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  1. So looking at this they pretty much did all that except for the aa part.
  2. So we should nerf DD concealment because of how a unicum plays a DD. Even a potato in a dd still is better then a potato in a BB. The reason why some people hate cv’s is it because it forces them to play different. Yes i hate cv’s when I am in a DD and the make me use my smoke. But instead of crying on the forums saying the cv touched me wrong. I just stopped playing anything but RN dd’S because of the short smoke screen. They balanced cv damage. You can not get deleted by a cv in one strike. One salvo from a BB can delete you and a torp run can delete your BB. Their will always be a skill gap in every ship type so just stop that [edited] right their. What they did was make it easier for people to play cv’s
  3. Can you please post a link to this. Not some random forum post but a real link on the dev. Blog or post on Reddit by the dev. Again you posting about your feelings not any real data. Please use data not feelings. You feel the rework is not a success because you are spotted more and can not daka daka. It feels that you are spotted more because a cv is in most matches. Please explain in a one cv games with a set of planes. You are spotted more then under the rts version with up to 6 to 7 flights of planes
  4. Still have not provided any real data. To show the rework has failed. What you pointed out is a balance Mechanic.
  5. What real data do you actually have to prove the cv rework is bad. Not stating personal bias or others peoples bias. What actual facts do you have. Besides the fact that most matches now have cv’s. The real reason people do not like cv’s is it because it changed the way the game is played. I.E. have to use smoke screen defensively instead of using it to Daka daka
  6. _Veritas_Aequitas_

    Tier-outmatched in random

    Ok dude just some advice for you. The 460 mm guns on the mushasi over match you. So no matter how you angle he will always pen you. Second why are you going against a tier 9 in a tier 7. You should just move away from the tier 9 and move to a new flank. I do not understand your logic. You have a w key and a and d key. Before you commit to a flank look at the mini map and figure out where every one else is going. Also nagato has good guns so you can sit further back when you are bottom tier. All you need to do is think just a little and you will be fine. After you see the enemy deployment try to figure out the best place to go. Just always look at the mini map. It is your friend.
  7. _Veritas_Aequitas_

    No Premium Containers???

    Dude what did she say that hurt your feelings? She made two points one you are not forced to buy stuff out the store and two they do not generally say when they are going to release stuff.
  8. Yeah because everyone staying out of the cap because a CV is in the game makes for fun and interactive game play.
  9. _Veritas_Aequitas_

    Thank you WG for the CV Rework

    I love the New CV rework. With the nerf to AA in the new hotfix. Triple drops on the same target are back. I love it so thank you guys. Keep it coming 2019 year of the CV. Really looking forward to the cluster bombs on British CV'S. Again WG thank you for making it CV'S great again.
  10. _Veritas_Aequitas_

    Armada: HMS Vanguard Trailer

    The ship is already in the shop
  11. _Veritas_Aequitas_

    Level headed Feedback on the patch

    Sorry but your damage needs to stay low. You can not get deplaned. So you have planes through out the the entire match. If you could get deplaned then sure up the alpha damage. But you lose nothing if your squad gets wiped out.Also abuse of the F key even lowers this time. So you might lose 60 seconds between getting planes of the deck. Also you can get to caps before dd’s and completely deny acess to them with 3 to 4 rocket strafes per flight. The permanent spotting issue is still here. Also two cv’s per match in low tier is just bad for game play. We now have a crappy camp fest in the spawn. With the concealment nerf and the gun Bloom fix. Carriers are just bad for this game like arty is for world of tanks. Plus unicum cv players are still putting up huge numbers already. So cv’s are fine in fact I prefer the old system, because I would see one cv every 5 games. Know permaspottrd every game is pretty bad.
  12. _Veritas_Aequitas_

    What stat best equates to skill in WoWs

    Solo win rate
  13. _Veritas_Aequitas_

    Time has come to help clean up the game

    The in game system is automated.
  14. _Veritas_Aequitas_

    Time has come to help clean up the game

    Honestly @Admiral_Thrawn_1 no one really cares and I am one of them. If you want team play from random play in a division. People get salty deal with it. If you can not I suggest you turn off chat. Because yo should know what you need to do in a game since you are master gamer at strategy games as you do claim. Stop trying to police things that already has a system in place. Plus just for making this whiny (censor) thread every time I see you I am going to report you.
  15. _Veritas_Aequitas_

    Saving Tier 8 - How do we do it?

    Tier 8 matchmaking is fine. Most people can hardly do their own health points in damage. If you take away the match making the way it is now. Bad players who think they would do better will actually do worse. Because you have to actually now how to do damage when you are top tier in order to win.