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  1. TheGrumpyVidiot

    What do your stats say about you?

    Fair assessment. I do over extend, and struggle with timing my lead, which leads me to pushing in closer. If you look at details over the last month plus survival has been all over the place-- streaks of 50% plus followed by streaks of 20%. I am trying to get back into carriers. Last time I played them a lot was when they were still RTS style. Thanks for the review!
  2. TheGrumpyVidiot

    What draws you to your favorite WOWS stream?

    I can understand that. For me, Twitch has become my television more or less. I'm drawn in by the game if its one I am playing, and stay for the personality and the chat interaction. Stream on one screen, my game on another.
  3. TheGrumpyVidiot

    What draws you to your favorite WOWS stream?

    Not even to have it going in the background for drops? I often play and watch at the same time.
  4. I think its overall game dynamics that are the problem and not any one particular ship or ship type. Not enough inertia built into ship movement. Smoke mechanics still need work, and island camping is ruining the game.
  5. TheGrumpyVidiot

    How Many Rare Ships do you have?

    I have Gremy, Vampire, Iwaki Alpha. Arkansas Beta, I wonder rather than what the rarest ships are-- what are the ships that are played the least (Tier IV and above)?
  6. I'm a Twitch addict in general. I watch a lot of different streams, and different games. In general, it is the personality and not the gameplay that keeps me coming back. Not saying the ones I watch most don't have skill ( they most certainly do), but I watch to see them. Lately it's been Statsbloke and Mr_Gibbins. and ChaosMachineGR. Who are your favorites and why to you watch them?
  7. TheGrumpyVidiot

    Do we need rank for each tier ?

    I would love to see at least Ranked Sprints for all tiers starting at tier IV. Missions using lower tiers are ok, but ranked stuff seems to be more fun, and you dont have a mission to track.
  8. TheGrumpyVidiot

    Can we discuss? Winning vs Kills?

    Sure, kill them all and you win. That's one approach you can take. And chasing kills at the wrong time can cost a game. All in all I think it is a balance. Winning should be the goal, and killing the right ship at the right time can go a long way in securing a win. But I think in randoms you don't see that as it is a team of individuals pushing for their own goals and stats, and that doesn't always include winning. Look at KOTS-- the best teams all working together and the matches came down to far more than who got the most kills.
  9. TheGrumpyVidiot

    Some observations on DDs and CVs

    I generally don't like anything that can sit in smoke and lob fire at me endlessly. Of course I hate the same thing about ships that do that from behind an island, and those that juke back and forth like they are a running back and not a giant warship. Then I remember this is basically an arcade game, and I go back to having fun.
  10. TheGrumpyVidiot

    Time to take a break for the night after this....

    Lately I try and compete more against myself than holding out hope a random team will come through. Though overall my win rate since returning to the game is much better than my overall rate..... but its not because randoms have gotten better.
  11. TheGrumpyVidiot

    Please Let the Next Ranked be Not Tier X

    Tier V ranked
  12. TheGrumpyVidiot

    Returning after a few months off

    If something like it was tried the grind would have to be different. And maybe you do it like Diablo... You have your normal stuff, and then your season stuff. So you can continue to grind the normal and keep all of it, but the seasons have different stuff to grind or try during each season.
  13. TheGrumpyVidiot

    Cause and Effect

    I'd like to see a ranked sprint done at the lower tiers, I'm not a new player, but I have always found the tier 4-6 gameplay the most enjoyable. Most special things ( ranked, clan, even lots of missions) seem to ignore the middle range.
  14. TheGrumpyVidiot

    Returning after a few months off

    What if they were to run Seasons like some games do. Maybe 4 a year.. reset progress other than the premiums you have. Something to shake things up.
  15. TheGrumpyVidiot

    Are CVs broken ? Khabarovsk

    Carriers are good at spotting DDs, yes. At killing them, not as much. But the power of spotting does put DDs at risk. But OP? Not sure the numbers support it. I would imagine if DDs is all that are played by a player they may feel carriers are OP because they see the impact more. But I dont think carriers have been OP since they made the change to the current operation of carrier ( old style of flight and targeting).