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  1. @Chobittsu how did you manage to have this happen next you're gonna tell me you snagged laura bailey
  2. Hi there, Is there a way to make "custom" themed packs centered around the other ladies' voiceovers? E.g. I'd really like to set Tiffany Grant as the primary voiceover, but I'm not entirely sure if it'd be possible to do so.
  3. Hi everyone. I've recently installed the 7.10 update, and when I logged in I noticed everything is a bit more... pixelated. it seems like a hidden renderscale option was changed in the update, making my game more pixelated because of a lower render scale? There's a clear difference in the quality of the game that can be seen in the ship details that require graphical fidelity to be clearly seen, such as the ship's radar sets or the flags. Compare this (current): To a comparative screenshot in a previous update. There had been no edits to the graphical settings when I took these images. I've already reset my graphical settings and even deleted the preferences.xml file in my install folder. Still, the issue persists. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this annoying change?
  4. Can I just say I literally was not expecting this?
  5. I'm horribly tempted to ask to have the raven-haired suited lass to be named Diana Tennant. Just because you made that connection.
  6. Winterpwner

    Caption the profile image above you.

    [[angry chewing]]
  7. Hey, you do avatars from scratch?

  8. Nice bio. Mind polishing mine if you have time?

  9. "I still believe that despite all of our shortcomings, Humanity is still something worth dying for."

  10. WAIFU~ WAIFU~!

    1. Flametz


      Pls, why u do dis? *pushes* >.>

  11. Hey, commander, you came to watch the rain with me?

  12. This is Ishikari, heading forward to protect the fleet! ... T-This... This is embarrassing, Admiral... Why'd you make me say it out loud?