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  1. syd_

    Love him or hate him he is ....

    It's not so much a lack of faith as it is a maximizing of profit at the expense of long-term player loyalty. I still long for the old days where you paid for a game once but that likely won't ever happen again.
  2. syd_

    Love him or hate him he is ....

    I learned my learned my lesson about WG the hard way from my WoT experience and it seems more and more they, as in WoT and WoWs, are becoming more clones than they ever were before. . .quite the opposite and one of the more attractive features of WoWs as a matter of fact, and therein lies the biggest problem from us older players perspective. This endless stream of varying currencies to buy loot boxes gambling for whatever to current free in-game content bidding auctions to worthless flags and now worthless camouflage, not to mention content nobody (i.e. the "old" player base) wants to the massive step-on-the-old-crank moments (Montana, CC implosion, Puerto Rico v1.0, "we will never have subs in the game", etc.). By the way, this account was created April 12, 2011 so I have hoed a few rows with WG. Look, we get it. It is a make money proposition and I think most everyone respects that. Its the incredible price gouging, the blatant gambling and now this stupid auction that isn't anything like an auction (again a WoT thing long before a WoWs thing). Put every damn ship up for sale that was or is in the game. Stop this false sense of supply that you are creating. So what everyone in the game has a Belfast or Kamikaze. . .no ship in this game is so over-powered that even some noob off the street can win and/or dominate consistently. I guess you just don't realize how much money you are leaving off the table by charging ridiculous prices. Or maybe, just maybe, you see how successful WoT is at whaling that you have become what you most wanted to avoid at inception. Yeah. . .
  3. syd_

    Transformers Farewell Sale

    For real??? Regular price of 131,000 dubloons for the low, low price of 64,950 for 14 FREE to earn tech tree ships and two premiums that a few month ago were regular tech tree ships also. WHAT. A. DEAL!
  4. Yes and no. If you purchased or otherwise acquired a permanent camo with bonuses prior to 11.6, those bonuses are always present but separated from the camo itself. It's like apples and oranges. . .in this case, the apples are just to look at and wonder in amazement at the artistic levels, or amount of drugs, some people have or abuse. Oranges taste good and give you a warm, fuzzy feeling when you do good in battle with all those extra big numbers. You can buy expendable apples for credits and permanent ones for as low as 100 dubs if you don't already own one for said ship. Oranges are a bit more expensive, but isn't that the way with all the better things in life, like food, clothes and housing
  5. syd_

    PTS 0.11.6 pt 1 - Bug Reports

    Description: Purchasing mods for coal is broken. It takes your coal and you get nothing. Example: Attempted to purchase smoke mod for coal by clicking on it from the Equipment screen. It took the coal, but no mod. How to reproduce: Go to the Equipment screen and attempt to buy any mod that is normally in the Armory for coal. The purchase goes through but you don't receive the mod. Example: Yep, did it twice and it took the coal twice but didn't give me anything in return. What other example do you require? Result: I done got ripped off for 34,000 coal and demand a full refund! Just kidding. Example: Yep, same as example above.
  6. syd_

    PTS 0.11.6 pt 1 - Bug Reports

    I am running 1920x1080 with 4 rows of ships and when I am in London port attempting to view camo on a BB, the view of the ship is obscured by the rows of ships, not completely but enough the you can't see the entire ship. Basically, the standard view seems to be zoomed in too close with larger ships. I changed to Philippines and Fjords and the view was just fine. And frankly, it looks like London is on fire instead of being foggy. . .too much brown/orange. . .it's not my preferred port so an easy fix for me. After going back and looking some more, it is like this for several ports but for others its perfectly fine. Its like the camera view needs to be zoomed out more and/or tilted down to see the ship better. . .that and make the camo box itself and the contents about half the size. When I selected Warspite in London, I couldn't even see the deck. Description: See above Example: See above How to reproduce: See above Example: See above Result: You cannot view the ship properly in some ports trying to see camo Example: You can move the ship around to get a better view than default but it's still pretty poor.
  7. syd_

    PTS 0.11.6 pt 1

    I won't go as far as the folks above and the only thing I question is why the order of the signals has changed. . .it's been the same for the last 5 years I have been playing so it has changed because everything else has? I'm old and cranky and loathe things that change for the sake change. In all actuality, I came here expecting to see the outrage of all the signals being completely removed (since they are no longer grouped with camo and flags), until I discovered that they have now been moved to the Equipment section that has also been revamped. It seems a minor thing to get used to the change but I still wonder why the order changed. I will, however, jump on the wagon of those suggesting that the auto-resupply features of all single use items be turned OFF by default, especially those that cost dubloons.
  8. syd_

    Yet another unfairly compensated CHANGE

    Purchasable camo will have zero value for anything other than pure eye candy. No detection value. No dispersion value. Zilch. Nada. Premium ships that came with and/or have a permanent camo available will have two separate things once the update hits. . .a permanent eye candy only camo and a permanent economic set of bonuses based on, at this time, if they are standard or special. Standard being something like the permanent camo that comes on a premium ship when you obtain it, and special being like the K117 for Yamato, the Kobayashi (beer can) for Roma, Marlin for Black, etc. Overall, I would say it appears that it will benefit players in the short term but difficult to say for the future at this point. . .I'm quite sure WG is doing this out of the kindness in their heart though.
  9. I wouldn't say that lower tiers don't make them money, but I certainly would agree that the higher tiers make them way more especially when it costs $77.20 for a Tier 9 ship. Heck, even $15.20 for Tier 3 Dreadnought is a little ridiculous. Not to mention a new event every month gouge more money out of people. I'd also like to see Tier 4 replacing Tier 5 as the lower end cutoff in all missions and campaigns. I doubt that will happen anytime soon, nor likely between now and the end of time.
  10. syd_

    Surprise Ruckus in the Depot Event! 11.5

    My older son's account drew 360 days premium but no way am I paying for it regardless. Its a shady way of doing business no matter what they call it. Can you imagine going to a grocery store, a car dealership or department store like Target or Wal-Mart and having to use your earnings to purchase commodities WG-style from these places of business? Sorry, that amounts to comparing real products that you and look, touch and feel as opposed to pixels you paid to rent for as long as you had them available and/or the company is around to let you. Maybe an over-simplistic way to look at it, but not entirely wrong either. . .
  11. syd_

    Yet another unfairly compensated CHANGE

    Oh yeah, I get what you are saying for sure. I was still playing WoT at the time they first introduced skins there and felt about it then the same as I do now. If you want it by all means knock yourself out but I'll be floating the regular rust bucket around.
  12. I am reasonably sure that LWM used that as an example only and is likely well aware another standard will need to be considered. Why put any label on it anyway and just open it up for everyone to join? Why exclude anyone at all?
  13. syd_

    Yet another unfairly compensated CHANGE

    Why bother with any at all since the ship will have the previous bonuses supposedly built-in and the camo is nothing but visual that you barely even see on your own ship anyway. Heck, just look at it in port all you want if you are that vain but to waste 90k of your credit earnings to look cool sounds like something from 8th grade.
  14. syd_

    Yet another unfairly compensated CHANGE

    I get what you are saying here, but said artist is seeing none of that perceived value. Not to mention that some of the simplest designs are best looking IMHO. I would rather it look like something actually used than a '70's acid trip.
  15. syd_

    Surprise Ruckus in the Depot Event! 11.5

    You could buy all of the 30 token bundles and pick up two tier 6 ships that are all meh or worse but I don't know if 85% of the dubloons one has to buy is worth all the cannon fodder that comes with it. I personally wouldn't care for the choice of ships much better than tier 9 either.