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  1. Has this happen to anyone?

    had a 3v3 once, thankfully i had the 2 good teammates
  2. Amagi: I just can't get it to work

    i had one great game with mine and about ready to give up on it, the rng is just crap for me when i use it. so many great shots and only ending up getting the minimum dmg almost everytime. im still aiming the same way like i do with many other ships that i get good dmg with
  3. Tier 7 Battleship Review: Colorado

    in the 50 games i played in it, i enjoyed it
  4. loss after loss

    well obviously you have your days for example i can never play on saturdays or wednesdays because i never win, but sunday i will play because i win alot, the rest of the week is half and half
  5. Video Games Now Charging Money For Save Slots

    because people aren't very bright these days
  6. Friday night down?

    Robots They have taken over and shut down the game servers to charge themselves to destroy the games we love That's why you and i must fight those evil machines before they hypnotize the masses to do the dirty work for them those of us commenting are safe from there hypnosis
  7. Friday night down?

    it's everyone i believe
  8. I've learned to never play on saturdays and Wednesdays for that matter as i can never win on those days, sunday is a much better day to play
  9. Stupidity

    too many morons in these type of games today
  10. Smallest Team Ever!

    had a 3v3 once, thank goodness i was on the winning side
  11. i just play battleships and crusiers, carriers too hard for me and destroyers well im not a super close encounter type person
  12. ARP Ships

    I don't believe it will happen but it would be nice though since i was super close to getting the takao and that's the only one i don't have oh well
  13. Lots of disconnections

    i had it once yesterday during the round and managed to get back in before it ended
  14. It IS Still the Weekend, Right?

    im at 50% so far this weekend , win then lose then win then lose a typical cycle
  15. I could really use one myself but sigh