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  1. Merlox

    How's the Exeter? Is it a solid cruiser?

    Exeter is a fine cruiser that depends on alpha strikes and choosing targets wisely. She also has some of the best AA of the t5 cruisers. She can wreck t4 cvs. And provide ample AA against t6 for allies
  2. Merlox

    About the Furious WG.

    I do feel that 1 bomber only makes the Furious a poor choice for that. Having 2x torpedo drops though is amazing on that thing.
  3. Merlox

    Why does the Lyon feel like a downgrade?

    Not sure how people think the Lyon is a downgrade. Sure it has small shells for tier 7, but you have 16 shell salvos that obliterate dds and cruisers. Also I'm pretty confident that Lyon has top tier AA at tier 7 and the only tier 7 ship to have a flat 6km range bubble. While the normandie had anemic AA at best...
  4. Alright. That's a bummer but alright. Thanks for the quick responds. They didn't have any notification about the credit increase either so I was just kinda confused what happened.
  5. I'm just a bit confused with this current event. I got the "Bonus" Mission to get the Duke of York. It's the only ship that I already have out of the 4. So no big deal, I can use the doubloons to get the hood. Turns out that if you already have a ship in this event you get a measly 3 point captain, and that's it! No compensation for already having the ship. Just a bit of a let down. So just here's a Thread to just vent. (Update: Helpful people have quickly answered the question. Thanks, I'm good now)
  6. Merlox

    the british CA exter the worst CA period

    Exeter is a perfect example of a perfectly balanced Premium of the tier. I think she's a fine ship.
  7. The Exeter is an extremely balanced ship for tier 5. While it has obvious t5 weaknesses (low armor) it excels at killing cruisers at any tier it meets. If you are somewhat newer as well. The 10 point captain is a great start for either British cruiser or battleship. You'll also get one of them flags! (Cosmetic but fun) The AA is also 2nd to best (kirov beats it by a little) for tier 5. Which is good since the tier 4 and 6 has the most cvs. You'll suffer against battleships but at least you have HE with somewhat decent fire precent. Honestly I really thought it was great. But I am one of them sadistic people that also like Perth and other low lever cruisers. I say it's a good buy.
  8. Merlox

    The most absurd thing I've seen

    Nothing can ever be invisible within 2km. You can spot even through an island if the target is under 2km in range. Also I'm not sure if the torpedoes can even arm in 0.2 km range.
  9. Merlox

    How many 19-pt captains do you have?

    10ish for me. Once you get a captain to 19 that elite captain xp rolls easily. Ofcourse the multiplier from Premium and Flags and exponentially increase your captain XP gain.
  10. Black is fun, but if you wait for that russian T9 DD, you'll be one hell of a sight! (Nobody really wants to get that when there's all the T10 stuff around.)
  11. Merlox

    WG address the tier 8 CV problem

    I feel Tier 6 can still scout in a tier 8 and do something. Tier 10 though the AA is cranked to 11, 7km AA range at 100% is FAR different than 5.8 KM with 70-80% chance of hitting.
  12. Honestly I don't see why it's such a big deal. It's available for free via coal which is an absorbent amount that will take months to get. If I wanted it so badly. (I passed on JB and got Musashi instead) and I didn't have the coal, I'd honestly might buy it. Some people have more time than others. I personally don't have all the free time that I would wish. Paying to skip the months + wait for it seems pretty reasonable to me. I do really love this game and I want it to do better. So I'm willing to support the developers.
  13. So... Georgia.... It's a gimped Musashi but with American AA?... I'll take my chances and hug a British / American light cruiser with it's stupid AA. lol I'm gonna do a hard pass on that. Though the conqueror chances look promising.
  14. I loved the Kitakaze and Hated the Harugumo, I retrained my captain back to the kitakaze as it fills the traditional DD role way more than the Harugumo does.
  15. Merlox

    Carriers are now completely USELESS

    What would be your opinion on the Tier 8 CVs? Just curious as it's currently where all the premium CVs are located so you have the most variety. Also *shakes magic 8 ball* plleeeasse any premium tier 6 CVs. lol