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  1. Man I remember old North Carolina. High tier US Battleships were definitely 'wait until late game when their AA rigs have been chewed up' to try and target with carriers then. Though speaking of the older style AA with the more planes - I think the ribbon system needs a look at if keeping the automatic AA system in place - secondaries don't always look impressive if there isn't a ton of them but you get feedback they're doing something thanks to ribbons. If you're number didn't happen to be the one to put a plane to zero, you don't really see that your AA is doing something - it may help promote better team plate vs CVs if there's better feedback that the AA suite is helping to contribute even if visually it's a couple pop guns gong off every few seconds.
  2. tremor3258

    Dockyard delay

    For whatever reason, switching to dockyard and back is a loading time on my machine significantly higher than loading a new port.
  3. tremor3258

    Premium Ship Review: Flint

    Probably won't ever get it, but excellent review (I am considering the Atlanta, I like the Cleveland quite a bit, and it's streams of fire) Agree on demo - no one flies planes close to a high-tier USN cruiser more than once.
  4. tremor3258

    How to Control your Win Rate

    I had a match last week where there were two remaining survivors, the battleship had a kraken, I had something like three kills as the carrier, the enemy carrier was afk (as the last survivor) and we managed to lose on points by the time the cyclone ended and we were able to advance.
  5. tremor3258

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Having seen it in a couple matches and gone after it with IJN battleships, I think the citadel box on it might actually extend past the hull box.
  6. tremor3258

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    Thanks Mouse, good review - probably won't pick up - I just don't have a sniper personality in this game, but it looks like a fun ship (and knowing the premium's weaknesses is always useful)
  7. tremor3258

    Premium Ship Review: USS Saipan

    Nice review - I may need to see it in action before I decide to get it - a USN cv that plays more like an IJN has some attractiveness to me.