletonDenial

    ❤️CVs 😎

    Love flying the planes, so much better to have cool graphics rather than icons to play with!
  14. SkeletonDenial

    Well DD's still suck after the fix..

    As a cv cpt , yes I do this!!! Why? You ask? Because damn near every game a benson or other dd appears 6 km of my bow and deletes me. So yeah, I see a dd....... I’m gonna give up everything to remove you from the board. Period. Doesn’t matter how bad they make cvs suck, this will never change!
  15. SkeletonDenial

    Grinding Through Ranger

    Enjoy it! New ranger is a lot of fun