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  1. tk208

    Kiev or Ognevoi first?

    Oggy is more of a torp boat with guns and good detection range!
  2. tk208

    Shinonome, have I missed something

    I thought the ship was pretty average when i first got it, but i'm slowly figuring out how to use it properly. One tip, even though the turret traverse is pretty poor the guns have excellent trajectory, damage & fire chance! I've gone one on one with a fair few DD's and mostly i don't think they expect me to engage them in a gun duel. Stay away from higher tier Yank DD's though lol Oh, and in case your wondering, my main account is on the Asia server, 5k or so battles. Cheers
  3. tk208

    Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    Yea well said
  4. tk208

    Gearing Mark 17 torps

    Yep, the 16.5k torps are just fine with or without torp accel.
  5. Well I'm not sure if this is pure luck or a combination of factors, but I'm really having fun with the Mutsuki in tier V ranked! Also I'm too scared to play random battles lest I end up bottom tier lol Oh yea 19pt Captain possiably helps too..
  6. tk208

    How to Shimakaze

    Wow, no gun use at all, very disciplined!
  7. tk208

    Tashkent v Udaloi?

    Yea I've had the same experience!