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  1. I had an idea for an animated short that would be great for World of Warships. It starts off with us looking at a diving board over water. The point of view above, looking down on the board, about 30 to 45 degrees camera angle. We saw a captain walk onto the board. He stops at the end and looks around for a moment, he rubs his chin in thought, nods and jumps in the water. He is followed by his XO, chief navigator / helmsman, chief gunnery officer and then his chief engineer. The ship makes an appearance. The captain directs everyone in the water out of the way and then the ship jumps in. Everyone cheers and the officers climb on board. The crew appears on the board (about 3 to 5 in all) and they jump onto the ship one at a time. Once everyone is on board, the ship starts off and steams out of view. I am no artist otherwise I would have done this myself.