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  1. donaldEpott

    No subs please.

    Subs Please.
  2. donaldEpott

    Cant use any payment methods.

    Its a common problem. you just have to buy a gift card. I use the Dollar General card works the best. Most credit cards will not allow you to buy from other countries and like my bank said to me where WG is based out of is on the list of countries that is on their watch list. IE don't let anyone purchase things from there. I pleaded with my bank and told them I know the company but still couldn't get them to allow it.
  3. donaldEpott

    Report him they say: connection issues

    Ya had the same thing happen the other day. Was in a match and a thunderstorm started passing thru here. My connection kept coming and going, I would get logged back into the match just to be thrown back out by a loss of connection. Spent half the match relogging into the game so after 10 or so min of doing that I gave up. Got reported for rules violation but hay when a thunderstorm screws with the connection not much I can do about it.
  4. donaldEpott

    In the Service

    Ya when is this collection supposed to start anyway?
  5. donaldEpott

    Should I sell St. Louis and Charleston

    Hell with the port slots being at 100 dab each why not just buy you some more slots. I did and well I have over 200 ships in my port.
  6. donaldEpott

    Vell Vell

    It also helps that I have most of the top tier premium ships as well. They produce lots of credits.
  7. donaldEpott

    Vell Vell

    I ground them all out with only one exception and that was the Izumo. I really didn't like playing it and bought my way past it. However the rest of the lines I worked each of them. I have all the US lines all bought and almost all the Japanese, German and British, and French lines. I have most lines up to either tier 8 or tier 9
  8. donaldEpott

    Vell Vell

    Well I finally done it. I became the proud owner of 200 ships tonight. Been a long ride but enjoying it. I know the CVs can seem to be overpowered but bear with it and we can all get thru it. Its Been fun fighting with you guys.
  9. donaldEpott

    Removing DDs from the game?

    Instead of lingering in an area try hit and run tactics. Drop your torpedoes and get out of there. Don't linger in the area where you launch torpedoes. By the time they spot your torpedoes you can be somewhere else.
  10. donaldEpott

    I have a go fund me

    Its Called Being Disabled.
  11. donaldEpott

    I have a go fund me

    I have a go fund me to get a few things to help out with my medical condition here is a link. would appreciate any help I can get. https://www.gofundme.com/profile/donald-pottorffjr-wx58k
  12. donaldEpott

    Why Fletcher and Yugumo are junk in ranked

    Because if you want to bring a DD to ranked its either the Black or the Kitakazi, There is no other real choice.
  13. I think they should give all bbs a longer range with their secondaries like the French and German bbs are. I think that is a good system and have been asking for it since Beta.
  14. donaldEpott

    I love the Colorado in 0.8.0

    Colorado has always been my favorite ship. Well I am a little bias since I was born in Colorado and have been here all my life.
  15. Radio is good on radar cruisers. it aids in locating DDs. Also I found it to be great when looking for enemy CVs with my destroyers.