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  1. There is no public testing going on now so no, you won't be able to connect to the PTS until the next testing cycle.
  2. syd_

    PSA for Steam users

    Apologies for your confusion, but this can also apply to those who started their account through Steam and then registered an email account and password through WG, while also having the flexibility to log in to either a pre-existing account or one created through Steam. Yes, it is completely unnecessary if you only have a single Steam account and don't have any other account on NA or the other international servers. For me, this all started when WOWS first showed up in Steam. I created an account there mostly in anticipation that I would be able to transfer the WG account I have had for 7+ years to that account. Not to be, unfortunately.
  3. syd_

    PSA for Steam users

    Yes, exactly what DM just stated here. The only thing I have in the Games directory is the Public Test Server client. The whole thing is different for Steam users compared to WGC. Steam installs pretty much everything in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ folder such as, in my case, Order of Battle, ARMA 2 and 3, Civ 5, Hearts of Iron IV. . .and World of Warships. The main reason I even use Steam for the game is because WGC was pretty wonky for a long time and I don't really care for intrusive bloatware for other WG games I have no interest in.
  4. syd_

    PSA for Steam users

    When I tried to add a client, I kept getting an error that said there was no client in that sub-folder when clearly that was not the case. Tried it with the bin32, bin64 and even the clientrunner sub-folders without success. I un-installed then downloaded and ran 1.6.1 and it worked for installing the few that I use, except for enabling and turning off the limit of replays. Still kind of odd that you can't add the client from the bin32 or bin64 folders but at least thankful they finally fixed it for Steam users.
  5. syd_

    Public Test - 0.8.3 - Feedback

    First of all, you seem to be trying to log on the PTS which is not available since there is nothing publicly being tested, so yeah, it's not surprising you can't log in there. Maybe you should click on the correct link for the live server lol. Second, you just advertised your login email address.
  6. syd_

    Update - Bugs Report

    For some bizarre reason, every time I log in or complete a battle, the port reverts back to The Black Sea. I have tried several other ports and saved, enter a battle or log but when returning it is The Black Sea again. Not that it's bad or I am adamantly against it but I am rather fond of the very similar Philippines since that's where I live. EDIT: Now it seems to be randomly changing between different ports. Five battles, come back to a different port than when I hit the Battle button. . .
  7. syd_

    Tier 8 MM

    Tier 4 is +1/-1. The games are probably far more exciting and engaging as well.
  8. syd_

    Update - Feedback and Performance

    Did you upgrade your cap from tin to aluminum? I bet you were one of those people that built an underground bunker prior to the Y2K fiasco. Seriously, a mental health professional could probably do wonders and it may not yet be too late. . .good luck.
  9. syd_

    PSA for Steam users

    Thank you for the replies everyone. And yeah, I should have known better to at least try out the regular Play button because confirmed that it does in fact default to the 64-bit client. I would highly suspect that is based on which variant of Windows one is using which would make complete sense. . .something not usually associated with regular computer use.
  10. syd_

    PSA for Steam users

    One other thing to consider is to make a desktop shortcut directly from the worldofwarships64.exe located in the bin64 folder to insure you are actually using the 64-bit client. I don't really know which one Steam executes if you just hit the Play button and I am sure there is a way to configure it, but it's likely just as easy to make one directly from the executable. Disregard as this is completely unnecessary.
  11. We are in the Endgame now. . .
  12. If you use Steam but know of the trick to get the log in screen, the file you had to rename was steam_api.dll that was located in the typical install location C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World of Warships. With the latest update, the file name now is steam_api64.dll and it is located within C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World of Warships\bin\1491147\bin64. I should also mention that the previous file name you had to change is still in its aforementioned location but had no effect as it did before so you must change the one in the bin64 folder to get the log in screen. I also wanted to note that the ModStation updated just fine but I am unable to add a new client. Even though the worldofwarships64.exe is in the bin64 folder, ModStation errors that there is no game client in that folder even though the game starts from that executable located there. I submitted a ticket more than 21 hours ago but still no response.
  13. I wholeheartedly concur. I have seen an uptick on the number of battles where a friendly BB will basically yolo just to ram its red counterpart. In nearly 8500 PvE battles I have less than 150 kills by ramming, and probably half of them have not even been intentional. I have seen several players with half the number of battles and 10 times the number of ram kills so obviously it is part of their arsenal. . .cheesy way to get cheap damage and can't say I'm all that impressed, especially when it's in a premium ship. Just not the way the game should be played IMO.
  14. syd_

    Public Test - 0.8.3 - Feedback

    PTS 0.8.3 Round 2 ended 15 Apr 2019 @ 0830 PT. Stands to reason you are unable to log in since there is no public testing going on for the time being. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/?category=public-test
  15. syd_

    PT 0.8.3 can't access

    Testing for the first round ended on Monday at 8:30am PT. No word yet on when the second round kicks off but I would guess in the next day or two. And yes, there was some issue with the server over the weekend but it was resolved and many were able to join late Sunday night until the round ended.