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  1. CommunalToast

    Scharnhorst Deck

    Thank you!
  2. CommunalToast

    Scharnhorst Deck

    Anyone know what type of wood the Scharnhorst's deck was made of, and how it was treated, painted, or otherwise colored? I'm building a model and it came with an actual wooden deck, so now I'm trying to figure out if I need to paint it or not. Thanks!
  3. I love my German BBs. I got a Kraken in my Bismarck not last week. They're tough ships, and they're in a tough position due to current meta and some power creep in the newer BB lines. I would hope a rework happens in the future to make them more in line with their newer contemporaries. Angle well, shoot at distant targets but don't expect big hits (though I did dev strike a Nagato when I got that Kraken,) and just have fun. I gave up on FR BB at, hmm, Normandie. Boring ship. Probably the Lyon is better but whatev.