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  1. donaldEpott


    Heck I just knocked off 4 subs in three battles. Was easy.
  2. donaldEpott

    T7 Flint is Rare?

    I have the Flint.
  3. donaldEpott

    Skipped Tiers.

    Yes there was.
  4. donaldEpott

    Skipped Tiers.

    I just want the ones that were there and removed. Why they chose this way is beyond me. Its stupid.
  5. donaldEpott

    Skipped Tiers.

    I never understood this and think its the dumbest thing that WG has done. Please wargaming would you bring back the other CV's and subs. Why did you skip tiers? Please bring back the ships that are missing.
  6. donaldEpott

    My last thread about subs

    Heck I have been killing subs left and right. Several battles I got two of them. Even once in my sharnhorst.
  7. So if you use this on dubs say you get the 50K you get double that with the coupon?
  8. I reset three lines and I regret it. I wish I would not have. Its not worth it.
  9. I would rather see some historic camos that were on the real ships.
  10. donaldEpott

    YouTube says NO to Subs

    Hum Well I got two Sub kills with my sharnhorst https://replayswows.com/replay/170819#stats
  11. All though I do like subs I do agree that Destroyers should have sonar pick them up at short range. like 3 KM or something.
  12. donaldEpott


    Flamu is only comparing the server population since Covid. The Server norm has been around 14K for as long as I can recall. So the numbers are only dropping back to their normal amount.
  13. donaldEpott


    I have heard that line for a very long time and have yet to see a decrease in server population. I have been here since closed beta and I think that subs have made the game more exciting. Granted its made life for BBs a little worse but hay I find that DDs have become very exciting to play. Not that they were not already but trying to sink a sub with everyone shooting at you. For as much as most complain about the subs they sure do defend them in battle.
  14. donaldEpott

    Ban Subs

    I must be nobody because I was one who wanted them. I have been here since closed beta and I enjoy them in both playing them and sinking them.
  15. donaldEpott

    Back from Davy Jones Locker

    Hay enjoying the new subs. ASW is fun to play with dds. My USS Kidd is a ASW monster.