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  1. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Balitmore is a Beast When used Defensively

    Every ship is a beast when enemy aims at someone else
  2. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    How long do they last?

    Honestly you should not need tax return to pay for gambling boxes. I would pay off any debt I have in your situation
  3. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Containers - Are they Gambling? My thoughts...

    MHO... It is 100% gambling. I would like to thank gamblers who support the further development of the game by gambling. Some people keep spending money until they get rare ships they want. I never buy any of these loot boxes including Santa boxes. Most premiums are 100% useless to me!
  4. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.12, PTS and Steel clarifications.

    How much will the campaign cost anyway? Anyone has idea? How much steel could one earn?
  5. Has anyone got black ship from missions in game rewarded with black boxes? 2 boxes opened: - I got a day of premium - 5000 Free XP What did you guys get?
  6. 1 new currency for each new ship should be optimal money maker?
  7. I speak Russian. I know how to pronounce them. Ivanov => Eevahnov Smirnov => Smeernov Yuri Kuznetsov => Yuree Koozneehtsov My attempt to get you guys to pronounce them correctly... There you go...
  8. This is so wrong... We wanted them to be Capitalists and now we are complaining about it? To make it look authentic please use real Russian family names: Skruumbadunov => Ivanov Skruumhardunov => Smirnov Yergei Yerkumov => Yuri Kuznetsov Operation Bendinrammittin => Operation BolsheDeneg "More money"
  9. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Thank You WG For My 30% Off Jean Bart!

    I got it too - how do you use it?
  10. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Would You Rather See Alaska as a T10 Large Cruiser

    Not US BC line but Germany, British. Germany/British lines would probably have enough for full line with some paper-"design studies". I would rather see Moskva, Kronsh, Staligrad as BC Tiers 8, 9, 10 branching off Soviet cruiser line. But not sure if Soviets have other Paper ships to fill in Ca line to 10 I can dream, can't I, but premium ships make us give them money and BC lines probably don't...
  11. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Would You Rather See Alaska as a T10 Large Cruiser

    I would rather see battle cruser line even with paper ships
  12. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    Post rework CV refunds

    Did I read it correctly? I will be able to sell any premium ships i want for gold? I love this idea. Indianapolis and Duke are definitely going. I will buy other ships instead.
  13. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    The Russophobia on NA

    Russia is basically Saudi Arabia with Nukes. It is not power it used to be. Politicians found it useful to scare up some votes by referring to its as enemy
  14. DudeWhereIsMyTank

    P.E.F MIGHT be christmas reward.

    What is P. E. F. ?
  15. Offer is in specials and it only appeared after I re logged into the website. Initially I wasn't there