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  1. Pommern or Georgia? Which One Would You Choose?
  2. SOJO

    Is a new CV coming?

    I am assuming with the FDR CV, with AP Rockets that will help alleviate the attacks on DD's i.e. HE Rockets - See, WG wants to spread the CV Cancer Evenly - Misery enjoys company, now the Cruiser and Destroyers players can cry together, instead of sympathy, there will be a united empathy. Oh wait, just thought of it, Wait until Submarines, LOL - The BB's players will jump aboard the Cry Train too. they are to damn slow to outrun those uber submarine torpedoes! lol
  3. SOJO

    Cv Debate

  4. SOJO

    Cv Debate

    Wait till Subs, that will be a whole new set of tears -
  5. SOJO

    Cv Debate

    I like CV's - But - I will make this brief - Always notice those DD's player for example that bolt from the start to get to the cap, you know - those players that are all alone - Knowing <------ you would hope that an enemy CV is on the other team - THEN - they get spotted, with no fellow team AA protection, THEY GET ROCKETED, half health gone in an instant - And- OH MY Hear comes the pixelated tears, the weeping and gnashing of teeth - The CV's are OP, THE CV'S ARE OP ! Sadly, they will do this every time (like, 600 games in said DD) they play with the same result, refusing to change tactics - it's amazing to watch - the ignorance is bliss. CV'S ARE OP.... Just one example of a game thats not free to play, but free for anyone to play - no IQ Testing required. P.S. OH, and they keep their AA on, CV follows the tracers, finds DD - CV'S are OP CV'S are OP, the worst is when they're in smoke, and still keep their AA on- Follow the tracers - CV'S ARE OP! (LOL)
  6. SOJO

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Soon to be - World of Warships - YES, i.e. They will Sell you the Gato Class Submarine Package - with an Historical Captain etc - for $100.00 (U.S) Coming soon - It's happening Sunshine, No matter how loud the "weeping and gnashing of teeth.
  7. SOJO

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    WRONG - They will work, because a similar game to WOWS, used them just fine - CV crier complainers will have something new to sniffle about - the endless nightmares for you all, the unwilling to improvise - to adapt and overcome - PLUS - Wargaming is about making money (these Submarines are a whole new Tech tree full of cash for WG) your unhappiness with anything in this game is not important -
  8. A game developer should never appease/depend on one portion of its population for its revenue. <------ If you actually believe this, I find that truly amazing - i.e. Would you try to sell caviar at a Cleveland Browns, Pittsburg Steelers Game, at either Stadium? NO FFS, you sell good old greasy Food, Sugar induced deserts, and beer.
  9. DISCLAIMER – Not all players complain no matter what their win percentage is, but statically, as explained below most do - hence the ebb and flow of gaming reworks and updates – Wargaming is a business - Profit is the Priority. Hello All, First and foremost, I am fairly new to ‘World of Warships” (mediocre player) a few months now – But I am an old salt when it comes to Wargaming in part; I was with the roll out of WOT, and played WOWP for a long time also. Anyhow, with that be said, I have a few, what I like to call Sojoisms which in my opinion encompass the player base as a whole and how that player base is separated based primarily on the META nuisances and the gaming environment which Wargaming has developed in general for all their PC games, e.g. WOWS, WOT, WOWP, and how it effects certain players overall. 1. Always remember it’s just not a free game to play it’s a game for anyone to play and I mean anyone! If you have a heartbeat and lack multi-tasking, situation awareness, tactical savoy, prone to tunnel vision, as a few examples - you are qualified to play, etc. 2. Also, when you have a free to play game that does not require a competency test - look at what the free to play genre gets us - The majority of your player community, is - 49% and below win rated players that dominate 74.25 % of the active total player base, while the remaining player base is at approximately 25.75%, which is mediocre to excellent at approximately 50%-win rate or better. · To the point – Wargaming will always adhere to the complaints of the majority, i.e. CV’s are to OP, this ship is to OP, I can’t win, please make the game easier, so I can win. Right? We know these players. Who is the majority of these complainers, YES – mostly players with a win rate of 49% and below which falls within that 75% statistical ratio. SO, with that be said, - · Wargaming is a business, Money is Money, bad player’s money spends just as well as good player’s money - Wargaming is about positive profit margins so they will always listen, adhere, and uncomplicate, and in the least help alleviate any difficulties for the players who cultivate the majority, they “The majority” spend the most money, this makes sense from a financial business mind-set, I can’t fault Wargaming for that, it’s very smart business sense actually; hence - Wargaming LUVS the not so good majority - Decent to good players are the minority per percentage, miniscule and are inherently sacrificial, so making these players happy is of no real concern in the long term as it equates to the totality of profits. To conclude – I came aboard after the CV rework, I love playing CV’s so how it used to be is of no concern of mine. All I know is there is weeping and gnashing of teeth from the Destroyer players primarily at present – What is Wargaming to do? What they have always done - Well-read above, if enough player’s complain (Remember the Majority) they will nerf CV’s once again, buff Destroyers, CV Complainers will complain about destroyers, Buff CV’s and nerf Destroyers, rinse and repeat; the balance for Wargaming is to keep positive profit margins in the black, if the majority of the community complains changes will be made that will help benefit the 49% and below win rated players, of course they will; happy player’s spend and will continue to spend money. Here a hat’s off to players who strive for excellence – (1). Complain a lot less. (2). In totality; possess these three skills and can apply all three of these skills simultaneously, · Common Sense · Multitasking · Situational Awareness (3) . Players that strive to win and hate to lose, note - playing and losing is not fun, if they are losing more than winning they will research, practice, adapt and overcome use all possible means of initiative to become better and apply that positive knowledge to practice. - players who use the default excuses of, i.e. “I play for fun” or, Win rates don’t mean anything, (IMO) these specific players can probably do one of the above skills (singular) very good and that’s about it, they get killed, now their frustrated, Tunnel vision sets in, they continue to lose, and it’s not their fault, it’s the game mechanics, or it’s the lag, or just plainly, it’s someone else’s fault but of their own doing - This is what happens when a player’s intellect is not held accountable, they become delusional and are given a free sense of entitlement to complain because Wargaming writes their EULA to protect the unfortunately unskilled. Wargaming for these specific players are the proverbial Genie in the Bottle - Three Wishes for the player that plays for fun, Yes, Your good at WOWS X3. To end, my bias two cents - At the present time, for example, if you’re a player complaining about the mean old CV’s, either become better, or continue to complain and wait for Wargaming to make the game easier for you to play. The “majority” will always sway Wargaming to seek profit. **Who is the Majority of the Player’s base? Exactly! ** OH, P.S. Wait until Submarines arrive – i.e. Wargaming - the Subs are OP, etc. Thanks all for your time, SOJO
  10. Check out some "you tube" video's of Submarine Play from a game called "Steel Oc*an"
  11. Wait till Subs arrive, all the players crying about CV(S) will have to shift focus, they may have a nervous break down -
  12. i.e. (1). Destroyer Immediately rushes cap, with enemy CV in play, not awaiting AA / Cruiser Support = Free for anyone to play, and I mean anyone (Dies) - No Test Required - (2). Same player 500 games later, still has not quite figured it out, (Dies) = Free for anyone to play, and I mean anyone No Test Required - "Feel free to add to the list - there is several out there that just can't seem to negotiate the Square peg into the Square hole process, = Free for anyone to play, and I mean anyone No Test Required" ref; World of Tanks - KV5 - Boulder (Cover) to the left, Building Structure (cover) to the right - pull smack dab in the open, shot repeatedly, fails to move - Dies = Free for anyone to play, and I mean anyone No Test Required"
  13. Yes, just like letting the clueless purchase a Tier 8 Premium, to enter Tier 10 matches - wait.... Participation Trophies for everyone!
  14. The curse - Free for anyone to play, and I mean anyone - No Test Required -
  15. MIDWAY Seems Super Nerfed Since 0.8.4 Hello All, Ok, is it my imagination, but it seems to me (Since the 0.8.4) Update; the Midway (CV) has been nerfed severely - in comparison to its counterparts? 1. Planes – are basically useless - the slightest AA shreds them. 2. Midway, now the weakest Tier 10 CV overall (IMO) 3. Tiny Tim’s shot group, dispersion has been expanded - you’re lucky to hit one or two on target? (I actually had to change my rockets to HVAR 127mm. Just wondering – Seems so to me.