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  1. Why is Hood T7

    Wonky doesn't mean exactly bad, but you are right when you are the few that prefer the British AP values. However the Sigma and Dispersion is worst of all of the British BBs in tier 7. if I want Raw AP benefits, you'd have a much greater time going with the Nelson, with the 1.9 Sigma and considerable smaller dispersion. Don't get me wrong. If they just made the dispersion the same as the warspite's gun. I would use that ship over the Nelson 100% of the time. Dispersion fails me all the time for only having 8 guns, when I can play the Warspite and have the insane 2.0 sigma and 130 less V dispersion. (Edit: And be 1 tier lower!)
  2. Why is Hood T7

    The hood just has worst ballistics than the warspite. If they made it the same. I feel it would be a strong contender. While the Hood Range is better and the rotation speed is better. the Sigma and dispersion is waaayy better on the Warspite. The Hood also has that Wonky British BB AP Fuse timer. Personally I would always prefer to see a Warspite on my team over a Hood. Warspite on the Left - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hood on the Right
  3. Sad to say that unless you share them that mod as well. they will have to suffer. =( At least you and your friends don't have to! (It's the best we can do....)
  4. Have no fear my friend. Our Asian modders have already been hard at work to remove the giant beer can from this ship. Now owners, (And non owners) can shield your eyes against it! Link: https://sea-group.org/?p=3910&lang=en (Note: I am no way saying I made this. I am just sharing the love.)
  5. Honestly it's always been a huge discussion. It's rather unfair that the lot of us that think it's a great map to be tucked away on a tier 10 mode only around a 1% chance of being played. If they made it even a 5% chance of showing up on tiers 5 and I would be super happy...
  6. That has a lot of AA that doesn't disrupt torpedo accuracy and has a ton of short ranged AA. The kidd's AA at long range, (and even mid range.) is amazing once the 4x AA is turned on. Worst for the CV player. They can't see you until they are 3 something KM away with planes, and by then it's already over. The CV has a choice of fighting the North Carolina. It doesn't have a choice when fighting a Kidd that ambushes your planes...
  7. With IFHE. That's the key. The Akizuki has to actually spend 4 precious captain points to actually dent destroyer armor / hurt super structures on battleships. The Kidd sure is now at a disadvantage, but let's be honest. It still beats every single other DD in that tier. It's an extreme bully when it comes to other DDs only being afraid of Black, Akizuki, Gearing, and Khaba. The HP is offset by your 3000+ HP per time repair (you get 3 of them.) With an HP pool close to 16,000. You are TINY compared to the Akizuki, and can turn on the dime and have that great US smoke. The Kidd can't survive a straight up gunfight, but it's evenly matched when fighting on and off battles vs the lumbering slow Akizuki. Edit: You also have the best AA in tier 8 out of any ship.
  8. You described exactly what the Kidd does. The Kidd actually can destroy Tier 9 planes with ease. Not only that the Kid is actually specced like a DD, The Akizuki on the other hand has a turning rate worst than some BATTLESHIPS. and it's pathetically slow. There is no reason to actually get the Akizuki now that the Kid Exists, it does every thing almost better.
  9. IJN DD status

    Here is to hope that the Akizuki turns into a monster it deserves and maybe a T9 to T10 version of Super Akizuki gunboats.
  10. To Pay or Not to Pay

    I pay for what I like... You can almost say that I vote on content with my $. A bad premium = no $. It helps WG decide on what is next on their agenda list. Also, I support World of Warships. As long as they don't add Premium Ammo like WoT or WoWP We'll be fine. =)
  11. You also realize that T7 Pan-Asia DD is a british design? That's a monster, imagine that with singlefire normal torpedos???
  12. Apology to my teams

    Wow. I'm tired. carry on. lol I guess I forgot about it even though it's in my own sig. x_x
  13. Apology to my teams

    ehhh. just consider it a few off days.... We all have them Lert. Even you. =p Btw, what website is that?
  14. Need a ship or two

    Hey @pepper103pot It seems many of our generous members have already helped and supplied you with the little ships that WG has directly for sale. I gifted you 5 "Big" boxes. I hope you some awesome goodies out of this and thank you for your service! - Merlox
  15. It's really a question of... Are you going to single fire torpedos or use grouped shooting? If the answer is the latter one, Don't. The Gallant has the ability to set up extremely scary torpedo salvos. Punish stationary or predictable battleships with ALL 8 torpedoes in a row, no spread. You can also create some insane "Self Made" torpedo spreads, Nobody knows how to deal with torpedo spreads that are not straight and even. You'll learn that you can mix and match as well, shoot a spread, predict them to dodge and shoot the clump of them in the turn path. TL:DR version, It's a scary torp boat when used correctly.