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  1. How about a monopoly version I'll buy that battleship for 2000
  2. for me i try to find out which days i play and which days i don't play it's kinda consistent for me as the days mostly stay the same involving matchmaking
  3. Having those game were your heart starts to beat rapidly are good ones
  4. tired of the matching system

    alot of games are like this, nothing can really be done about it
  5. could be worse could be on the side where your team only gets 1-2 kills overall time and time again
  6. i was playing my cleveland and focused on an enemy cruiser next to me, somebody finished him off and as i was turning my camera there were torpedoes on each side of me and as i finally turned to look forward i sailed into a smoke cloud and rammed a destroyer sitting in it and blew him up. sat there and was like wow that happened, i was sunk 4 minutes later but had my funny kill at least
  7. if you see a battleship support him so they don't get lit up and burned to death quickly
  8. I don't know, when the situation calls for it and if i'm almost dead and if im in ramming distance i will take them to hell with me, plus it helps the team also.
  9. T8 BB's in T10 battles

    i hardly see t10 matches with my t8 maybe like once every i don't know 7 or 8 games
  10. Kill stealing

    too many selfish crybabies in these games today.
  11. i thought they were going to add a second us battleship line in the future correct me if I'm wrong
  12. My shooting on some days

    I've had some days like this i think. Good clip from a Three Stooges episode Half Shot Shooters. they didn't get the message that target practice was cancelled and they mistake the admirals flagship for the target ship.
  13. great game for it's time thanks for the info