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  1. Bahh double post.
  2. Oh my god triple post.
  3. But Lert, I enjoy the games where I'm the only lowest tier in the game.
  4. What? I never said that. i said T10 match making should be 9 and 10. 9 still has a chance of seeing 7 and 8. and if you honestly thing that the power difference between T9 to T10 is the same power difference than any other single tier jump. that's a joke.
  5. I honestly think T10 ships should only see T9. On my T8 ships I feel confident I can impact a 7-9 tier game. but when it comes to a T10 game. Man, Some times there's just not much I can do against T10 besides take shells for my comrades. (And that's not that many shells.)
  6. I know this might sound odd, But i've only played 2 battles out of my 300+ perth battles where i've seen other perths. It's pretty damn unique.
  7. The French had "Giant Destroyers" This thing is a gunboat with it's 139mm guns at 12.8km range. (That's further range than Perth) The torps are 7km range, which most at the tier have 8 km, and the conceal range is 7.5KM. Honestly this is just a tiny bit smaller than our smaller Cruisers, but it benefits by having no citadel. A tiny size up and you'll have the Premium Pan-Asia tier 6 cruiser, railguns but sadly lightly armored and being able to get citadeled. (Also the Pan-asia tier 6 cruiser doesn't have smoke... yikes)
  8. It is still important to note while these ships you can never buy again. (Belfast and Kutz) There is still a chance you can unlock them with super containers.
  9. Yup Same. I really don't understand how any one would sell one of the most unique gems in the game currently. One of the best ranked tier 6 ships as well. Considering that her smoke range for guns was 4.5, any thing charging in that close will always get hit with the torps.
  10. Ofcourse, this is based on the latest information I've seen (October 1st by Notser) He's going over the T10 destroyers, and the big thing i'm looking at is when he's comparing the stats at 7:30. The Detection range is even worst than the gearing. =/ I hope he's wrong, I have been training my Ashnan DD for a while. Kinda excited to actually use the captain. lol
  11. So far no signs of the damage increase or the detection reduction. They are all the same as it's "Shallow" torpedo brothers.
  12. I'm pretty sure that the Deep Water torpedoes currently have no benefits, and is a straight nerf to normal torpedoes. But then again, that's the info i'm using off of the data leaks and what i've seen so far in game. Just the stats alone are a little sad from the wiki. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Gearing vs http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Hsiangyang Not only does the Hsiangyang suffer a 3 km nerf, but can only hit cruisers and battleships with only a 2 knt upgrade.
  13. With the exception that the mino has to choose between smoke or radar. This disgusting thing has both and Hydro ontop of that... Belfast is a ship with a very niche role and it excels at that roll very much. It's a terror of DD and other light cruisers who depend on smoke.
  14. I know this is gonna sound odd, But I'm really glad I picked up the Perth when I did. I would have quit this game already if it wasn't for that ship. I have the Belfast but it isn't nearly as fun as the Perth.
  15. I really do think the largest power gap is between Tier 9 and tier 10. You could easily throw a ship and have it considerably stronger than 9, and have it still weaker than the tier 10s. =p