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  1. kpoe

    Renting Ships in Premium Shop?

    I feel like it should not cost $5. I would say that if they want to sell more let people rent for free for a period of 1 to 3 days. This way you increase the amount of people that try it. As for how that would balance out to revenue lost from not charging I am unsure. We would need a decent sized test to see where that break point is.
  2. kpoe

    Anyone like the Prince Fried Rice?

    From my time playing it I would have to say this is a tier 5 that identifies as a tier 6. The aa is decent and the armor is not bad. The acc on the guns are lackluster but if you go tank build so that you are running the acc mod then it seems to do fine. My main issue is the fact that its ap is not that good and its HE tends to break as well. For me at least I have had countless times that I will volley a dd with HE and get 2 to 4 hits all doing 660 damage per shell and maybe a module or two when they are in secondary range. Meaning it suffers at hitting things from short to long ranges, so I see no reason to play this ship other than the missions. So, if you bought this ship and did not just earn it I would recommend trying to get a refund because in its current state it is a ripoff. At least in my opinion.