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  1. Hey Guys. In the Armory you can buy each of the nation's captains for 4m credits each. they have 10 captain points. What's odd is that you can buy multiples of them. It's one hell of a deal!
  2. Merlox


    Stern, Citidel, and Bow remain the same. However it's important to note that the Yoshino has better concealment, reload, HP, deck armor / belt armor. (25 to 30) It also comes with a 16 torpedos that can launch 20km / 12 km torps.
  3. Once players start to realize that shooting HE at a Kremilin when ever it's spotted is a great way to kill it. They start to learn. I mean hell. Even when using CV Fighters if I see a Russian BB I just go after it with rockets. They have to eat a fire or waste a valuable damage control right off the bat. or use a repair party. /shrug/ It also doesn't help the kremlin that it's slow and inaccurate unless you're at close range. so stay your distance and apply HE until you get fires. then focus something else.
  4. I'm for one super happy with the T8 clan battles as well. They've been pushing for T-10 to the point every one is getting burned out.
  5. Merlox

    Bot Insanity last night.

    The bots have been getting really bad. To the point where there was one or two in every other game. It sucks because when that happens you get one sided teams. Esp when the bot decides to go on a CV role or something.
  6. Merlox

    When was your first 19-point commander?

    I remember it being a few years ago for me. It was much after playing the super old US cruiser line I went out on a limb to buy the Perth. Man... did that Perth just sing with me, I did nothing but played with the Perth until the captain was 19 points. haha
  7. Merlox

    Tirpitz is kind of underwhelming.

    Tirpitz is pretty good. but I will agree she is lacking in AA as most German ships are and now with Massachussets / Georgia coming along she's kinda lost her "Secondary Brawling" king. Now if She got that "Unique" Secondary accuracy buff that the two other premium ships had. I'd be interested in picking her up again.
  8. Merlox

    Its the Weekend....Yay

    At that rate you are at the mercy of the other Tier 10 players. and the sad thing I found out is that there are less skilled players at tier 10 than the earlier tiers. =( You'd think it'd be the other way around.
  9. Merlox

    An Exeter Moment

    Exeter is one of my new favorite cruisers which fits oddly next to my Perth. It has stupid light armor enough where most things will Over Pen. and actually some fantastic AA for a Tier 5 boat. Now only if WG showed some love to the British County-class cruiser or the Dido Class cruiser and released that as a Tier 6....
  10. I play Tier 6-7. Most CVs are pretty balanced until you get to the dumb CVs at tier 10... Who knew that Tier 10 CVs had flying tanks!? Tier 8 CVs has some pretty fun CVs where they have a crap ton of weak planes and you kinda feel like you're denting them when you get 10+ shot down compared to the 0 shot down against the Midway.
  11. Merlox

    AXIS vs. ALLIES Events

    They attempted that in World of Tanks once and saw how grossly imbalanced some tanks were. While I think it would be a fun and cool idea. I do think WG is too afraid to actually do something like that.
  12. Merlox

    jUsT DOdgE!!!

    Honestly the T-10 Carriers are so grossly imbalances it's disgusting. Literally every other tier Carriers are perfectly balanced until you get to T-10. Then you see flying tanks.
  13. Merlox

    Thoughts on Z-39?

    The Z-39 is a fantastic ship. The only problem with her is that she has an INSANE skill ceiling and roof. If you do look at stats, and esp Unicum stats, you'll quickly start to see that the Z-39 is one of the top DDs at tier 7 and there's good reasons for this. Considering it's the highest HP DD in tier 7 AND 8 is a pretty awesome perk, but then you see that It's a decent torpedo boat, Concealment can go right down to 5.9 thanks to T8 concealment Mod. Amazing Hydro that shuts down every T-5/7 DD Torps / Smokes. Surprisingly as well she is the 3rd strongest DD when it comes to AA at tier 7. (Sims and Leningrad are stronger) Having 150mm guns also allows you to choose other captain perks than the auto pick BFT/AFT/IFHE that most DDs do. Giving the Z-39 the unique German commander with Vigilance creates a 4.72KM torpedo spotting range with Hydro. Basically making your team Immune to torpedoes if you are in the front on that side. (A Basic T7 Cruiser has a 3km Hydro torpedo range / 4km ship detection range) Even without it. You are sitting at a 3.5 KM and a 5km ship detection range AS A DD. Sure her downside is that she cannot knife fight that easily. Her guns can easily Citadel cruisers that show broadside with her 150mm guns and can reliably cause fires on BBs at max range with ease, thanks to not having some silly Atlanta / US DD float shell times. As with any DD in this carrier heavy Meta. Support the Fleet, if they support you back, You can easily destroy cap zones and clear it out.
  14. Merlox

    The iChase Case

    All I noticed was Ichase cursing and complaining about a CV that 100% focused him, but ended up only doing 30k damage all together in over a 9 minute span....