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  1. thegreenbaron

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Not True, CVs.
  2. thegreenbaron

    Concealment even worth it anymore?

    I do focus on it heavily, but I spend more time fighting my OWN team than anything else. Particularly DDs who don't bother to check their targets, or just assume you're going to die so their torps will never hit you. From 2km away.
  3. thegreenbaron

    Concealment even worth it anymore?

    See, your experiences are opposite mine then, since I've not only had crapluck with them since CV patch, but been roundly screamed at in chat for being stupid enough to try and play them. Nor have i seen ANYONE else playing them outside co-op, so...
  4. thegreenbaron

    Concealment even worth it anymore?

    Actually, you can't, as, last I checked a patch note, if your AA is firing your AA range is automatically your detection range, regardless of CE, etc.
  5. thegreenbaron

    Concealment even worth it anymore?

    I can say that I, and apparently quite a few other people, do not agree with this. You have *played* the game recently, right? For example: Radar and hydro make point one about being less visible an utter lie. it's useless when trying to disengage, as you're still saddled with the Concealment reduction from firing your guns, and will be until long after you're either dead or behind an island. DDs can use it, sure, but only at low tiers before it becomes a zoo of hydro and radar. and then only if they never fire their guns, and stick to derping with torps. Secondary builds have more or less ceased to exist as a viable option in PvP. you'll still see it in PvE but that's largely it.
  6. thegreenbaron

    Loot Box Ban in the US proposed.

    Clearly they did not teach it to you. Pointing out that hypocrisy of your position isn't intended to make a case. It's to point out the inherent hypocrisy in your position. My case, if I should so choose to make one, is that the history of the United States is littered with laws that are or were meant to curtail corporate greed, that generally work until people like you force their repeal, at which point the greed kicks back in again and things like the 2008 Financial Collapse happen because of deregulation. We have laws to curtail all sorts of predatory business practices, and loot box prey on the same sort of psychological factor that casinos do. I worked at a casino once. It's like being a crack pusher. So, by all means, let them curtail it. I liked the Corporate lobbyist's response at the bottom, if this doesn't tell you all that needs to be said, I don't know what does. Amusing and topical;
  7. thegreenbaron

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    I cannot express my disinterest in this strongly enough, and I used ot like Ranked. Hell, give us Teir 7 or 8 ranked again, that was a blast! Tier 10 is [edited] and unfun with hoards of wallet warriors carrying the day while BBs squat behind islands and now CVs nuke everything on the board.
  8. thegreenbaron

    Loot Box Ban in the US proposed.

    So, law is good, until it inconveniences you, and then it's terrible and unjust. Faces with the terrible tyranny of things like speed limits and legal drinking ages. Here's the thing, iduckman, the elected representatives of the people do just that. they represent the will of the people. and the will of the people is, under the Constitution, the definition of a just law. Just because you personally don't favor it does not actually make it unjust.
  9. thegreenbaron

    Loot Box Ban in the US proposed.

    May wish to reread it then. It was pretty clear.
  10. thegreenbaron

    Loot Box Ban in the US proposed.

    Um.. duckman, by this logic, taken to an extreme I grant, the Government should not stop you from raping and murdering your neighbor either? While that may indeed be freedom, by the same token, rules must be imposed for society to function. It's like the idea that corporations will regulate themselves. it's every bit the fantasy that the socialist utopia is.
  11. thegreenbaron

    Loot Box Ban in the US proposed.

    https://www.gamespot.com/articles/loot-boxes-could-become-illegal-in-us-if-new-bill-/1100-6466737/ Now as the article takes pains to point out, this is not yet a law, and the video game industry is already moving to fight it. What fallout do you see from this, should it pass? Both re WG and in General
  12. Guys quit whining and either start suing or STFU.
  13. thegreenbaron

    Azur Lane Collaboration Part 2

    Here's waiting for release!
  14. thegreenbaron

    Flooding is kinda useless now

    Oh, they've been swearing on a stack of bibles it wasn't about that, when we all know it was.
  15. thegreenbaron

    Flooding is kinda useless now

    It varies by *what* is the motion on the screen. I'm given to understand that early builds of WoWP it was as high as 25%. When testing the New CVs it was high enough that they actually asked it as question on your feedback form.