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  1. With these changes it looks like we need IFHE on 305mm guns of heavy CAs to pen Soviet BBs.
  2. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    I had most succeses in Galland. First kills and critical strikes with torpedoes against enemy dds. No luck getting detonated... I removed flag on purpose
  3. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    not just bad ui, but bording unplayable

    You cpu is starting to overheat? What changed recently in your computer?
  4. Tell me about it. 22 torpedo hits for 90k damage. The last remaining bot BB I could not sink for 8 minutes despite 10 or more torpedo hits. Maybe I just suck at CVS.
  5. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Carriers are now completely USELESS

    Played t6 cv today. 21 torpedo hits , 5 bomb hits. Just 90k damage. I obviously wasn't very effective since I could not sink Warspite for 9 minutes despite hitting it with at least 8 torpedoes. Maybe I should have tried bombs
  6. I agree. Rage about CVS and Guilio Cesare is creating excitement. This will end badly for WG. If I were WG I would give out 3 days of premium and low tier ship to all. Exeter?
  7. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    But it is ok to keep Indianapolis at tier 7? Comming next: Bump Kamikaze, Belfast, Nikolai, gremiashchi etc to next tier
  8. Until BBs and CAs AA is decreased and damage of torpedoes and bombs increased there will be zero reasons for CVs to attack anything but DDs
  9. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Why my CV always targets DDs now

    I am not a CV player, but I decided to give them a try again... When I play CVs now I target DDs now almost exclusively until very end of the game. Here are my reasons to attack DDs: Before 8.0 Targeting DDs was hard with bombs and torps. Rockets make it easy. AA is too strong at the beginning of the game. BBs, CA/CLs are shooting down too many planes. DDs are the only ships that don't blow my planes out of the sky at the beginning of the game. My torpedoes and bombs cause very little damage to BBs. (What 3K per torpedo?). Attacking BBs/CAs does not cause significant damage. Attacking DDs with rockets does produce significant damage to DD. 2000 damage to BB is nothing, 2000 damage to DD is significant. BBs and CAs often travel together and have overlapping fields of AA fire. DDs are often ahead and far a way from friendly AA. My CV cannot influence game by attacking BBs/CAs at the beginning of the game. By spotting DD I can get damage it significantly and other players can finish it off because it is spotted. At the end of the game I do attack BBs and CAs. Lots of their AA is gone and ships are often far apart. Simply put: The easiest way to get a win in CV is to attack DDs first! Please don't blame me for trying to get a win. I apologize to DD players. WG has created this problem. Attacking BBs/CAs is just not worth it (until later in the game).
  10. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Pan Asian Arsenal bundles

    Not worth it for me.
  11. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Noster seems to be happy with AA now.

    Notser was happy when he was playing DDs. But then he tried to play CVs and now he says AA is too strong at times. See
  12. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Noster seems to be happy with AA now.

    See Notser latest video. He is saying AA is op and CVs up.
  13. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    CV Fear Mongering - Myth busting the rework

    I actually played CVs at tier 4 6 and 8. I agree with Zoup tier 8 planes are too weak. Tier 6 planes are somewhat weak. Tier 4 planes are too resistant to AA
  14. So you are saying you should loose all planes even if attack is executed perfectly? That sounds wrong to me. I am not a CV player and I play lots of BBs. Please don't let hate of CVs make them useless. Even in Coop Tier 8 planes die too fast usually before launching attack. Tier 6 planes actually can do some damage. And I am attacking bot BBs not Tier 10 AA specked CAs. AA feels too strong at Tier 8. There should not such a huge difference between Tier 6 and Tier 8. Also Rocket planes last much longer then TBs and TDs.
  15. I don't like CVs but I have to agree tier 8 planes are useless against tier 10. Tier 6 cv/planes work ok. At tiet 6 you can wait until most AA is gone and do some damage. But tier 8 was impossible despite staying away from AA cruisers and Usa BBS. Tier 4 was too easy almost no AA. I was quite successful with rockets against tier 10 DDs. But everything else was impossible to get close too. Please don't let your hate for CVs make them op at tier 4 and useless at tier 8