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  1. ok .. Alaska come in next update 0.8.1... ready your 1m free exp (I have 2m already ... lol)
  2. You can say same with the BB "forced" to play because there are DD around ... or CA "forced" to hide at island because BB ...
  3. Yes. People hate CV because they dont know how to play CV and play again them ... You can see in every Youtube video about CV make big damage the target hardly took any action to avoided the attack.
  4. Singleshot

    CV Rework/Module Reset?

    Metal change so many times in the past. Did we ever have modul reset? What modul will be change? How much cost? Every ship have to change? It simple just some BB need to change modul. Why we need modul reset for all ship? Set up over 100 ships is pain in the [edited]u know? And if something mistake or put special modul on wrong ship will cost gold to correct. And are we really need to change modul?
  5. Singleshot

    CV Rework/Module Reset?

    Did we ever had module reset? You just need buy the new modul ... done. Why every pp keep asking for small thing like this.
  6. Singleshot

    New Ship

    wow ... i like this. It is a CL after all. It dont have smoke and concealment of DD. It's just Japan Worcester with smaller gun, torp instead radar and it cant hide behind island like Worcester.
  7. You misunderstand me. I mean the FXP not only use on FXP ship then why we have to reduce FXP rate because FXP ships cost? I can use FXP to skip tech tree ship, unlock upgrade ...... so reduce FXP is bad. And i dont want it. If they increase the price of FXP ship, I just need grind more FXP in my favorite ship. It only take 1 or 2 month more ... no need for convert FXP.
  8. 1.5 million FXP is not problem. FXP ship is not must to buy. Why need to reduce FXP because the cost of FXP ship? FXP can use on other things (tech tree ship, captain exp ....)
  9. USA have 1CA, 1CL, 1DD, 1BB, 1CV, so that is 5 T9 and 5 T10 JAPAN have 1CA, 2DD, 1BB, 1CV => 5 T9 and 5 T10 GERMANY have 1CA, 1DD, 1BB => 3 T9 and 3 T10 BRIT have 1CL, 1DD, 1BB => 3 T9 and 3 T10 FRANCE have 1 CA, 1 BB => 2 T9 and 2 T10 USSR have 1CA, 2 DD => 3 T9 and 2 T10 PAN-ASIA have 1DD => 1 T9 and 1 T10 Total 22 T9 and 22 T10. (20 if not count CV)
  10. Singleshot

    Kitikaze and Harugumo concern me

    it just you. I can do the same thing with akizuki. At 1.8km your armor cant protect you again 100mm gun. And with fast reload he will win most of time. The same thing happen with CL vs BB in close range. BB shell will Overpen and BB can't keep the gun on CL, while all AP shell from CL will pen BB from Bow to stern.
  11. Singleshot

    Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    I have question: Musashi + HSF camo or Yamato + Permanent camo which is better for trainning captain?