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  1. Barring skills, I heard that if you click incoming planes, your AA guns will receive a 10% accuracy increase, is that true? Furthermore, is the same true for secondary guns?
  2. I know you probably get this a lot already, but I'm just freaking out here at my keyboard seeing a legend such as yourself reply, thank you so much for all that you do and best wishes for another wonderful year! <3
  3. Any ideas on what skills to take in the new patch?
  4. The warehouse looking thing, or is it just general storage?
  5. The stabilizing fin looking things, and these are repeated all over american ships, they look like grids of some sort
  6. Is there any update fo the suggested captain skills for this ship? :D
  7. USS New York Upgrades

    Hi! I'm fairly new at playing randoms and am unsure what upgrades to get for the USS New York, Damage Control 1 seems pretty obvious but the other two I am not so sure about. The wiki recommended anything for the first slot and AA for the other. So "anything" doesn't really help me make an informed choice and AA seems like a peculiar suggestion when in the con section it's stated that even with upgrades the AA is terrible so I was wondering if I should maybe for the artillery plotting room upgrade. Thank you so much for your time and advice!
  8. Are there any updates on her captain skill suggestions?
  9. Just as the title says! Your answers will be much appreciated!
  10. Well, I strongly disagree with this sentiment, the point of having a forum is to debate and discuss right? So please come engage and discuss with me, I refuse to use any logical fallacies to the best of my knowledge and have not insulted you in any way, have I? Now then, so can you please tell me why you think US CV's are still good? I'm rather new like I said and don't quite know what I'm talking about, all I did was reiterate his opinion to clarify to you. Personally, I just miss having an AS option, do you think it is fair for IJN CV's to have options and US CV's to have their options removed? If so, could you please tell me why? I'd be interested in hearing your opinion.
  11. Well I'm fairly new and quite optimistic/naive, so is there any sort of petition we can make to WG or is this just our circle jerking and crying? :/
  12. Mayhaps it does not give as many credits, which fair enough is the original question that I posted, however, that being said, I was also contemplating the amount of effort vs. return. I have multiple monitors and figure if I ever get to t10 and need credits I could just play coop casually and watch something and CV seems like it'd take less brain power than BB's, would you agree?
  13. I do believe we are discussing more than just the one CV? We're talking about all the other USN CV's as well!