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  1. How To Get Out Of A Slump?

    I +1 the Take a break, but another way is to stop grinding all of the current ships and go back to your favorite ship. Some days I'll go a full day playing just the Perth and nothing else and it helps kick me back into the groove with the other ships.
  2. Citadel penetration with HE?

    When you first jump into the Nelson you'll see that you can citadel most cruisers with HE. Added with IFHE you can pen A LOT more of them. It's quite silly Here's the list of cruisers HMS Nelson can citadel stock with HE: France: De Grasse, Charles Martel, St.Louis United Kingdom: Emerald, Leander Soviet Union: Kirov, Murmansk, Krasny Krym, Molotov, Shchors, Chapayev, Mikhail Kutuzov United States: Omaha, Marblehead, Pensacola, Atlanta, Flint, Indianapolis Japan: Furutaka, Aoba, Mogami, Ibuki Others: Perth. Taking the IFHE adds the following ships that HMS Nelson can now citadel: France: La Galissonniere, Algerie, United Kingdom: Fiji, Belfast, Edinburgh, Neptune Soviet Union: Budyonny United States: Cleveland, New Orleans Japan: Myoko, ARP Myoko, ARP Ashigara, ARP Haguro, ARP Nachi, Eastern Dragon, Atago, ARP Takao *note* This was taken from @LittleWhiteMouse HMS Nelson review.
  3. german H series battleships

    Look at all of them secondary guns though!
  4. For some reason I enjoy my perth more than any other ship I have... I have no idea why but I love it's unique play.
  5. Axis vs Allied mode

    They would all go to Allies. It's all a mix between British, US, and Russian destroyers. (All Allies) The only complicated one if you really wanted to dig in is Tier 9 which is a South Korean DD which was occupied by Japan until the end of the war.
  6. Axis vs Allied mode

    I feel World of Warships would have better success than World of Tanks. However I feel like it would work only up to a max tier rank. Wargaming's very specific selection of "Radar" heavily focuses on the allies US, USSR, and Pan Asia while the Axis doesn't have any radar. Seeing it only done as an event from tier 5 and tier 6 would be super interesting. (Only reason why I say no to tier 7 is that premium ships have radar. Belfast, Atlanta, Flint, Indianapolis, and soon Boise.)
  7. How is this in any way a Troll? I've pretty much tried to be as untrolly as possible. I have been notified that there has been some type of system that has been activated but after a few super unpleasant games where this has happened all you can say is "Troll Much"? Get real man.
  8. Welp. You guys got me there before the rest of the community drives it down my throat. I guess to follow up with that, I'm sad that it's not effecting these current players that i'm still running into. It's pretty hard to encourage new players let alone keep positive when we lose due to multiple ships going reverse & afk. =/
  9. Seems like this is pointless, but It's been years since this game came out, and there are still people who just sits (Or reverses) and AFK constantly in games, getting paired with these people are extremely frustrating. Even changing these into a bot after 4-5 minutes of afk would at least do /something/ instead of sitting there or going reverse. I'm trying to get some new people onto this game, and I've realized how rampant this is on tiers 4-5. It's still a thing higher tiers, but way less thanks to the grind. I've seen these forum topics before, and there's always the guys who say "Yeah, we all go afk some times, real crap happens" I totally get that, but there's these accounts who have 500+ battles and just looking at their stats it's painfully obvious that they just do this over and over. I know the forums hates posting these accounts, and they go "Oh, it's not nice" so I won't. So I honestly don't know what to do but show by discontent through here. The mark AFK button obviously doesn't do any thing as these guys have most likely been marked hundreds of times. These people are pretty much ruining our experience and will most likely never actually contribute to this game. What can WG do? They can easily give the players who rack up the afk / quitting the orange name treatment that the TKers get.
  10. Lyon OP

    The only thing "OP" about this ship is WG's excuse to put it as a "Fast Battleship" Honestly it should go the low end of 20 knts. Then I would feel it is completely balanced.
  11. Also... ofcourse they are gonna be expensive, it's tier 8 ships, the most expensive of the premium shop. They've always been that high. Why not enjoy some tier 5-7. They go 20-35ish USD
  12. Bahhh, Another Belfast. =( I'd rather have the HMAS Canberra. That would be a unique ship! We need more heavy cruisers!
  13. Premium ships

    Hey @NAfishyCaptain, I can only recommend that if you're having any type of trouble of picking premiums to do two things. One is to go to the Warships Wiki http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships. Two is to check out all of @LittleWhiteMouse's reviews, While it's a collaboration of a few opinions, please know that they are very respected and most of their points are spot on. (Some may be different, but that's where play style comes into play!) Any ways, MY two cents, I would honestly avoid the tier 8 premiums. Currently the sale that has a few premiums for only 5 or 10$ is quite simply the BEST deal that they have ever done. Honestly go pick yourself up the Ashan (One of my favorite Tier 6 DDS) / Graf Zep / Texas deal and you would have still saved more money than spending it on a tirpitz or the other tier 8 premiums. If you want to go tier 8 premium, Avoid that tirpitz as of now, or that new DD is gonna make you a sad panda. Loyang or Atago are great premiums. Just decide if you want a Cruiser or DD, Both are really good! I hope this helps. - Merlox
  14. Battleship gun accuracy

    Well, a few assumptions I'll toss out is this. You are shooting giant artillery on an moving platform which sways due to the ocean at a target that could be moving miles away just for starters. There's a whole mess with things with most of the ships not having great targeting systems. I guess let's say before computer era guns. (I know the late US battleships had it like Iowa) but i'm talking about WW1 and early WW2 battleships with none of that goodies. Sure the accuracy would be better while shooting at ground stationary targets. but yeah.
  15. Battleship gun accuracy

    I'm pretty sure the only realistic gun accuracy in this game is the grober kurt 2nd guns without any accuracy modifiers. =D