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  1. It's also to cover unique ships that would normally be out of place in the tier tree / ship type, or just a unique variant of an existing ship. Also it's a good way for some one to just play something they want to play without hard grinding. Or get some unique factions, Like the Polish, Aussies, Italians, etc etc.
  2. I really agree with notzer's points. The smoke was a needed change, however if they do change IFHE to their current proposal, You will never see IFHE being used with the few key exception ships (Akizuki, Atlanta, Flint, Possibly some Russian DDs)
  3. Sorry for double post, but to add my two bit onto this, SURE you could argue that you wanted to save 3%, but now that it's getting massively buffed to just -1%, there is absolutely NO REASON to pass up IFHE on the Akizuki. You are passing the ability to do raw damage to DD , CL, and BB with your HE with a sacrifice of 1% fire chance to have an absolute tiny chance of increased fire rate. This is way better than having a Benson angled straight at you and every AP shell bounces. You will lose. I don't care what you are trying to do. Doctor Citadel is correct when he says IFHE on Akizuki is a DD murderer, because it absolutely is. I've never had any problem against even tier 10 DD to take them out first with IFHE shells due to the raw fire rate.
  4. So Belfast & Perth are 3% with new changes and Demolitions expert, and our good Italian Duca CL is 1% after changes. =p
  5. Holy crap, I didn't realize this. That's actually amazing. Thanks for the (Less than obvious) info! =) +1
  6. RIP to the Duca d'Aosta with the 152mm guns with 7% and to Perth with 9% fire rate.
  7. This patch is suicide for the poor itallian ship. lol
  8. Off the top of my head? Duca d'Aosta 7% Nurnburg / Koeingsburg 8% Perth / Belfast 9%
  9. This table is meh to be frank, many of the cruisers have a much less value than a 12% fire rate. Some of them might just turn into really horrible AP rounds due to 0 % fire rate. lol
  10. Good luck trying to kill any DD that's angled against you. IFHE is the difference between life and death when coming across another Gun DD.
  11. If this was the case, They could have easily done the 139 and under 1%, 140 to 254, middle ground %, and then 255 and over 8%. I'm just sad that they decided to follow the "All or nothing" approach to this. =/
  12. It's strong because it's 7 captain points, but also what's the point of IFHE for most cruisers (Atlanta and Flint are getting buffed) if they make the guns pretty much a shittier AP? Just saying this whole "it's either -1 or -8%" is an extremely poor way to handle this.
  13. I really don't understand why the massive nerf. Any one who wanted IFHE and wanted the fire still had to take a massive 4 point charge. and then spend an additional 3 points to make it not as bad. (At the end of the day you still had a -1% chance to start a fire after spending 7 points.) Hopefully this will be changed to something more reasonable like scaling based on caliber of guns (Like they did with the smoke)
  14. I guess we can all agree to disagree. It's really all about play styles. Though... I find it more thrilling to be in some one's face. Also good news about the new smoke nerfs. Perth has best concealment range in smoke in the game at a staggering 4.5 km. That's INSANE. it's slightly worst than just DDs. I'm actually pretty happy with the smoke nerfs as this will actually be a large buff for Perth. Also, last but not least. *jabs at JJDO* try pressing our face in the enemies, most of the time they'll panic and die. lol