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  1. Offer is in specials and it only appeared after I re logged into the website. Initially I wasn't there
  2. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Introduce Battle Cruiser lines before subs.

    I prefer battlecruisers but you do have a point. New sub-type of gameplay may keep game alive longer. You hear it here first folks. Someone agreed with someone else on forums! All depends how subs will actually work. Odds are WG is going to screw it up. Much harder to screw up game by adding BC.
  3. Lets find out if forum user prefer having for NEXT ship type "Battle cruisers" or "Subs". Please don't argue about definition of Battle cruisers
  4. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Introduce Battle Cruiser lines before subs.

    Why argue about specific names. There are many ships that have bigger guns than 8 inch but weaker armor than Battleships. We can easily make another line for then for many Nations. They fit into game better than subs. If every nation had different definition for "BC" that is Great. It just adds flavor to line for each Nation.
  5. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Introduce Battle Cruiser lines before subs.

    But subs were not that relevant to surface ships engagements... And BCs or almost BCs were still being built. Yes you can argue about these forever (Alaska, Kronshtadt, Stalingrad, Some would even say Hood, etc...)
  6. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Introduce Battle Cruiser lines before subs.

    Definition of BC is somewhat different for British/German/USA navy. Battle Cruiser/Pocket BB/Large Heavy cruiser - or what have you. (No reason to really argue) But that is great - it will allow for Nation Flavor of their BC line
  7. Out of content? Why not introduce battle cruiser lines into the game. We already have some of them in the game. (Some would say: Alaska, Stalingrad, Graf Spee ...)
  8. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Event Idea - Cruiser League (Poll!)

    Sounds great. I will bring Kronshtadt !