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  1. Which dockyard is ahead right now? Don't want to get stuck in one no one picks
  2. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    New Patch - can't get into Armory and Premium shop

    Deleting contents of cef_cache worked for me today
  3. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    New Patch - can't get into Armory and Premium shop

    Problem is back today! Even worse I can't open any golden left menus.
  4. After todays path I can no longer get into Armory and Premium shop. I just get busy cursor. I can get into Ranks, combat missions and campaigns... Anyone else has that problem? Update: After about 10 minutes in port, armory and premium shop started to work
  5. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Italian Destroyers are absolutely unplayable

    I think I got 52% in t7 and 58% in T8. Currently starting t9 Not sure why I was doing ok, maybe just lucky. I rarely rushed BB s. Mostly concentrated on enemy's DDs. 8.5km gun range was usually sufficient for me. Rarely fired from smoke. Did use a lot of torps. As soon as torps were ready i was launching them.
  6. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    The Economy Changes Are Inbound

    Why? What will happen to them?
  7. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    How many charges does it takes?

    I hit sub with guns, I hit with 10 depth charges and T8 sub was still alive.
  8. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Lighthouse Auction Returns! Ft. HMS Nelson

    How much did we had to invest last time to get 100,000 coal?
  9. I hope subs will be dropped from game
  10. Yes. Spouses like marring well paid people.
  11. How will the game survive without developers and new content? Maybe some devs left Russia and will be hired. But at least subs will no longer be developed
  12. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Which Italian team is ahead now?

    Which Italian team is ahead now? I don't want to end up in team which cannot get to the end missions...
  13. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.3

    Isn't Leone really bad?
  14. Please add depth charges to the subs which can damage own sub 😋
  15. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Matchmaking Rigged??

    What annoys me is loosing and winning streaks. It is highly unlikely to keep loosing 15 games straight over 5 days. Then winning 15 in the row over next days. In my case these streaks are common.