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  1. OP is right. It was bad before, I tried to come back, it is even worse. It just makes the game silly. A 50,000 ton ship being melted by a tiny destroyer's guns? Just dumb.
  2. I tried coming back after a long, long time. Fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire fire... Nothing changed, so just not fun.
  3. teamoldmill

    Game quality is dropping

    Tried to play again after months and months..... 1st battle, DDs setting double fires over and over against my BB. Nothing has changed. Yes, we won, yes I did well. Seems game play has gotten worse, not better. Fire fire everywhere and not a hose around.
  4. Sounds like WOT. Russians get auto loading and double barreled versions of tanks already better than German ones..... Loved this game, until the silliness started. Russians have the best guns, the best armor, the best... well, everything in WG land.
  5. teamoldmill

    And so it begins - Hello Alaska

    Now let's see some people who play against them what they think. For every good game someone has in it, I am sure there is someone who ends an Alaska pretty quickly.