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  1. thegreenbaron

    Flooding is kinda useless now

    Oh, they've been swearing on a stack of bibles it wasn't about that, when we all know it was.
  2. thegreenbaron

    Flooding is kinda useless now

    It varies by *what* is the motion on the screen. I'm given to understand that early builds of WoWP it was as high as 25%. When testing the New CVs it was high enough that they actually asked it as question on your feedback form.
  3. thegreenbaron

    Flooding is kinda useless now

    Well, based on pre and post patch server stats, no, they really arn't. They were at 3% of all matches, they ballooned to 25% of all matches, and then collapsed back down to 5% of all matches, just a month after the rework was released. I figure that they'll be back down to 3% next month or two. I know they lost me, I found the new gameplay not only unplayable, but irritating. Granted, that may have been the vomiting every five min, but that was also a problem with WoWP.
  4. thegreenbaron

    Fix carriers broken autopilot

    The fact that this question is even asked shows why the CV rework is a failure.
  5. thegreenbaron

    CV Solution

    But DEAR GOD we wish they would. For every idiot screaming 'RA RA CV REWORK' there are 15 saying 'wth". CV matches have already almost plunged all the way back down to to the 3% low point, so no, the rework did not work.
  6. thegreenbaron

    Flooding is kinda useless now

    Or claim that CVs need a massive update to get more people to play them, and then make them less appealing to play. Way to waste money and dev time guys.
  7. thegreenbaron

    Shoot 30 planes

    Riiight. I figured you'd just made it next to impossible to drive up paying $35 for a $9 ship.
  8. thegreenbaron

    Shoot 30 planes

    Yeah, I did what WG wanted, and jsut gave up and bought it. I don't have the spare time to grind 1500 battles to get thirty planes (my current average.)
  9. thegreenbaron

    The Fallacies and Misconceptions of the CV Rework.

    Because we could pull data from three years ago and push all sorts of [edited]. But OK. Let's use your data, the premise of the CV rework was to, among other things, improve CV balance, but also get more people into CVs. A less than 2% improvement is hardly, I think, what they were looking for. Let's be honest, they blew a lot of dev time on what is, essentially, a failure.
  10. thegreenbaron

    The Fallacies and Misconceptions of the CV Rework.

    It also does not compare the months pre-rework to post rework, rather compares a year ago to current.
  11. thegreenbaron

    The Fallacies and Misconceptions of the CV Rework.

    This is based on an assumption, and not entirely true, considering how CV play as more or less collapsed. We're actually seeing lower CV play, based on available metrics, than we were before the change.
  12. thegreenbaron

    The Fallacies and Misconceptions of the CV Rework.

    Apparently forgetting that firing AA still (IIRC) effects the distance you're spotted at similar to how firing other guns does.
  13. thegreenbaron

    How long have you played WoT, WoWP, and WoWs?

    WoT since beta, everything else since alpha.
  14. thegreenbaron

    Global User Poll Re: CV Rework

    From the poll I started in a thread on this forum. The deletion of the entire thread was a fairly heavy handed approach in my opinion. Locking if you don't like is usually sufficient to get the message across in my own experience modding a forum. This is never actually not an option. Believe me, I've worked on games that have had whole server rollbacks, not just rolling back a bad update, but rolled back everything everyone did for days. Sometimes, this is actually a requirement if something goes truly and spectacularly wrong. Sticking to bad updates gets you NGE, which is worse than any cost for a roll back is. However, three's always those players who will defend a horrible update to the end, even as servers shut down around them.
  15. thegreenbaron

    WG Doesnt Listen to Testers

    While officially they're incorporated in Crete, they're run out of Saint Petersburg.