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  1. Edward_Liu

    High School Fleet Returns to World of Warships!

    There are unfortunately no subtitles but I am willing to attempt to translate some lines, at least by typing kana into DeepL Translate xD which commander were you interested in?
  2. Edward_Liu

    Currently stuck "logging in..."

    Hey! I just wanted to say thank you, starting the game in safe mode fixed it for me, so thank you!
  3. The reason I'm a little confused is that as it stands, basically if you don't get these ships from these few limited crates, you can't get any more chances to obtain them. I wonder if they'll sell them as a bundle or sell more crates soon.
  4. Edward_Liu

    Tier IX Ships for Doubloons!

    Still a chance that Hapa can remedy this :p
  5. Edward_Liu

    Mid-Autumn Festival

    For now, yes, hopefully, they'll release a bundle soon with just the commanders/camo :p
  6. Will there a bundle for the both of them?
  7. Edward_Liu

    Update 0.9.5: Dockyard

    Hey, so I was wondering, is California still in testing?
  8. Edward_Liu

    Stream Rewards Guide for 0.9.2

    I'm still kinda unsure, just how many streams do we need to watch to get the cat flag?
  9. Edward_Liu

    Watch Official Streams and Receive Rewards!

    Like someone else already asked, do you have to watch all the streams or just the one starting on the 12th?
  10. Thanks so much for the speedy reply!
  11. I think the ship on the right is fiji/belfast, but what is the one on the left?
  12. Edward_Liu

    Settings -> Controls; What do they do?

    I'm still not really sure what weapon groups camera does, but am really happy to have turned off automatic gun switching and zoom limit indicator <3
  13. Edward_Liu

    Premium Ship Review: USS Missouri

    I'm still kinda bad at these higher level ships, so I was wondering, why is concealment and expert marksman always included in core builds? I've never had a problem with turret rotation, but I'm thinking that may just be because I'm not playing as well as I should. Same goes for concealment, is it really that important?
  14. Edward_Liu

    Premium Ship Review: USS Missouri

    Any advice for what captain skills to use since the update?
  15. Edward_Liu

    Premium Ship Review -- IJN Tachibana

    Do you think you could give updated captain skills for this adorable little DD?