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  1. sargentmki

    Any chance WG could break down Base Exp?

    I think the main reason is because its really convoluted and complicated. I don't even want to think about what kinda of stat wall a user would be presented if they wanted to know exactly what they did. Here's how base earnings are currently defined: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Base_Earnings#Earning_Credits_and_Experience
  2. sargentmki

    Fix Atlanta: The Power Creep is Real

    As someone who plays the Atlanta a lot, I find today's game environment very hostile, but not for most of the suggested reasons above. The Atlanta has never been an easy ship to play, and the current environment is probably second only to the initial "beta version" of the Atlanta in terms of Atlanta performance. For those that haven't been around that long, the OG Atlanta had the following properties: - Radar didn't exist - AA boost wasn't infinite - Cleveland was tier 6 - IFHE didn't exist (but fire chance was better) - Your guns were literal paper cardboard to the point you'd be lucky to have guns at the end of the game, as you'd lose a gun permanently in almost every direct engagement. So just to be clear today's game environment is different, and hard, but not as bad as initial release. With that said the power creep is real and today's Atlanta has a tougher time then in her hay-day. Just keep in mind the Atlanta has been in worse shape before, just for different reasons. So for starters lets go over what has the Atlanta has been known to be good at: 1. Killing planes due to infinite AA boost, and dual purpose main cannons 2. Overwhelming arcing fire, able to shoot over almost any island 3. Overwhelming broadside against low armored targets 4. Radar capable Generally, if you played the Atlanta as a CQC ambusher against DDs, while abusing the arc to fire over islands you were 100% golden. Now what has the Atlanta been known to be bad at: 1. Horrible glass cannon due to weak armor, large citadel, tall profile 2. Horrible range, even with commander skills. 3. Horrible gun dynamics due to orbital strike rounds, making it hard to hit fast moving targets at range. If you played the Atlanta outside of the CQC ambusher, and didn't abuse the arc means you were going to be sunk real fast, real quick, by basically every other ship in the game. Today the cons still exist, but are slightly more significant due to decreased DD play, and increase in tier 9 high damage oriented ships, all of which dramatically out perform the Atlanta. Now this isn't that big of problem, even in its hay day the Atlanta couldn't even out perform the tier 6 Cleveland in almost any scenario, which was also the most popular ship at the time. So competition was still challenging, just different. Today the Atlanta still can't beat most ships out in a straight fight, but its offensive capabilities have stayed basically exactly the same in the same time frame. The biggest issue I find with today's Atlanta, is that its AA capabilities have been outclassed. The Atlanta's AA guns are no longer overwhelmingly strong due to CV rework, and new CV capabilities. Namely if your an Atlanta fighting a tier 8 CV, your going to lose as fast as any other CA at tier 7 when focused. Your infinite AA boost wont do anything if you can't live thru more then 4-5 strikes, this is especially true against the British CVs which don't even have to aim to carpet bomb you to oblivion. This has a slight cascading effect, as the other two pros more or less require the Atlanta is sit behind something to pound hopeless enemies by abusing the arc. You used to sit there, then straight up troll the CV by eating all their planes trying to take you out as your not moving. This is no longer the case against tier 8 CVs. This single tactic, and "one trick" this one trick pony has gets negated by CV's who are still able to perform 1 strike wave against you, and have enough carrier capacity to shrug of any loses. This is the one area that makes the Atlanta worse then it was, due to its impact on its "one trick". Now this is a hard aspect to balance, due to the nature of tier 8 CVs vs tier 7 ships always being "asymmetrical", so the tier 8 CV should be better then tier 7s. If this part of the Atlantas game was magically balanced, where an Atlanta could still keep planes off of it, it can stick to its "one trick" and still be as effective as it was, since even today, basically no ship can compete against the abusive arc, and enemy players can't really do anything about it. This doesn't mean the Atlanta will suddenly become amazingly powerful, as even in a non CV game the Atlanta's cons are still significant, but if played correctly the Atlanta still has its niche. I have no solutions or ideas on how to improve the Atlanta vs CV's besides straight AA buffs, but I know the current CV situation is still in flux and in the mean time I just hit the boost buttons and troll as hard as possible against the CV. Gone are the days where I hit the AA boost and can drink a cup of tea as planes fall from the sky and are unable to damage me to to attack nerfs. With that said buffing most other "bad" aspects of this ship will change nothing. So some of the suggests are either completely dreaming, or wont do much to improve the situation, or drastically change what makes the Atlanta the Atlanta. 1. Remove her citadel - this is too drastic of a change, and make her totally OP. The Atlanta would turn into a DD with the firepower of 2 Gearings with Radar, and 2 times the health at tier 7. This has been suggested for years, and I'm sure it will never happen. 2. Gearing Guns (Faster Reload) - I don't think anyone complains that the Atlanta doesn't get enough rounds downrange. 3. Better Concealment - I think the Atlanta could use better Concealment, which would help her escape bad situations and get to better ambush points, but this advantage only works until you start shooting, which is what you should be doing most of the time to make the most of the Atlanta's stupid DPM. It would be a soft buff, but not really do much in the grand scheme of things. 4. Italian Smoke - This would be interesting, as smoke would help the Atlanta live thru more situations, which is still its most pressing issue. At the same time it would basically 100% change the Atlanta from what its been known for, which is high risk, high reward and arcing fire. An Atlanta with smoke is just the Flint. 5. Boise Super Heal - This has a similar effect as the Italian smoke change. The ship goes from the Atlanta to something totally different, and technically it would outclass most other tier 7s with a heal without even trying. 6. Better gun Velocity/Gun Range - The Atlanta doesn't want increased range, increasing the range means getting spotted from other angles, then the one where you should be "arcing your shots" over. Better velocity would help make the Atlanta easier to play, especially at range, but that is a defining feature of the ship, which forces you to either get closer, or target easier to hit targets. Last thing you want is Smolensk level velocity and accuracy at tier 7, even without smoke it would be super annoying. This again would be a soft buff, but wouldn't do much in the grand scheme of things, and I personally don't have an issue with the gun velocity. The Atlanta has never been an all around good ship. Its always been utterly terrible at a bunch of stuff, and the few things its been hilariously good at have changed. The CV rework has done more to the Atlanta then any level of power creep recently, because there is no ship that plays like the Atlanta, (besides the Flint... duh hehe) and if the Atlanta can't camp and abuse its defining features, then it does need help so it continue being the most trollish annoying tier 7 in the game ;D
  3. sargentmki

    Worcester — American Tier X cruiser.

    Guns are very floaty, very much in-line with the Atlanta and Flint. Either get close, or aim for stuff not moving much. If that sounds like a huge inconvenience it is, which is why you don't see this ship that often in random matches. (that and its short radar range gets it killed to often)
  4. sargentmki

    Early game max range potshots

    I wouldn't focus on taking potshots with the Scarn as a primary offensive move simply due to the guns not being very good at range. RNG will automatically cause rounds to miss, your rounds aren't huge so you can't nuke anything even when you do hit, and every shot you fire at a person 20km is a shot you could of taken against a target closer. Throw ontop of this the fact the Scarn is one of the better mid/close range brawler BBs, almost any other BB or CA would be better off sitting at distance and filling that role. It's fine to get some cheeky shots in early if you are already spotted, or going to get spotted. Otherwise the amount of damage you could get with from some early long range fire is minimal, compared to giving your position away for an intelligent enemy at the start of the game. Its one thing to get 3-4k damage early, its another to blast someone, who was not expecting a scarn to be so close already. Once the game is underway you really want to be making the most of your guns as often as possible, so you should be in a high leverage situation due to your armor, speed, and agility. You shouldn't be at range if you can help it. I aslo wouldn't advise taking the spotter plane for the same reasons. The Scarn isn't a good snipping ship, so getting something to increase its snipping capabilities is a waste. The fighter plane can mean the difference between living a game and winning, and dying and losing to planes that want to focus you as you do your work on the front-lines. If there is no CV, then you still get an "extra eye" to spot people in a pinch, but missing out on the extra range will almost never hurt you. Even other BBs shouldn't really rely on this tactic too much simply due to having a crap ton of armor, health and heal. The price for getting close is easy to pay off when compared to "sniper" ships like the RU cruisers who live at range. Bottom line, a BB can fire less then 40 volleys a game (Scarn is 60 due to its fast reload) you shouldn't spend them shooting in an ineffective position, even if that means you can't get shot at.
  5. sargentmki

    Autopilot (on M map) is broken?

    I was in a few different COOP games and hit M to get my ship to the cap while the game ended, and the autopilot had me going DIRECTLY north, then back south as per my actual path. I ended up playing CV in another COOP game later and noticed the same behavior, so it seems consistently broken.
  6. sargentmki

    Submarines: How to Play

    This isn't a new problem, just the mechanic of how its achieved is different. Any class that has better camo then a BB can forever deny a BB a chance. A DD can do the same thing, get more torps in the water, out-run a BB, potentially out gun a BB, and cap even with enemy planes flying around. The fact subs can go "invincible mode" isn't much different then a ship sitting in smoke, or out of spotting distance, except you can't even get lucky with RNG rounds, or carpet bombing runs, or pop radar at 12km and LUL. Yea it means you can't fight back in some situations, but there are already a number of those situations in the game. Just shoot subs when spotted and watch them get deleted quicker then your suicidal DD who at least has speed on their side.
  7. sargentmki

    Submarines: How to Play

    Looking forward to getting my hands back on these things :D After reading the changes I can see subs becoming the "invis torping ship" as they should be. Same idea as a DD, except takes more time and effort to setup then dropping torps, walking away as DDs currently have it. The idea they will be OP really comes down to how players will be able to react to their existence and how easy it is to "punish" a sub. For comparison if a DD screws up almost any class in the game can beat it quickly and easily, subs should be no different. I like the idea that all ships can engage a semi-submerged sub, so capping/spotting and engaging a sub seems possible. The fact subs need to get to the surface or basically stop moving will force em to attack anything is probably the main balance mechanic to "draw them to the surface". I'm curious as to what sort of limits the game will apply to the new class. I don't think anyone wants 4+ subs in their games haha.
  8. Dealing enough damage in an Atlanta is the least of the ships worries, even today. No one is going around laughing at getting lead-in-bulk from an Atlanta/Flint, they still can pew pew. The Flint gets away better then the Atlanta as it has smoke to protect itself from a multitude of newer threats. Life has gotten harder for both ships due to increase tier 9s, new CV lines, CV rework, and long range DDs who can out gun it at range. Nothing like getting out gunned by a CV's secondaries as an Atlanta haha.
  9. What are these perks exactly?
  10. sargentmki

    IOWA Burn baby burn

    WG marketing strategy is to get you to pay for premium or premium ships so you don't have to drive low tier ships all the time to make up for losses. If you don't want to pay (I almost never buy premium time), then just drive lower tiers by grinding up other lines to get some funds back. You can't blame WG for not letting you drive tier 9 non-stop with no repercussions, because then no one will be driving lower tiers which hurts the games in multiple ways. Upgrade the ship, play it less once its upgraded, and learn to play it better in that matches you drive it. Consider it a "splurge" until you get the hang of it, otherwise you'll see even more pain and misery at tier 10. In the mean-time grind up some other line(s) to get more bang for your buck and pull in funds for your high tier escapades.
  11. sargentmki

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    My only current issue with Unique Upgrades is the cost related to de-mounting them if you want to "change back". The cost is pretty minor (25 doubloons if I remember correctly), but there is a cost every time. UU's like the Mino's don't event make sense if you don't have smoke, which really just cuts down on the ways to play the ship (radar or smoke) the moment you get the UU module. I guess its just like commander skills tho, its an investment that isn't easily recovered. --- Also just as a reference, I've been playing this game since early beta with almost no premium time and have 2 tier 10s, 3 tier 9 non-premiums all of which could be at tier 10 if I didn't grind other lines. I'd say if I focused 100% on grinding to tier 10 I'd have 6-7 tier 10s by now, but this is after years of playing the game without premium. (I'm a cheap guy) I have skipped playing this game for months at a time, but generally I'd consider myself on the cusp of playing this game enough to even think about the RB features. Its very possible that sort of content just isn't for me (I also don't play ranked or clans either). That's fine since there is a lot of content out there, and being able to get the players that play more to pitch in to playing low tiers makes sense.
  12. sargentmki

    Suggestions on Battleship and Cruiser lines

    The best best cruisers line up to tier 8 for coop is the British CL line. why? Because Smoke + DPM + Torps + AI doesn't know how to use Radar, and CVs aren't out to get you. Spin in some island play and use allied bots as bait and you will see 100k games almost every game. Its honestly like a slot machine effect when you win big and tons of change starts flowing out of the machine, except its AP bullets into enemy broadsides :D The best battleship line up to tier 8 for coop is the German BB line. why? Because stronk secondaries, hydro and armor. Fight DDs, CAs, BBs all at point blank like a "real" BB haha. --- The enemy of great is good. There are plenty of "good" choices, but if your going to play mainly PvE with these ships, then picking ones that are capable of mopping the floor when played right will give you the most "fun". There is nothing like pwning some bots to release some stress, but to utterly annihilate the enemy team with stupid amounts of AP DPM+Torps from smoke, or fighting 3 people at the same time with secondaries doesn't get any more fun then the two lines above. Both will require you to know how to play correctly, as its not fool proof, but I give my options as "peak" coop "fun" for both cruisers and BBs.
  13. sargentmki

    IJN BBs Accuracy and how to deal with it?

    As someone that fears IJN BBs at all ranges when driving cruisers I can firmly say IJN BBs have some of the best guns of all BBs. The German and Russian BBs both suffer at range in comparison. Most of the reasons as to why this is true is above (the sigma value is one of those hidden big deal values) but generally the issue your presenting isn't really that true in practice. RNG grants IJN guns the most hits in situations. I'm not saying your going to hit every round on every volley, but you will hit your mark way more often then some of the other BBs.
  14. sargentmki

    Premium Ship Review #142 - Mainz

    I'd totally get this ship if I didn't have the Eugene (which I've said I'm not a big fan of before hehe). I personally think the issues with survivability with this ship were purposely left to prevent another potential Smolensk situation, compounded by the changes made to heavy cruiser armor and IFHE. I could only imagine the hypothetical outrage for another HE spamming cruiser that doesn't need ifhe, and has newly buffed heavy cruiser armor, with 17km+ range. With the weak armor scheme the ship is a slow meh glass cannon (kinda like Atlanta, except with range, and harder to abuse arc) so all the BBs can feel good about themselves blasting a Mainz, rather then getting pissed off at its heavy armor while it burns them down while being driven by a battleship captain being trained haha. Gonna have to look into it more to see how the guns work to determine if it could go the Atlanta route, but doubling up on German cruiser premiums just seems wrong when I stopped grinding the line haha.
  15. sargentmki

    Best Tier V - Tier VII HEAVY CRUISER in the Game?

    Just to be clear heavy cruisers are usually defined by 200mm+ cannons, and enough armor to bounce BB rounds when angled at mid/long ranges. This doesn't mean you can tank in a heavy cruiser as well as a BB, as you lack the heal, health, guns and armor of a real BB. You'd have to jump all the way to tier 9/10 to get "true battlecruisers" that are up-gunned, and up-armored enough to directly play like BBs. (Moskova, Stalingrad, Alaska, Yoshino are all battlecruisers with 300mm+ guns, and tons of armor and health) The idea of a "Heavy cruiser with more armor" only goes so far. Even the heaviest cruisers at these tiers can still be deleted by lower tier BBs under the worse circumstances. Usually heavy cruisers wont be easily nuked when angled, so playing properly will protect you from getting nuked from most bbs. The Pensacola has the firepower of a heavy cruiser, but not the armor. So yes your labeled as a heavy cruiser, but you can't tank like one. Heck the Pensacola is one of the notoriously easily killed cruisers of the tier, so its very much a glass cannon. The New Orleans (the next ship in line) increases the armor so you will get a full heavy cruiser feel where you can bounce BB rounds when angled, and not get utterly overwhelmed by low caliber rounds. The question of "which is the best heavy cruisers in the game" is too open ended as "best" is very subjective to the criteria. The after mentioned "battlecruisers" are super hard to kill, but then something like the Des Moines can't tank as hard, but can outgun almost any ship when played properly. The question about which nation has the best heavy cruisers comes more down to what you want to focus on, as each nation has their own play styles that differ greatly, even before you consider any "light" cruiser lines. 1. KM (Germany) - largest, slowest, bad concealment (only the RU CL/CA ships are usually worse) - well armored - bad HE, but great AP, above average DPM - workable torps in CQC engagements (good angles, lots of torps with 6km range) - Super sonar (further range to detect torps and enemies) 2. USN (USA) - good concealment, - best AA, but no torps (not really an issue honestly) - best all around DPM (out of heavy cruisers) - Situational gun dynamics (floaty rounds, useful to shoot over stuff tho) - Radar capable 3. IJN (Japan) - good concealment - best torps, rivaling DDs of the tier, but bad torp angles (usually only good when kiting) - best HE, fantastic gun dynamics (accurate, low arc) - slow turret traverse, meh gun angles, and low ROF - long, low and skinny, the smallest targets when angled properly 4. RN Heavy Cruiser line (British) (I haven't played much of this line, or been able to fight it much) - smoke + super heal! - low ROF, situational gun dynamics (similar to USN) - situational armor - good concealment - workable torps (10km, average damage, single launch capable) 5. MN (French Navy) (heavy cruisers start at tier 7, before that they are all light cruisers) - Speed boost, and naturally decently fast - ROF boost ability, so high ROF with ability, otherwise average offence - average gun dynamics and armor 6. RM (Italy) (I have a limited knowledge of this line as I haven't fought it much, or researched it much) - SAP rounds (high pen, no fire chance) - Long range torps, that are really slow - "fuel smoke" which is situational - situation armor Technically the "heaviest" most BB like non-premium cruiser in the game is at the top of the RU line which is filled with DPM light cruisers until the Moskova. This line will soon split to heavy and light which makes more sense tho. --- I personally think the German heavy cruisers are the most BB like, due to their heavy armor, bad concealment and AP capabilities. I also think they are one of the more boring to play, since I think if you want to play a cruiser that is "bb like" why not just play a BB? That's my own personal view of stuff though haha.