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  1. I keep having issues with the dockyard loading. It will just give me the never ending loading circle, have the dockyard directive bar at the bottom but still display my port, or completely freez up my computer to the point where I cant even control alt delete I have to restart. Is there anyone else having a similar issue or know what I can do to resolve it? I have already re-downloaded the game and nothing has changed. It's very hard to check on the directives or progress to the next one when I cant even get to the dockyard to collect the previous one. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. EJ_TANK

    A suggestion for US premium BB

    Regardless, I think the original design of the NC's with 3 quad turret 14's would be a great addition to the game, both in play, and historically.
  3. EJ_TANK

    A suggestion for US premium BB

    For some reason, WG is hell bent on keeping the US standards at 21ish knots, but have no problems with putting on 6 or 7 russian battleships that never had a snowballs chance in hell of ever going past initial design phase.
  4. EJ_TANK

    A suggestion for US premium BB

    While I would love to see the Tillman's, 1st SD's and the battle cruiser version of the Lex's, I dont think that they would include such grossly OP ships, but I do want them. The tillmans would be on the same level as yamato.
  5. I've been watching the CC's review of the upcoming California, and I have to say, I'm very tired of hearing about how slow it is. They harp on that like its something new or surprising. I love those guys, their videos, and all they time and effort they put into it, but it's an American "standard" battleship, it's just the way it is. That being said, I beleive I have a solution for the mid-tier american battleship speed issue. Put in the first version of the North Carolina as a tier 7 premium. Many people may not know this, but it wasn't until the last possible moment (in design and engineering terms) that the NC, and Washinton got up-gunned to 16 inch 45 caliber guns. She only got this because of the escalation clause in the treaties. The King George the 5th's were also developed at the same time but were too far into construction to change from the 14 inch to the 16. The NC's were originally supposed to have 3 quad 14 inch turrets, (same layout as the Alsace) with this gun caliber and layout I think she would fit nicely at teir 7, maybe some slight changes in HP pool, but that would be about it. If it was in there I would definitely pick one up, it would be a fun ship, and not be plagued with the speed issue of the other American standard BB's.
  6. EJ_TANK

    Clan wars map, it's way past time.

    I have not played tanks in probably more than 2 years, so I do t know what has become the CW now, when I played it heavily we were on the map of Europe, so if the toxicity of it all has changed I dont know about it. I just like that there was a payoff for the teir 10 grind, and I dont think that clan battles is very fun or interesting at all. There is no greater strategic game at play by a diversionary attacks by allied clans, or maybe an attack to cut their territory in half or any of the other things that could be done and achieved in that format. It's just really lame to me in this type of set up.
  7. EJ_TANK

    Clan wars map, it's way past time.

    Yes, that did happen, however, I would would also say that alliances were made push those clans off the map as well. Things like the purple war most notably (it was a long time ago and I dont know when you played tanks), and there were also areas in Europe withl ower yield payouts that a good, but not great clan could have. Africa was the place that the lower middle class of clans were at and no one really messed them except like skilled clans. I think that something very similar could and should be in this game. Besides, having a global map on this was always the intent from the start based on the things I heard when the was coming out.
  8. EJ_TANK

    Clan wars map, it's way past time.

    I understand what people are saying about getting the numbers to play, but as I said, it doesnt have to be 12, it can be 7, or any number that would be deemed viable for it. I also beleive that if there was a global map with doubloon stacks on it with dedicated wars between clans and alliances, it would bring a larger group of to the game quickly, alleviating the population issues relatively fast.
  9. EJ_TANK

    Clan wars map, it's way past time.

    I dont see why the number of ships is an issue, but it can be set at whatever they wanted, in tanks it was 15 v 15. I would like it to be 12 v 12, but it could be anything above 7.
  10. It's been nearly 4 years, where is the global map? WG has said they want people to grind the lines to teir 10, but for what purpose and reward, Clan battles? Clan battles is a crappy third cousin to actual clan wars. When I played WoT my driving force was to get a 10 and play in the wars, and be rewarded with gold for all the grind and work. There is nothing like that in ships, and very few if any clan rivalries/alliances, which would also contribute the content on these forums as well, by the way. No map, no doubloons pots, no allies or enemies, just random clan battles against random clans, many of which you probably not run into again for days or weeks on end. So, other than all these money grabbing paper teir 9 and 10 premium ships, how about we FINALLY get an actual war on a map with actual consequences, and rewards for fighting on it.
  11. ive played 2 operations and they gave the XP and creds, thats the only game mode that seems to be working as normal.
  12. sure would be nice to hear from a dev or mod on this.
  13. the operation is working just played a game in it and it was recorded for XP and all that good stuff.
  14. Any word from anyone on when this will be resolved? Also, is it doing it for all game modes, cause i was gonna try the operation.