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  1. What, Of course not. This Isn't PR. There's no need to get these ships to complete this directive. The ships offer a unique way to play each of the ships. Example. The Bajie is a Izumo with Yamato accuracy guns but sacrifices reload / turret turning. You mean day of launch like they did with the new british CV? lol
  2. If all of you have looked in the 2nd directives of the Royal Battle and clicked on each one, One of them might surprise you!
  3. The new premium CV plays for only fires. It has no way to fast "Delete" some one. just slowly widdle down battleships...
  4. A free to play company WG employs is roughly 4,000 people. All with salaries that need to be met. Most of these people don't realize this. At least they aren't doing gold rounds like WoT.
  5. Can you just wait until there's Subs in the game!?
  6. The new tier 8 CV is worst than the graf zep. So you're not gonna find many players buying it. lol
  7. Merlox

    Indomitable has confusing information

    That's why they have 10km detection range. They have weaker payloads than seafires and the "Build Times" traits are god awful.
  8. Merlox

    Indomitable in RU Shop!

    It's about damn tiiime!
  9. That would do it. If you missed a few of the daily events. you're effectively pushing a day+ of purchases via daily shiptoken grabs. Considering we've got enough to buy 2 so far. It adds up extremely fast. A day of just the 208 is 299,520‬ XP for a single boost. Now you've delayed 2 of them, for how long. Even if you missed it by a day you've already missed 600k of a progress that could have been the difference between making it to that PR goal line without doing directive 7.
  10. First post should maybe have screenshot dates, but that's about it. But this shows how extremely important it was to just play as fast and hard as you could. Completing it that fast allowed him to actually skip directive 7 all together as a free player. Also. note that these players most likely have WoWs premium and using all of their best camos / flags whenever possible. And these players have been playing INSANE number of games well. Our OP here has played over 340+ games in the past 3 weeks and coming out with a 58+ win rate as well as unicum damage averaging.
  11. I'd have to say Graf Zep for me. It could easily beat most of the ships that people used. The only ship that it had insane trouble with is Massachusetts. https://i.imgur.com/b8Q5d7m.png Ranked out in 48 battles. Bismark and Tirpitz had a deck that you can easily citadel. Cruisers and down had lower HP and low armor to the point where all of your IFHE 2nd hits would just rip them apart faster than they could with you. (And you got planes ontop of that.)
  12. CVs are extremely strong, considering that I was just partially paying attention and grabbed a near 80% win rate on them. (And all of the losses were due to me being aggressive and pushed in, having auto pilot fail me at the end. lol) Considering that Graf Zep + Saipan can easily kill most DDs before they enter in the cap with their insane plane speeds. Saipan was able to reach enemy DDs within the first 40 seconds reliably. Graf Zep's first wave would be AP bombers, dive target, place fighters. Then to manual target them for 2nd guns, then just harrass them with rocket planes until they made the mistake of trying to face a Tirpitz captain inside of a Graf Zep to a gun fight.... lol (The one game with Kaga was against a Tirpitz, which never stood a chance.)
  13. Merlox

    Gunstars Grind for Puerto Rico Here...We...Go

    You have my respect, I couldn't even imagine, I was grinding hard for the first 3 directives, but I knew the 4th + would just be non stop gaming. I wanted to give it all my self, but I bought the first two just for insurance for if I would get burned out. You're absolutely right. Half way through Directive 4 I just slowed down completely and all of your symptoms appeared. Forced myself to take 2 days off completely, and slowly starting up again. BUT that's just it. I technically failed the challenge and grind that a free to player would have had to done BECAUSE i got burned out, the earlier that happens, the more impact due to the stupid system they have. If you were to buy even the stage, that would most likely make it so you didn't have to grind for the last huge directive, right? don't hurt yourself buddy. No one wants you to be a martyr to show how stupid WG is for this event.
  14. Merlox

    Is Anyone finding Dir 4 a pain?

    50$ isn't worth a Fujin, 2k steel, and a mediocre tier 10 cruiser? =D That's how I justify it.
  15. Merlox

    Is Anyone finding Dir 4 a pain?

    Directive 3 is extremely easy. Running a CV (Kaga) counts toward CV XP as well as 130 torpedoes hits. (With Kaga, 130 is not a challenge at all) Running Tirpitz / Mass 2nd build will get you 2nd hits and battleship xp. (A lot of it was just auto piloting / afk during co-op, as you collect 100-300 2nd hits) Both will count toward Commander XP, I actually completed directive 3 in 2 days of a few hours of playing each. Directive 4 is actually less of a grind than Directive 2 it feels like. (Thank god for one of the objectives being half as much for Pan-Europe / Commonwealth, actually having super fun playing Perth) I paid 50$ for the two boosters. Once Directive 4 is done I'm actually finished with getting PR. Pretty good deal when you think about it. Premium T-10 ship, Perma Camos, 2k steel, The mega santa chest contained a Fujin)