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  1. Thank you so much for making this 多谢谢你兄弟 How do we adjust settings? 现在还能调设置吗? Like hitpoints (from preview)
  2. Do these deals go away on a set date?
  3. I got the captain and I'm not sure what I should've expected, but it sounds like for every normal voice over it's just the one sound clip of it running xD
  4. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QUk9vAMz1_6QLOS0lXzPL3saZ1P3Y1ay4ohdrJu-nSk/edit?usp=sharing please lemme know if you catch anything or have any questions!
  5. Do you think you could give updated captain skills for this adorable little DD?
  6. I just unlocked this pretty little DD and would love to hear your thoughts on what upgrades/captain skill I should get for her!
  7. Bismarck containers

    I just want to double check this, so does this mean if I buy one Bismarck container, I will NOT be getting them in my regular containers? I'm assuming the same is true of the new French containers? PS I'm pretty sure that you do indeed get something for finishing the Bismarck collection, but that is just two camo's for that ship, if indeed the only way to earn it is through container's then I don't think I'll be dropping what may potentially hundreds of dollars just for the one camo!
  8. How so? As far as I can tell they have identical velocities and max damage.
  9. Alright, worse how? I'm not very experienced yet in analyzing stats. However, after a brief comparison, it seems that the QE has a lower waterline, better guns (higher HE damage), but a slower traverse rate. She is also slightly less maneuverable but with much better AA. She is also marginally better at concealment and has less range. Yout thoughts?
  10. With the release of British BB's is the Queen Elizabeth better than the Warspite now or on par?
  11. Barring skills, I heard that if you click incoming planes, your AA guns will receive a 10% accuracy increase, is that true? Furthermore, is the same true for secondary guns?
  12. I know you probably get this a lot already, but I'm just freaking out here at my keyboard seeing a legend such as yourself reply, thank you so much for all that you do and best wishes for another wonderful year! <3
  13. Any ideas on what skills to take in the new patch?