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  1. Hello Yes - Me (below) before Wargaming Destroyed the Original WOWP(S) and created a new Arcade game replacing the former.
  2. UPCOMING 8.4 – BRITISH CV’S – THE ONLY CHOICE Well, Let’s see after this next update – AP bombs from Japanese Carriers well have to thread the proverbial eye of the needle in the hopes of landing a direct hit on any ship; HE bombs from U.S. Aircraft Carriers may hit 10% of the time for any respectable damage etc.- Basically playing a U.S. or Japanese Aircraft Carrier will be as productive as a one legged man in an A** kicking contest after the update. The only Carrier that will emerge from the "Whiners Inquisition” is the British Carriers, and their innate ability to HE Carpet Bomb, it’s hard to nerf an area effect bombing with its dispersive spread. NOW - that goes without saying, a whole new wave of complaints will emerge from the “Woe Always Let Me Complain Crowd” calling for the Eradication, Annihilation, and ruination of all the British Carriers. Also, This is a perfect opportunity for Wargaming to finally release and sell the “Indomitable” tier VIII British Carrier for approximately $50.00 U.S. British Carriers will reign as the “go to carriers” of choice (for awhile), it makes perfect since during this time of British CV Supremacy for Wargaming to bait the consumer with the release of an OP Premium British Carrier, - only to nerf it at a later date which is habitually foreseeable. Note “the Indomitable” ONLY carries; Fighter/Rocket & Bomber Aircraft - No Torpedo Aircraft - And no nerfs will be forthcoming to the tier British Carriers right away, not until Wargaming has amassed enough profits overtime from selling the Indomitable – Only then will they nerf the whole CV British line, to include the “Indomitable” I know, I know - other opinions i.e. Well, the Japanese have great Torpedoes, and the U.S. etc. – BUT, remember – After the update, British Carriers will still retain respectable damage output from all three of their offensive capabilities e.g. Rockets, “Bombs” and Torpedoes – U.S. and Japanese will have to rely on their rockets and torpedoes for maximizing their damage / overtime output respectively. Now - Sit back relax, order some Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, with a side order of Fish & Chips, topped off with some Cottage Pie, chased down with a cup of piping hot Earl Grey Cream Tea, and watch the upcoming British Carrier Show, Mate! Info link - http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Indomitable
  3. Flip this to WOT for a sec, Artillery is the Carriers over there - the whining over there is older but just the same as here. Ironic.
  4. Hey,,,, - with a whisper - Submarines are coming - Shhhhhhh - Why? - A much softer whisper ' "Because it's a whole new Tech Tree made of money Profits for Wargaming" - And with Submarines - Will spring a whole new Generation of Complainers - and of old.
  5. If you find that Mean Old CV's, are "Still" to hard to handle after the next update- Try PONG, It's fair, Sad part is someone Who can't seem to quite get it, will complain that it's either OP, or the player other is hacking, etc., any other excuse they can find, except to blame themselves and their own shortcomings, this is what happens, when a free to play game is not free to play specifically, but free for anyone to play, and I mean anyone, No Competency Test Required - Same as PONG, but the good news for you is, the fact PONG allows a person with limited intellect a fair and square shot to win without complaint - But, we all know - A crappy pong player would never admit that; nor fail to complain.
  6. Right.. I mean, Gee - look at what one bomb did to the Arizona (RL) - Or, The Hood, one Shell, BOOM, Hood sunk in 3 minutes. Why have that Realism in a Wargame ! How dare they!
  7. Edmund - Unfortunately Their EULA covers everything wrong they choose to do, your complaints fall on deaf ears, the only thing their EULA can't do, is the removing of your testicles - If removing testicles would make them more money they would amend that EULA in a heartbeat.
  8. HEYYYYY - No shocker here all, CV(S) drove down the Purchases of Destroyers, from the Premium DD's, to what it costs to progress up the Tiered DD Tech tree, i.e. Buying back XP, retraining commanders, the Virtual Money sucking Vampire machine we all know as Wargaming – What’s New after the Nerf CV Updates, That’s right, you guessed it – i.e. Multi DD Premium Pack Offer - 4 DD(S) in a bundle for only 175.00 U.S. Dollars etc– Come on Old Wargaming Veterans, you should know by now, keeping things unbalanced produces profits, it is what is. CV Players - Unfortunately we’ll have to wait about a year until Wargaming rebuffs the CV(S) and call it anew. (rinse and repeat)
  9. “Deep water Torpedoes” – Contrary to historical similarities – These simulated deep-water Torpedoes are OP, leaving me with little time to maneuver, it's unfair - please remove these unsafe space torpedoes from the game, they make me uncomfortable. Thank you.
  10. I would assume that most complainers are looking for the mythical unicorn, the perfect gaming balance, that their hopes and complaints will someday see that all types of class ships will have an equal chance to succeed. That ladies and gentlemen is a pipe dream, and wishing upon a star. Why? The only (100%) true way to do that is if the game only had one type of ship, a battleship for instance with the same strength and weaknesses, no Captain point progression with no attributes whatsoever; modules forget those also; And the only reason you would segregate ships by national origin would be for the model of ship (What it looked like) what it does wouldn’t matter anymore – its strengths and weaknesses would matter not. Wargaming would never allow that to happen (same standard play for all), i.e. basically Wargaming makes CV’s OP, Player buys OP CV’s for 3 months, WG Nerfs CV’s, Buff Destroyers, Destroyers are now OP, Players Buys OP Destroyers – Wargaming makes profits by regulating and cycling Ships from OP to Nerf status all the time, rinse and repeat, Profits continue – Wargaming is a business, profits are the priority, Customer Concerns extends as far as the profitability line will allow.
  11. When you teach generation that it's OK to lose, it's ok to be substandard, a generation that gets awards without effort; that it's ok to lose, because if you lose, just complain - you'll be rewarded, the people who have propelled the lazy to expect compensation for being substandard is a tragedy, and the Participation Trophy sets proudly on their masked mantel of shame, frosted in a coat of shinny frosting - Look how shinny I am - I am a Winner!
  12. Here’s the sad truth, when you have a game that’s not only free to play, but actually a game that is free for anyone to play, a game that doesn’t require a skills or competency test to participate, the free to play for anyone environment will draw in the “Bred to fail Crowd” that expects to win all the time with the least amount of resistance, I am assuming at present, CV(S) snap back the reality to these chosen individuals that they actually have to apply some brain power to overcome the Almighty power of the CVS; e.g. Study strategy, speak with Better players, Watch Tutorial Videos, practice, etc.; unfortunately these extra efforts makes chronic complainers uncomfortable - · To the point – Wargaming will always adhere to the complaints of the majority, i.e. CV’s are to OP, this ship is to OP, I can’t win, please make the game easier, so I can win. Right? We know these players. · Wargaming is a business, Money is Money, bad player’s money spends just as well as good player’s money - Wargaming is about positive profit margins so they will always listen, adhere, and uncomplicate, and in the least help alleviate any difficulties for the players who cultivate the majority, they “The majority” spend the most money, this makes sense from a financial business mind-set, I can’t fault Wargaming for that, it’s very smart business sense actually!
  13. Thanks Zenn, yes, if I may, what it boils down too, is what ship to make OP this go around, hence - the Flavor of the month.
  14. Hello Burnsy, Carriers in WOWS, is the sister twin of Artillery in WOT, Different people complaining, but same complaints (relative) none-the-less - How many times was Arty reworked over there - lol Thanks