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  1. donaldEpott

    Initial thoughts and feedback on SUBMARINES!

    That is not true. You could on US subs set a Gyro angle that the torpedo could go in any direction after launched. German Torpedoes could change course as multiple Gyro angles could be set for given time for each part of the run.
  2. donaldEpott

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    Oh don't listen to the other ship type players here they just want you on the enemy team and yolo into their range. I just got out of two battles with my Yamato and any time I got near a cap I was focused by every dd and cruiser on the enemy team. that's what they want you do to, otherwise they have to fight thru your dds and cruisers to get to an effective range to do much to you. Stay back and do your job of hitting targets from a range you can take the time to pick proper targets. Battleships are the only class in the game that every other class look at as prey and that is that. You yolo in and all you do is open yourself up to being attacked by every ship on the enemy team as you just screwed yourself. You get burned down in less time then it takes you to get off 2 salvos. Not worth it in my book. Cruiser players don't want to have to fight thru other cruisers to get to you because they know its a hell of a fight if they do. They calling you a babbie here is just a bunch of horse hocky.
  3. donaldEpott

    The Real Reason

    Just a little more along that Idea, When I play my DDs I don't go looking to get into a fight with another dd, No and I don't go out looking for a fight with a Cruiser. What am I looking for. A nice fat bb to put torpedoes into. When I play my cruisers I don't look for a fight with another cruiser cause they have the same or more DPM them me so why would I want that unfair situation. No I am out looking for a BB because their reload is longer and chances are they will miss and then have to wait another half min before they can fire again. And I am not looking to go after their dds because the moment I do as a cruiser the entire enemy team goes oh there is a cruiser that is trying to do its job, Kill it so I get focused down if I play the Anti DD role. As a CV I don't go after dds because they are small and hard to hit with torpedoes. and Most cruisers have defensive fire so going after them you are going to lose half or all of your planes to only get one hit at most on them with a bomb or torpedoes, However a Battleship is nice big and slow to respond and makes a easy target. Cruiser players here call BB players babbies but I don't know any other class of ship in this game that every other class in game is out to sink other then a BB. So ya Battleship players have lots to complain about they are literally the target of every other ship in game.
  4. donaldEpott

    The Real Reason

    On that same note Like when I play the Yamato If I get anywhere near a cap all of a sudden I get focused by half the enemy team. Yes all their cruisers, So don't tell me that Cruiser players are wanting bbs to move up to take the burden off them. Its they want bbs to move up so they can farm damage. Because you will note if a bb is up front they ignore all the dds on your team just to farm damage on you the bb.
  5. donaldEpott

    The Real Reason

    I play cruisers a lot myself so Yes I wish the enemy bbs would yolo in like that. Makes it easy to kill them. So I do see it from both points of view. I do push but only after I see what the situation is. Cruiser players are the type that are impatient and want it now and its why they play cruisers. Battleship players are the kind of players that want to take the time to plan what they do and assess the situation before running in. That is where the difficulties and differences is in the way each player type thinks. However when I play my Cruisers and do better is when I play them like a bb and hang back some and be more selective with my targets.
  6. donaldEpott

    The Real Reason

    The real reason cruiser players complain about battleships sitting back and not moving up is due to the fact and I have had it proven many times when I move up. Its not because they want the support. I in my experience find that If I move up to support and get any where near a cap all of a sudden every cruiser on the enemy team focuses me down. Note when you don't move up and snipe from a distance they cant shoot at you because their shorter range and they would have to fight their way thru the cruisers on your team to farm that damage. So In conclusion I say to battleship players ignore the complaints of the cruiser players. Its just a ploy for when you are on the enemy team they can gang up on you and burn you down. They know from watching bbs burn that it only takes a couple cruisers about 1 min to burn a bb to nothing. Their tears here on the forums are false and trying to trick you into moving up into their range when you are on the enemy team.
  7. donaldEpott

    West Virginia vs Arizona?

    Oh there was a lot of drama over the Arizona, some said they would leave the game if it were added being a special ship that she is. Frankly I am glad WG brought her out and they did a nice thing as well. They helped pay for the new wall in the Arizona memorial. So it was worth it to me anyway. But noting is as bad as everyone yelling they want their Murmmy.
  8. Yes they should, But they should add minelayers as well or at least give some ships the ability to lay mines. I think they could add a few more ships to the battle and add a couple types of ships to make the game even more diverse.
  9. donaldEpott

    Possible BB AP shell change against DD

    As it is there are a couple dds that only seem to die if bbs are the ones who knock them off as they are too OP compared to some of the Cruisers that should be able to knock them off. Frankly I play all three types and see nothing wrong with a bb being able to do the kind of damage to dds that they can AP or HE. You get shot at by something that big and you are little its going to leave big holes in you. Case in point Kongo hitting the USS Johnston and all the problems that caused for the Johnston.
  10. donaldEpott

    I need help with the Graf Spee

    Use the rudder a lot, Keep turning but keep an angle. Use it to take on the enemy cruisers as its best at killing them. BBs its not designed to take them on and the only time I would is if the bb is lone and not anywhere near help. You can make a run at a lone bb keeping your bow on him and give him a nice salvo of torps or both if you make an S type turn at the proper range. But its mostly a support ship. Support your bbs by taking out the enemy cruisers.
  11. Sure she sank the Taiho would be a good premium.
  12. donaldEpott

    I grinded for Shimakaze...Now I am quitting

    Not as much as I was but still enjoy her. I have been grinding the heck out of other lines. I am up to 7 tier 10s and 15 or so tier 9s. But ya I take the ol girl out once and a while.
  13. donaldEpott

    What is the Point of Bridges?

    Because they were there in real life and they modeled the ships after the real ones.
  14. donaldEpott

    I grinded for Shimakaze...Now I am quitting

    Poor Excuse but hay See Ya later.