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  1. Merlox

    CV Re-Work Poll

    The carrier patch is prolly gonna be the best thing that can happen. Carriers are dead pretty much atm.
  2. Merlox

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    The enemy team had 2 Kagas? lol
  3. Merlox

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    Train your AA crews and Atlantas now. It'll be a giant turkey shoot once the CV patch starts
  4. I prefer Triple Imperator Nikolai's over the Oktyabrskaya's any day.
  5. Hello All, Just letting you know that the Horn (pressing N) on the Imperator Nikolai I with the Rasputin Skin no longer plays the horn SFX and is completely silent. I loved what you guys did in the last Halloween event with his horn, can you please add it back? Thanks!
  6. I bought 5 mega boxes. (I have a bit of a gambling problem, so I have to always test it out.) 4k Doubloons, Duca, Molotov, and 20 camos.... A decent haul, but gonna stop... (or try to...)
  7. Merlox

    tomorrow update is

    Maybe they'll slip in the reverse nerf of YY. lol
  8. Merlox

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    Who cares about that legendary module, Literally any one who was able to obtain this ship should be able to get something back. They absolutely destroyed the balance of a ship due to an OPTIONAL gimmick. You feel that Radar was too powerful on a DD? Take of off as an option, don't ruin our ship.
  9. Man, Why don't we give the Chung Mu a second longer reload on it's main guns while we're at it? You know.... for "Reasons". I have my eye on you undercover WG agent for pushing the idea of another Nerf to the Pan-Asian line. =p
  10. Merlox

    How far up the Pan Asian line to go?

    I fully agree with this. Since the YY Nerf I sold my YY and retrained my captain for the Gadjah Mada. It has that "Sweet Spot" MM, Having good concealment of 6.1 (with full stealth build), 2x5 8km deep water torps, and a very aggressive gun angles. (two of them can spin a full 360 degrees) and a fantastic fire chance (8%). Since i've swapped my YY Captain to the Gadjah Mada, I've been a happy camper. If you REALLY like high tier games, I would go up to the Chung Mu (tier 9.) It's simply on par or even better than the YY now, the Gun, DPM is almost exactly the same, You sacrifice 3km torp distance for having it reload 55 seconds faster, but the torps do more damage. (Chung mu 19kish vs YY 16kish) Also don't forget that you are a tier 9 DD, so that you do have a chance of seeing a tier 7-9 game, as well as forcing the enemy team to get another tier 9 ship to go against you than getting a tier 10 that normally has a much better improvement over the tier 9 version.
  11. Merlox

    PSA...Haragumo teams in Clan Battles

    This is intended. WG thought ahead and nerfed the Yeuyang. Enjoy your Haragumo / Stalingrad filled matches. It's only going to get worst when the new premium tier 10 battleship (that is designed as a cruiser killer) comes readily available. Honestly though, I stopped caring about clan battles a long time ago, Tier 10 has it's own "Unique" gameplay which isn't really fun. too many gimmicks at tier 10.
  12. Merlox

    Good Luck all with Stalingrad Battles

    You guys are wrong. YueYang is obviously the problem and you are all too blind to see it. Game is working as intended.
  13. Merlox

    Yue Yang Build After nerf

    YY is garbage now, Might as well take your captain and respect it with the free respect to another ship. (tier 9 is just better in every way now. lol)
  14. Two. Perth is still here and is still a perfect example of how OP the leander would be IF it got HE shells. haha
  15. The Chung Mu is just flat out better than the Yue Yang. it's actually really sad now. lol. I guess War Gaming's way to "Fix" the overuse of tier 10 ships is by literally killing them and making tier 9 counter parts better in nearly every way.