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  1. Cruiser_CleveAniki

    The A-Poi-calypse is Coming

    Executing shipwreck survivors. Not that the false white "sail" flag isn't also an act of perfidy which legitimately constitutes a war crime even before new definitions were created due to the actions of Germany and Japan during the war.
  2. Cruiser_CleveAniki

    The A-Poi-calypse is Coming

    Also, Yuudachi's claims to fame of damage at Guadalcanal... Ended up being better attributed to Inazuma and Amatsukaze. She basically has no reputation beyond what KC, falsely, gave her, except as a perpetrator of war crimes.
  3. Cruiser_CleveAniki

    The A-Poi-calypse is Coming

    https://www.history.navy.mil/research/histories/ship-histories/danfs/l/little-i.html "About 0100 5 September, Little observed gun flashes to the east and believed this to be an enemy submarine. Moments later a Navy Catalina flying over Savo Sound released a string of five flares to illuminate what he also thought was a submarine. The flares illuminated the APDs instead. A surprised Japanese surface force [Who we now know were Yuudachi, Hatsuyuki, and Murakumo], source of the flashes presumed to have come from a submarine, shifted their guns toward the APDs, and searchlights stabbed through the darkness. Though outgunned, Little opened fire on the enemy destroyers, but took direct hits from salvos which left her helpless and ablaze by 0115. Gregory had suffered the same fate. The Japanese, to assure their kill, steamed between the two stricken ships firing shells and straffing (sic) survivors." (Add in that Yuudachi's kill and damage claims are better attributed to Inazuma and Amatsukaze... and... yeah...)
  4. Cruiser_CleveAniki

    Incoming Poi Spam

    That's right people, the poi spam nightmare is in the works. Of course, this little tid-bit of information below may also be of interest to some people.
  5. Cruiser_CleveAniki

    DD's in upper Tiers are OVERPOWERED against BB's

    "Of the other eleven hits they could give absolutely no details", when one is the XO (with a whole pile of note), and the other is the Engineering Officer (who was at the sites where the hits were claimed). It's basically a polite way of saying they're full of crap. Damage Report
  6. Cruiser_CleveAniki

    Asashio yes or no?

    I'd say that Asashio is in a very strong position for the most part. With smart play and some help from RDF, she can pick and choose her battles, and sometimes can win gunfights she has no right to win thanks to disgusting alpha strike on her guns now. Besides torping BBs was the edge of your concealment (which is the only way you should be trying to get torp hits in any DD, for the most part, short of area denial or punishing a straighticus linicus), you can control vision so well it sometimes feels like cheating. So far I've won gunfights vs an Udaloi, a Kidd, and a Benson, because if they don't wise up and stop trying to chase you, your 4 stern guns are slapping them like German 150mm HE. The only ship you really need to worry about are cruisers, but with smart play you can have your team take care of them for you via spotting, or if they're British take advantage of their AP only limitations and farm them with HE.
  7. Cruiser_CleveAniki

    BB AP v. DD Armor. What’s the big deal?

    Ya'll keep throwing words like "immune" around, but I really don't think you understand what you're saying. A high tier BB overpen is like eating 8-inch HE without any sort of mitigation due to HE 33% or saturation. It frikkin hurts. Stack multiple of them? Well I guess I must be imagining those 4.5k chunks taken off of me by BB AP while breaking contact.
  8. Cruiser_CleveAniki

    DD's in upper Tiers are OVERPOWERED against BB's

    DDs are fine the way they are, mostly, though I do have major questions about the IJN HE buff because winning gunfights in the way I've been doing recently is really questionable. Cruisers get abused the most, but can also abuse the crapout of other ships in the right circumstances. Still, feast or famine can be extremely frustrating. BBs probably have the lowest skill ceiling but also the lowest skill floor, which is problematic because it attracts bad players which makes trying to balance ships pureply by their performance stats an exercise in futility. People need to stop regurgitating that myth which was disproven way back in the late-40s. Yamato, Musashi, and Shinano damage report from the USNTMJ
  9. Cruiser_CleveAniki

    [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Have you told Aslain that you've taken over updating it? The current version in his packs doesn't function.
  10. Cruiser_CleveAniki

    KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    Oh. This still exists.
  11. Cruiser_CleveAniki

    KNTAI x JKSDF is now recruiting

    I completely forgot about this degeneracy.
  12. Cruiser_CleveAniki

    The First Six Frigates as "Battlecruisers"?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Original_six_frigates_of_the_United_States_Navy If we go by the design specifications and concept behind the original six frigates of the USN, do you think they qualify as something akin to what has become recognized as a battlecruiser? While there were certainly designs of frigate which happened to be stronger than others, the original six were designed with a clear goal of being stronger than any other frigate, but faster than any ship of the line, seeming to fit into the same kind of category that the "cruiser killer" designs of the 20th century brought about.