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  1. Edward_Liu

    Navy Dishes

    Did anyone understand the joke about the premium shop? O_o The music choice was enjoyable but did not fit the theme at all, I thought this was supposed to be British or Nordic? Why did we get American country music?
  2. Edward_Liu

    Not sure what the british battlecruisers are supposed to do?

    Back to the topic at hand though, what makes them different from IJN BB's? A heal?
  3. Edward_Liu

    Is this a Jerry McGuire moment for Flambass?

    I think what I don't understand is why they don't just make it so that you can get into these small intimate sized matches in randoms, and just throw steel rewards/flags at clan battles only, and increase steel rewards overall, thus inclining more players to enjoy clan battles.
  4. Edward_Liu

    Is this a Jerry McGuire moment for Flambass?

    I think there's a difference between doing it at a tournament/clan battle versus just ranked
  5. Edward_Liu

    Opinion: Keep the acceleration bug

    What's the acceleration bug?
  6. Edward_Liu

    Lighthouse Auction: Musashi

    Yeah, I'm also confused, is the commander just a portrait with 14pts? Does he have unique skills or voicelines?
  7. Edward_Liu

    Golden Week in the Armory

    The ship is named after Mount Maya in Hyogo Prefecture Edward_Liu NA server For clarification's sake, were we supposed to post here or the youtube video's comment section?
  8. Edward_Liu

    Game Settings Explained

    Some of the other posters here are correct, it could be better, or had been published sooner, but I for one am very happy that I'll have something to point to when I recruit new friends into the game and a reference document for myself should I ever be confused thanks Wargaming!
  9. Edward_Liu

    Forrest Sherman in the Armory

    I know WG needs to make money, but since when are these bundles hitting the $200 for just one ship? Maybe we could get a bundle just with the ship and flag, all the other stuff is just bloating the bundle to justify the extremely high price tag. Even with the precedent set by ARP Yamato selling T10 ships... it wasn't anywhere this high, when will this end? Are we just going to be seeing ever higher-priced bundles? At the very least, it'd be nice to have more options, I'm just after collecting the ship and flag, but if this is the price for continuing to do so, even I won't be able to justify keeping up the chase of collecting.
  10. Edward_Liu

    LWM Needs Help Crowd-Sourcing Missouri Data #2

    Here are ten coop victories. No signals or anything. Just the premium camo equipped.
  11. Edward_Liu


    Is there any sort of way to understand what our module's hp is at?
  12. Edward_Liu

    Yukon in the Armory and Premium Shop

    May I ask what movie your signature is from?