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  1. Merlox

    Remove Tier 4 CVs from the game.

    Trying to help new friends up the tiers. and it's literally just Him and I and 3 other rando cvs vs 1 BB, 1 DD, and 3 CVs. We have 0 AA and 3 bombers keep going after him.
  2. Honestly if any one has even attempted to play a low tier game. There's 10+ CVs waiting at any given time. Most games are launching 6-8 players. often having 4-6 CVs in it. No wonder why WG is having trouble getting new players in the game. WG has no thought process behind this.
  3. Merlox

    colbert, ohio, or... ?

    ... Excuse me? That sounds horrid and disgusting.
  4. Merlox

    Kaga...sweet sweet Kaga....

    Like I said in the previous post. These planes are only slightly tanky due to the fact that there's SO MANY of them in a squad. Individually they have the lowest HP of any tier for tier planes. Now going against the insane AA of tier 10. Your average second of AA (If it's at 100) can almost kill a plane every two seconds, If it's undamaged by AA. If a whole squad is damaged even by a single Flak Cloud. That whole squad will die. FAST. Any experienced Kaga player will come to terms that they will lose the whole squad in a single pass, So it's wise for the Kaga pilot to drop an early set so They are only suicide 8 planes to a target instead of 12. They are all dying after 1 pass. lol Also fair to note that the Kaga has the weakest fighters hands down. Literally sneezing at them will cause the squad of 4 fighters to fall down,
  5. Merlox

    Kaga...sweet sweet Kaga....

    Kaga's planes are the top tier Ryujo Planes (Tier 6) and the Stock planes of Shokaku's planes (Tier 8.) It is quite literally the opposite of what the Saipan is. (Tier 10 planes but very few of them on a Tier 8 CV) Ken is right that they are almost comparable as far as tanky can get to a full squad of 12. (Only weaker is Graf Zep. Womp womp.)
  6. Merlox

    Best tier to begin playing random?

    I would say T-5. It introduces many concepts but all of them are pretty forgiving. an introduction to meh CVs and a very few ships that have radar. As well as the reality of getting MMed +2 tier and learning to be more careful.
  7. The thing is. Why can't veteran players enjoy the lower tier games? I personally dislike High tier (9-10) and my favorites are tier 6-8. My most played ship is the Perth at Tier 6. Would I be a seal clubber for playing a fun, unique ship?
  8. What, Of course not. This Isn't PR. There's no need to get these ships to complete this directive. The ships offer a unique way to play each of the ships. Example. The Bajie is a Izumo with Yamato accuracy guns but sacrifices reload / turret turning. You mean day of launch like they did with the new british CV? lol
  9. If all of you have looked in the 2nd directives of the Royal Battle and clicked on each one, One of them might surprise you!
  10. The new premium CV plays for only fires. It has no way to fast "Delete" some one. just slowly widdle down battleships...
  11. A free to play company WG employs is roughly 4,000 people. All with salaries that need to be met. Most of these people don't realize this. At least they aren't doing gold rounds like WoT.
  12. Can you just wait until there's Subs in the game!?
  13. The new tier 8 CV is worst than the graf zep. So you're not gonna find many players buying it. lol
  14. Merlox

    Indomitable has confusing information

    That's why they have 10km detection range. They have weaker payloads than seafires and the "Build Times" traits are god awful.
  15. Merlox

    Indomitable in RU Shop!

    It's about damn tiiime!