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  1. Additionally, the files might have been deleted during the update process, so make sure that everything is in the right spot in the new mod folder.
  2. Hey, it seems that the way that WG is intending to do version updates is to create a new folder within the bin folder with what I presume is the steamapp ID for the new version. Unfortunately, it seems to break the captain name updater's automatic mode.
  3. @garfield001 I must have missed this, but Kremlin is still listed as Kreml in the Kancolle 2.5 icon pack.
  4. All good, Chobittsu! Kind of a bummer that they're a SEA-only promotional thing, though. Darn DMM.
  5. Winterpwner

    Public Test - 0.9.6 - German Carriers

    Yes, it starts on the 18th.
  6. Using the Kancolle pack, version 2.5, for this current version of the game. I got it directly from this forum thread.
  7. Hi Garfield, I just wanted to report that Shikishima is still using the old "Yashima" name and icon, and that Impero is now in game for testing, and requires an icon.
  8. Hey BattleBard, My best recommendation is to eschew using the captain names file, and instead use the Captain Names Tool to automatically update the text files with the appropriate names upon updating the game.
  9. Hi all, I'm just reporting a bug regarding the Swedish captains; they still have the old rank insignia "upgrades" on their image.
  10. Hi Garfield, Warship Girls R just released a sneak peek of a new shipgirl; Lyon. I think she'd be a good fit for the aesthetics of the mod.
  11. Thank you, and yes, it did.
  12. Hey Garfield, do you have an exact style sheet to keep a consistent, uniform look for the previews and the girls themselves? What are the criteria that you use to select artwork for a specific ship?
  13. Hey @garfield001, I just noticed that while Roon's image has been changed to Azur Lane's Roon in the Kancolle previews, she hasn't been changed in the Kancolle icons, specifically version 2.5.