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  1. I understand that you think this will be the case, but please believe me that this ship is CAPABLE of so much more
  2. I think i've done enough graphing for today ;) Hopefully @LittleWhiteMouse can help you out when her full review hits
  3. +1 to all of that, especially the cyclones love!
  4. Legal type Disclaimer: Asashio is still under testing and is a work in progress. All stats are subject to change. Opinion Disclaimer: I'm not the world's expert at DD's, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I've been testing ships as a CC for almost a year now. We've seen a number of Premium destroyers over that time and honestly I rarely spend too much time in them. Kidd, in particular, was painful to play, as I didn't really get how that ship was supposed to work. So when Asashio dropped on to my account, the first iteration (no deepwater torps and basically a Kagero clone) made me think "There's nothing special about that ship, how much testing will I really need to do?" Boy, was I in for a surprise. The truth is really quite simple: Asashio with deepwater torpedos is fun to play. The Torpedoes As the ship currently stands, Asashio carries Type 93 Mod 3 deepwater torpedoes (can only hit battleships and carriers) with a maximum range of 20km and a base speed of 67 knots. With the torpedo acceleration Captain skill (which I recommend) the range drops to 16km and the speed increases to a ludicrous 72 knots. To give you an idea of how deadly these torpedoes are, even after the upcoming nerf to their detection threshold, take a look at these reaction times (courtesy of LittleWhiteMouse): Since we're going to assume that we're all sick monkeys here, you have 4.65 seconds to react to getting hit by torpedoes that do 20,966 damage each. This makes for a rough time for any battleships looking to evade taking massive damage. To give you an idea of how devastating this is, here are the reaction times for Shimakaze torpedoes (also courtesy of LWM): Type 93 - 2.5km detection range, 15.02 seconds @62 knots, 13.89 seconds @67 knots. Type 93 mod 3 - 1.7km detection range, 9.45 seconds @67 knots, 8.79 seconds @72 knots. Type F3 - 1.8km detection range, 8.82 seconds @76 knots, 8.28 seconds @81 knots. Worst case, you have roughly half the time to react and avoid the torpedos compared to Shimakaze's torps. Only a third of the time, if the Shima is running the 20km torps. So how many of these nasty fish can Asashio throw out? Well that's not an easy answer. She has a base reload time of 112 seconds, which is exactly the same as her sister-ship in the Tech tree, Kagero. With Torpedo Armament Expertise, this drops to 100.8 seconds. While Kagero must choose between Torpedo Reload Booster and a Smoke Generator, Asashio gets access to both modules, increasing her bag of tricks at the steep expense of no longer being able to hit Cruisers and Destroyers with torpedoes. Assuming you're using a premium consumable, you get 3 charges of TRB, increased to 4 with Superintendent. Courtesy of Yuzral, the formula for number of torpedoes launchable in a game = (trb charges + (1200 seconds - 8 seconds * trb charges) / torpedo reload time) * number of torpedo tubes In the case of Asashio, this becomes (4 + (1200 - 8*4) / 100.8) * 8 = 120 torpedoes. That sounds like a lot, but it's really hard to get that many torpedoes out during a game. My personal best thus far has been 72 and that game felt like I was spamming torps like mad. But how does this stack up versus other Tier 8+ Destroyers? Note: Gold bars denote premium ships, black are tech tree The answer is that she's surprisingly middle of the road in terms of pure torpedo throwing madness when compared against all Tier 8, 9 and 10 destroyers (who knew Tashkent could launch almost 200 torps in a game? Someone get me a replay of THAT!). But the good news is that she's tied for top of the Tier 8 pack with her sister, Kagero (assuming Kagero takes Torpedo Reload Booster). However, this graph doesn't tell the whole story. Many of the entries on this graph are hamstrung by low range, low damage, or both. So let's look at how Asashio stacks up on Theoretical Max Damage. Asashio and Kagero again stack up well against the other Tier 8-10 destroyers, and the Torpedo power of Shimakaze and Black are the creme de la creme. Now we have pretty graphs to confirm what we already knew, Asashio is a monster torpedo boat, but why is she so fun to play? Concealment This is where Asashio shines. She has the best (tied with Harekaze and Kagero) concealment of all the Tier 8+ Destroyers. Asashio outspots anything in her matchmaking spread, making her an evil intelligence gathering platform in the absence of carriers. Pair this with the ability to take smoke AND torpedo reload boost and Asashio starts to be able to do things like spot in the early game, cap in the mid/end game, and choose her fights at all times. You'll have 400 meters+ of buffer over most of your opposing destroyers, this doesn't seem like a lot, but its enough if you're careful about your early positioning and don't let yourself get into "head-on" closures. Save your speed boost to help you get out of tough situations, is my advice. Conclusion As I mentioned earlier, Asashio is just plain fun to play. The controversy over the ship largely revolves around the assumption that Asashio captains will stick to the outside of the map and never help their team. Given her concealment and heavy torpedo armament (that can only hit battleships and carriers), there's no denying that she would excel at such a role. But she's good at SO much more than that. Early game, you're likely to see Asashio's on the flanks, vying for launch positions on the enemy battleship fleet, but what they're also doing is spotting all the cruisers (and sometimes destroyers) for the rest of their team to spot. Even if an Asashio never comes within a kilometer of a cap, this is an invaluable service to the team. Here's where things get tricky: Why shouldn't Asashio go for caps in the early game with that great concealment? The short answer is that she really can't. The long answer revolves around her guns, which the more astute of you have noticed that I have yet to mention. Per the World of Warships Dev blog, Asashio's guns will be getting a small rate of fire buff, but even with it she can't hope to fight another full health DD and live. Are her guns useless? Absolutely not But they are situational. Her guns have a really nice Alpha damage punch, one that can and WILL surprise other Destroyers when you choose to fire. The key part of that sentence is "choose to fire". Because your concealment is so good, Asashio can disengage at will, disappearing into stealth and repositioning for a better angle. That said, you can (and I have) killed low health Gearings, Khabs, Cruisers, and battleships with these guns. Frankly that's about all that they're good for, but you shouldn't forget that they're there, as they WILL win games for you. But what about the smoke? I generally found that the smoke had two purposes: Disengaging Waiting for a battleship to charge me so I can torp at point blank range Sitting in your smoke and using your guns just isn't a terribly effective tactic in this ship, and the overwhelming majority of your damage will come from your torpedoes. Assuming she stay the way she is, this is a must buy for Destroyer lovers! Overall Rating: 8/10 Fun Factor: 10/10 Credit Earning: 8/10 Ease of Play: 6/10
  5. Episode 74: Izolate talks King of the Seas Finals and What Makes a Premium? Izolate joins us as a Community Contributor from the EU region to talk about his recent stint broadcasting the King of the Seas finals with Flamu from the Wargaming EU office in Paris. After that we get in depth talking about three work in progress Premium ships, all of which have had recent changes: Gascogne, Graf Zeppelin, and Asashio. We move on with some quick hits about the upcoming PTS Patch 0.7.2 and finish the podcast this week with a discussion on What Makes a Premium and what should a premium be?
  6. Gogo forum code... I have no idea how to fix that lol
  7. As Enterprise is literally the only Tier 8 ship in the game to get the 6th slot, I didn't think it was worth mentioning
  8. I'm not an employee, I'm a player and community contributor. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Community_Contributors
  9. Disclaimer: This is a perspective of a player that does not play CV's regularly and does not consider himself to be an expert in CV play. It is intended as a guide for similar players who might consider purchasing Graf Zeppelin when she's available Greetings Captains! Kelorn here from the Warships Podcast. This week, after watching /u/farazelleth and femmenenly's videos, I decided that that Graf Zeppelin looked like fun and I had a bit of an itch to play an RTS style game. I've always enjoyed playing RTS games over the years, in particular Dune 2, Red Alert, Starcraft, and Homeworld, to name a few. While I've enjoyed them, I've never been very good at them, so I always got creamed by my brother and friends growing up (I kicked their butts in Counter-Strike at our LAN parties, so it was all ok). With that in mind, I got my Captain trained, fit out the GZ Test I, and headed into random battles. The Good Despite my lack of skill, I decided that I wanted to play the 121 setup with normal torpedoes and AP bombs, but I want to take a moment to discuss one of the most important positive aspects of the revised Graf Zeppelin. Diversity. Let's list, shall we, all the different ways you can take the revised Graf Zeppelin into battle: 121 Setup with Deepwater Torps and HE Bombs 121 Setup with Deepwater Torps and AP Bombs 121 Setup with normal Torps and HE Bombs 121 Setup with normal Torps and AP Bombs 203 Setup with AP bombs 203 Setup with HE bombs In an era of simplified Carrier mechanics, with USN CV's going from multiple possible setups to just 1 (or 2 if you count the AP bomb option at higher tier), Graf Zeppelin is really 6 different carriers for the price of one. Now, some of these options aren't particularly good or compelling, but the fact remains that you can play the Graf Zeppelin the way that YOU want to play her, not the way you're forced to play her by limited options. Personally, I think the best setup for a random battle is 121 with normal torps and AP bombs. It gives you the ability to hit all ships, including destroyers, with torpedoes, yet gives you a nice heavy punch against heavily armored BB's and cruiser with your AP bombs. The fighters are a struggle, but we'll get into that later. More to the good, the torpedo drop pattern is the same equal armed cross pattern that we've always had on Graf Zeppelin. The very first test version of the ship had 3 torpedo squadrons and was manifestly overpowered, deleting virtually any ship at will, including destroyers, as the drop pattern makes evasion of ALL torpedoes quite difficult. Using two of these 5 plane squadrons is still the most powerful torpedo strike short of Midway, enormously easier to use than Enterprise's wonky "W" pattern. Even better, the torp squadrons reload quickly and launch quickly, giving you minimal downtime between strikes. The AP Bombs are a mixed bag, but still more good than bad. Due to their historical rocket powered bombs, the AP bombs penetrate more armor than even their USN 1,000lb counterparts. Virtually no battleship in your matchmaking spread is safe from these things. (With a few notable exceptions). German, French, and Italian battleships appear to be particularly susceptible to them. The downside is that once the battleships are dead, the AP bombs are largely useless. There's no point in even dropping them on a DD and most of the cruisers that would take damage from them (Des Moines, Henri, Moskva, etc) have enough AA that you're unlikely to get through their defenses (unless there's been some sort of raging inferno on their decks). The Bad The obvious stand out here are the fighter planes. With proper captain skills, you can elevate the single fighter squadron (or double in 203 setups) to the "more bad than good" side of a mixed bag. Against an enemy Lexington, you're fine, as even just clicking on the enemy fighters will give you a neutral sky to send in your strike packages. With some decent Strafing, you can easily shut down an enemy Lexington. Even a balanced loadout Shokaku will be manageable, though you'll have to do some of that fancy strafing to have even a neutral sky to fight in. The problem comes when you face a 312 Shokaku (rare) or Enterprise. Enterprise, in particular, was the bane of my existence while playing the 121 Graf Zeppelin. It was far more common than 312 Shokaku (which I actually never saw) and its 12 fighters in the air (with captain skills) are a massive problem for your one squad of 9 (with captain skills). Even worse, the fighter reserves on Enterprise are HUGE, whereas you don't even get a full backup squadron for yours. Unless you are God's gift to strafing and can neutralize wave after wave of enemy fighter planes, a player of equal skill in an Enterprise will be able to box you into a corner. This is frustrating, but is part of the Matchmaker RNG that comes with playing a Carrier. Also on the Bad side is pretty much the entire 203 setup. It is undoubtedly newbie friendly, offering more fighters with more fighter reserves, as well as "click and forget" dive bombers that (with AP bombs) will do MASSIVE damage to battleships. The problem is that your ability to aid your team in the 203 setup is far more limited. You can't take out that pesky Destroyer sitting in a cap. Your ability to hurt cruisers is limited. And finally, your fighters aren't good enough to guarantee total air superiority over an equally skilled enemy CV player. While I think the 203 setup is WORKABLE, I believe that the overall winrate (a function more of teamplay) will be lower than players using 121. The LUL The Graf Zeppelin secondaries are insane. There's really no other way to put it. In one match, it was down to 3v3 with points near equal, the enemy having two caps to our one, and the enemy CV destroyed. I bombed and torped one of the two remaining enemy Colorado's, leaving him with around 1000hp. I was already moving toward the cap he was in, as we needed it to win and both of my teammates were out of position (or unwilling) to cap it. Before my bombers were ready again, my GZ rounded the islands in C cap on Hotspot and two shots instantly went out from my secondaries, finishing the enemy Colorado. Even without manual control for secondary batteries (which is virtually impossible to take in your build), the accuracy and damage of the secondaries will make Bismarck proud. Combine these secondaries with the Hydroacoustic consumable and Graf Zeppelin (which is fairly fast and maneuverable for a CV) becomes a difficult target for an enemy destroyer to charge and kill. This isn't something that will be used on an every game basis, but it's an interesting ace in the hole for a carrier that was already the most diverse ship in its class. Skills/Upgrades I played Graf Zeppelin with a 14 point captain, but here is my recommendation for how to spend your points for a 19 point one: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0001010000010000000010000001100119 Dogfighting Expert is essential to Graf Zeppelin, as its downtiered fighters need all the help it can get. Torpedo Armament Expertise is unnecessary, as the Torp bombers already reload very quickly. BFT and AFT have dual benefits of upgrading your secondaries and AA rating, so justify the heavy investment. Overall, there are quite a few options you could play with here, and these are merely the ones that fit my playstyle best. In terms of upgrades, there are only two worth talking about: Air Group Modifications 1 and 2. Mod 1 gives you another slight boost to fighter DPS, but Mod 2 is the big one. 50% increase to fighter ammunition gives you the ability to strafe 4 times before having to reload. Four times sounds like a lot, but it goes quicker than you think. Because of the large fighter squadron in the 121 setup, strafes are extremely powerful and honestly your only hope of competing with another carrier's fighters. If you get caught up in a click fight, you're going to lose in the long run. So realistically you'll go from strafe to strafe, until you're forced to reload. Conclusion I was surprised at how much fun I had with Graf Zeppelin. I had several games I managed 5 or more kills and high damage numbers. Usually against Lexingtons (which seem very common currently, presumably because people are grinding for Midways). If you enjoy Carriers or RTS games at all, Graf Zeppelin, when she goes on sale again in her final version, will be a good choice for a premium. Even as I played her, she forced me to get better as a CV player. Using my strafes, predicting the enemy carriers moves, and generally using the tactics I saw in Fara's and Fem's videos. This is NOT a carrier I would recommend if you've never played carriers before. The 203 setup seems to be alluring in that regard, but it feels likes something of a trap. It's too easy to get sucked into tier X games in Graf Zeppelin and the sheer AA power of such games can be soul-crushing and quickly turn your Graf Zeppelin into a secondary firing Battlecarrier with ambitions of Torpedo-hood.
  10. Episode 73: Aerroon returns to talk Monaghan, Asashio, Gascogne, and Clan Battles Hi listeners! For this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast, we have the return of EU Contributor Aerroon. Normally the podcast would have Aerroon on for a pre Ranked Season break down, however this time he is joining us for post Ranked results. The cast does a quick interview to catch up with Aerroon, and see what he has been doing since the last time he was on the show before diving straight into our topics. Our first topic of discussion is a plethora of new premium ships including the USS Monaghan, HIJMS Asashio, Gasconge, as well as Dev Blog ships Z 39 and Kronstadt. The USS Monaghan and HIJMS Asashio are both new destroyers being tested and the cast members give their current opinions on the work in progress ships. Moving on to the Gasconge, a ship that was previously discussed on the show. The crew talks about the changes and whether it is enough to make it a better or more competitive ship than it was in its previous iteration. The podcast crew also discusses the latest information shown form the World of Warships Dev Blog which showcased two new ships. The German Destroyer Z 39 and the Russian Cruiser Kronstadt. Both ships are debated but the Kronstadt in particular drew speculation and discussion towards another ship the cast would like to see, the USS Alaska and/or USS Guam. Sailing right along, the show gets into the post Ranked Season discussion. Debating and parsing the Tier 8 Ranked Season and each member going over how they felt and what observations they had while playing. The noted differences between all the servers and the strengths and weaknesses of some ships played through, which in particular were ships, HMS Edinburgh, VMF Chapayev, USS New Orleans, and Lo Yang. Talk on the topic of radar and sonar is held and a discussion about the frustrations players had this season was also noted. The podcast finishes the show by discussing the next Clan Battles season. Which will have very similar rules and match sets as the previous first season. The French Battleship line launch is imminent and the crew discusses one of the new unique ways that you could possible earn access to the ships early. Thank you to everyone who listens and supports this show! We sincerely look forward to having you again on the Warships Podcast.
  11. Episode 72: Notser talks French Battleships with the Podcast! Wargaming dropped all eight of the new French Battleships on the podcast and Notser joins us to talk in depth about each battleship's strengths and weaknesses. We wrap up with a look back comparison of the French BBs to the Royal Navy Battleships.
  12. Episode 71: Pigeon of War talks Enterprise, Gascogne, Cossack, Aigle, and WG Seekrits Hi listeners, in this weeks episode of the Warships Podcast. Pigeon of War lands on deck to give us his background and insight working at Wargaming and opinions on some of the latest content coming out. The interview starts with an introduction for Pigeon and a brief explanation of his job and what he does for Wargaming. The interview continues with some questions about his involvement with USS Enterprise CV6 and a hard hitting question on the state of Wargaming North America HQ. Sailing along with the topics of carriers. The cast and crew discusses premium carriers and the state of CV's in the game. Recent changes made, controversies, and further development of carriers is explained further by Pigeon and debated on by the Podcast. Moving on to the other premiums and ships, the crew gets into the upcoming French Battleship line and the premium French BB, Gasconge. HMS Cossack a Tier 7 premium British destroyer is being tested. The podcast crew discusses this and another premium destroyer that was tested and now ready for release, French Tier 6 Aigle. We close out the show with some Quick Hits: World of Warships Blitz was released. Anime Captains will soon be able to be dismissed. Map changes to Trap, and Tears of the Desert. Before leaving the cast and crew talks Torpillow! However Pigeon gives us the inside prospective on the difficulties of trying to make the Torpillow a reality for players to purchase and what is currently holding up the development on the adorable plushie. Thank you everyone so very much for tuning in and supporting the cast. See you next show!
  13. Episode 70: King of the Seas talks Battle of the Atlantic Hi listeners, for this weeks episode of the Warship's Podcast we have two new guests. Domin1c and Eclaire from the EU Community come aboard to tell us about the new King of the Sea / Supremacy League Battle of the Atlantic Tournament. Which will showcase a new competitive scene going forward. The cast and crew talk about the change to Tier 10 from Tier 8 of the previous seasons as well as the inclusion of carriers. A debate on carrier inclusion is held and the potential for the USS Midway to be a viable option is also debated. With the addition of carriers to the mix, changes to competitive meta also change. We have a discussion on how cruisers, battleships, and destroyers will have to respec and setup to address aircraft and spotting mechanics. Smoke might make a return and impact but the game play of spotting and vision will be key. The podcast continues to sail along, switching topics to the new premium ships that have been released. These ships include HIJMS Musashi and RM Roma as well as the High School Fleet collection. The show debates Musashi, Tier 9 and Tier 10 and the affect this ship has on the game. Roma is also discussed and the unique Kobayashi camo that is now an option. Rounding out this weeks show, the cast and crew touch on the new Emblems that have been added to the game. Which helps to add a bit of end game content and form of visible achievements into a match, and last but certainly not least, the favorite subject of Ranked is discussed. The podcast team and guest give their current thoughts and experiences about the season and what has transpired so far. Thank you everyone for supporting and listening to our show. We very much look forward to seeing you next cast!
  14. LOL now i'm profoundly curious while I'm rolling on the ground laughing