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  1. hey, my buddy "Lt.Chrispy" told me about you guys. so I've thrown you an application

  2. Your profile was "Randomly Selected" by me and I just happened to notice that you're living in Saskatchewan?? What a sight :O

    1. StarfuryMS


      Why hello, random fellow Canuck. Nice of you to drop by :)

      Yeah, I live in Sask. SW to be a bit more precise. You?

    2. Cruiser_Atago


      I live in Regina :P I don't know, it was just a bit of a surprise to see someone from this province on here. I know it isn't impossible or anything, but still haha. So by SW you're referring to smaller towns like Swift Current or something in that area?

  3. WarshipsToday tells me I should stick with my RU DD's. Looks like Izy-chan will be getting a work out XD