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  1. Xantek

    Ranked Season 11 in a Meme

    I only played 1 game and already hate it.
  2. Xantek

    Flint or Stalingrad?

    I would of gone with Stalingrad before the nerf. The better option is to save for bourgogne or black.
  3. I did not spend a dime. I had 12k doubloons to start with. Got all perm camos on bundle 1. -Needed 5.3k doubloons for 2nd bundle...sold shokaku for the 5k doubloons from halloween camo. Back in the game with 9k doubloons...got 5k back with irian camo and got the irian on the very last box! -needed another 5k....sold lexington with halloween camo. I was left with 9k again so getting the last box was a no brainer and ended up with 15k doubloons in the end. Basically, I traded 2 cv camos from cv's that i dont play, for a t8 ship and more doubloons than what i started with and other goodies. Tonight was a good night.
  4. Looks like im in for a real treat when I login Too bad for players who shunned cv's from their lives... This was a major investment that payed off greatly.
  5. Xantek

    26,664 doubloons bundle new year

    You can basically get the irian in form of "payments" I would buy 9k doubloons per week unless I get lucky and get the irian in the first 2 bundles. And If you already have the other premuims and get one of those in the crates, its just more doubloons for the next bundle. Win-win. They should do this more often.
  6. Xantek

    Login Santa Crate Kutuzov

    WarGameus 6:66 And RNGJesus said, This dude spent a lot of money on us, let him admire a T8 port queen...
  7. The midway's insane 36 rockets (per run) are devastating to cruisers. The hak's torps will flood you out in 2-3 runs. Even the bombers deal 6k-12k on average... higher than the current rts bombers. The strike alpha damage are essentially gone but the way you can directly attack ships is like a slow painful death beating tf out of you until you pass out...on top of that, there aren't any real fighters to help you. I know its PvE test but the damage output is real when I consistently average about ~200k per game.
  8. Xantek

    Really like the ranked sprints

    Ranked out in 16 battles...just the way i like it. Short and sweet.
  9. Xantek

    OP CVs (Premium)

    I've been "spanked" many times in the saipan as well as any other CV I play but you won't see me running here and crying about it. If you haven't noticed yet, we are all part of the food chain, my friend.
  10. Xantek

    OP CVs (Premium)

    Yeah, I think it was because you were going off on chat after i gave you 11 planes to play with.
  11. Xantek

    OP CVs (Premium)

    Wait a darn minute... are you ranting because of this battle?
  12. Massachusetts: Massivehugetits
  13. Xantek

    Musashi or Salem?

    You're insinuating that the Yamato and the DM are bad ships. I don't think you're in a position yourself to tell someone they're too inexperienced to play a certain ship.
  14. So this is the last day to GET the Cossacks or guineas?
  15. Xantek

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    I think the trick is to buy every garbage ship available. The KK has become the new Emden lol