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  1. The fact that they didn't make the plane the Re. 2001 absolutely baffles me. The German's openly admitted the Re. 2001 was a better choice for a carrier plane than the BF109t, the plane used on the tier 8 German CV.
  2. Is this my beautiful baby being put into game? :O
  3. otakuben

    2 Vs 2 CVs

    2 CV's per side is very uncommon. Yeah it sucks when it happens but it's also not fun when you get a game with little to no cruisers and 5 DD's per side while in a BB.
  4. otakuben

    Pan-American BBs?

    This was my submission for the Pan-American line of BB's.
  5. Definitely would get behind this. Would at least set it apart fairly well while not being so gimmicky it just fails to deliver.
  6. God damn that's a nice looking ship. I like both of the submissions.
  7. So I wanted added to my original post with a general look and stats to the original tree. While I am in no way an artists with any ability to actually show something competent, I do have the game Ultimate Admiral's Dreadnaughts. I used the ship creator to create a rough idea of what the Tier 8 Premium, Tier 9, and Tier 10 ships might look like. Please ignore the Spanish flag (I used all hulls available), also on the tier 10 ignore the name as I forgot to edit it with the correct name. The weight of the ship is the Displacement Standard (ignore the Displacement Normal). Tier 8 Premium - Torcuato De Alvear Tier 9 Miguel De Guemes Tier 10 - Bartolome Mitre
  8. Warning: This is not the most efficient, or recommended way to upgrade a commander. So I was going through some of my ships, rearranging commanders, and getting rid of new inexperienced ones when I noticed something. If you dismiss a Commander with skill points it gives you the option to gain part of his already used XP back for either doubloons, credits, or not at all. If you use doubloons you get 100% of it back, if you use credits you get 25% of it back. Okay cool, no big deal. I then noticed that you can train a commander to 6 skill points for 900,000 credits. Then I wondered what was to stop someone from getting a 6 point commander for 900,000 credits then dismissing it for 92,500 credits and getting 9,250 elite commander XP. Apparently nothing. Then I wondered again; what was the ratio and how did it compare to something like paying for doubloons to convert XP. Here is that ratio: (1 doubloon converts to 1,500 credits) Through doubloons: 1 experience point costs the equivalent of 42 credits Through Captain dismissing: 1 experience point costs 107 credits So doubloons are about 2.5 times more efficient. The difference is that you don't have to pay actual money to do that with captain dismissal. You can technically do nothing but recruit and dismiss 6 point commanders for elite XP and skill up a Captain without ever playing that captain in whatever respective ship they are in. Just found it interesting.
  9. Great design. Adding that to my original post. Monstrosity is an understatement. Not even sure what tier you would put that. 5? 6? Sorry I haven't updated, been busy but I swear I'll have more info with a more fleshed out tech tree with modules once I get some time.
  10. I love the transition from tier 3 to tier 8 in design. You can just see it progress so naturally. With a tier 9 and 10 design I think it would be even better. I'm going to slowly post full stats for each tier with everything possible including modules and more to fully flesh out the battleship tech tree.
  11. Well this thread is over a year old. I resurrected it to affirm whether or not it was my idea they implemented.
  12. I'll put that in the main post. Thanks for that!