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  1. Clan being looked into - thank-you for the PM's all
  2. NA Server Players Game Loading images good (gameloading flash no change so all good) Ship Contours good Visual Mods - gold Ships and Consumables good Stopped testing what works what does not seems minor glitches with everything NA players if using this you will have to wait till EU servers get hit with update Have a good one
  3. LASORS :) - Hope Space comes out every 2 months or so for a really cool break

  4. After Beta

    Ya I can not see them giving even Alpha boys 1,000,000+ in piasters(Gold credits). Now they maybe nice and go here is a gold premium Warship for your time - if it meets a certain game play level (say 100 to 200 games). Might be a Gold premium ship they have on the side lines we do not know about - this way the only players to ever have it will be testers. I am just glad I got in to goof off and have a blast prior to everyone under the sun playing, game chat is so much funnier with testers then live free for all chat. Have a good one all PS- ECFuzzY [MRH] will be recruiting once released (Shameless plug)
  5. Lets see joystick - what maybe 6 to 10 keys to bind to, so lets say with multi-button binds you have 10-20 binds Now lets look at (what I use) Steelseries Merc Stealth - Left side game pad with 20 plus keys - then the standard qwerty keyboard part and number pad on the right + music controls top left - well stopped counting at 50 keys. Then there is the Razer Deathadder mouse 5 more buttons with scroll mouse. Yep Mouse and keyboard for me (Binds are good fighting practice)
  6. World of Warships Mods

    Put video settings to lowest Put audio settings to lowest
  7. POI POI ♥The Official Poi Thread♥

    P - Poke O - of I - Insanity Rage on
  8. World of Warships Mods

    Hey Major_Rage long time no talk - released a test package on my site for ya
  9. This is fun - nice work