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  1. melting teams

    A while back there was thread about 60% player who while having loss streak tried to play same ships on friends account who had 46% win rate. If believe his results were that on 46% account he was getting about 60% win rate but on his own below 50%. He used same ships and same computer. He was saying his shots simply do way more damage on his friends account. May be just confirmation bias here...
  2. I am closing in on 750K free XP. Anyone thinks Musashi will be better than Missouri? Is it worth waiting to find out how good Musashi is before spending precious 750K XP?
  3. Indianapolis for me. Or some Tier 2 ships because I don't use them
  4. Look!!! Who we have here?

    What will happen to Indianapolis? Moved to Tier 6? Given special MM bracket?
  5. A look into the thoughts of ...

    Often they know it is bad idea. They sent message like this: "I don't care. I am going middle. I am bored."
  6. No WG ! Please keep XP/Free XP flags comming. They make grind much nicer to handle, specially upgrading from stock ship! OP definitely BB player. Maybe he wants also +20% Rate of Fire, 20% turret rotation and 20% more accuracy against DDs ?
  7. Secret bad boy file?

    Make 2 accounts. When you are doing really badly in one account switch to the other account. Suddenly you will be winning much more. I can't explain that
  8. Wow, same here. CVs just proceeded to RAM enemy - twice!
  9. Yamato, Gearing lol

    Today in chat... Yamato (Red): Now Witness the Firepower of this fully Armed and Operational Battle Station Gearing (green): I think your exhaust port is showing
  10. Sold my free Kutuzov!

    Please sell all your Kutuzovs and Belfasts. We don't need OP ships running around. (Of course I am keeping mine)
  11. I am keeping both (MK/Belfast)
  12. Can I get a trial at least? I can't make my mind without a trial...
  13. So This Happened. Really?

    Some people get Nothing ! No rentals for me !
  14. waiting for next free XP ship

    Could we have other countries? I would love to see Pan-Asia, Italy, we have few premiums for them
  15. Pan-Asia DD Radar

    My guess: "Smoke is OP. Brit cruisers are OP in smoke. We are trying to rectify the problem" DDs just don't have enough HP to be spotted in smoke even for 15 seconds. Even if radar is short lived it gives other ships a good idea where to shoot blindly to kill DD trying to hide in smoke.