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  1. donaldEpott

    Invisible plane?

    I have the same problem with several ships.
  2. donaldEpott

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Armor

    Remember its a Battle Cruiser not a proper battleship.
  3. donaldEpott

    Dreadnought's missing item...what is it?

    I got lucky I had a 30 percent off coupon and used it to buy the bundle with both the Vanguard and Dreadnought. Just one thing is the Vanguard is a little underpowered for a tier 8 so if you decide to go that route be prepared to use the Vanguard for attacking cruisers.
  4. donaldEpott

    Dreadnought's missing item...what is it?

    Stick the speed flags on her she runs at 22 kts.
  5. donaldEpott

    Let's talk about Monarch

    I found the Monarch to be a good ship. Of course I shot mainly AP instead of slinging HE like everyone else. On top of that I found it to be very consistent in damage output and also one of my best preforming battleships as far as stats go.
  6. Nope because the Stalingrad is already there.
  7. Ya but in real life they would not carry all those boats with them into combat and they just look tacky anyway. I just wish they would remove them for that reason alone that they just clutter up the decks..... same reason the Titanic didn't have enough lifeboats.
  8. donaldEpott

    St. Louis/Charleston: how good are they?

    Dreadnought is a very good bb. I think kinda overpowered for a tier 3 as I am averaging higher damage then I have with any other tier 3 bb. Of course I can drop an experienced Captain on her and that makes a difference, and also I have improved over the years playing. I got the bundle with the Vanguard and think its worth it even thought the Vanguard is a little underpowered for her tier, that is she has the same guns as the Queen Elizabeth and have troubles playing v tier 10s
  9. donaldEpott

    Reported because I'm not super skilled?

    I give out complements to players who score above 1900 base xp in the battles. I only report those who really do stupid stuff in game.
  10. donaldEpott

    Best ships for ranked t6

    I got so sick of ranked yesterday due to loosing every battle I was in only to look at the stats of those on my teams and see that they were rated around 500 on wargaming's own ranking system. Such poor quality players ending up playing it just ruins it for me. and no I am not trying to stat shame anyone but if I was such a poor player I would not do ranked.
  11. Ya and I wish they would remove those boats from the ships in game but hay I guess it gives them an excuse as to why battleships burn so easy. All that extra wood to fuel the fires.
  12. donaldEpott

    Float Plane Recovery

    The question that I imply is just how recovery is done. I know that it was asked several times back in beta and I was just posting this to show how it was done. No I am not implying that it should change anything in game.
  13. donaldEpott

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    Well Right now I have 350K saved up so I don't need a full million converted and by the time they bring the ship Out I may have at least half of it, I got the Musashi with saving all my free xp so it wont take much to regrind out the needed free xp. But if I need to buy any I have well over 15 million xp saved on all my ships.
  14. donaldEpott

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    Either way I am good for it.
  15. donaldEpott

    ? about surveillance mod 1

    I bought it for all my top tier Cruisers that have radar. Not a bad option if you want to play a cruiser as an anti-destroyer role. I find that combined with RDF makes for one hell of a DD hunter.