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  1. Then you wish you had it when you get a match with tier 10 CVs. But that's how it goes when deciding to spec AA or not. For me it's always a guarantee when I take off AA, the CVs will show up in my matches.
  2. Dear Kevik, Is it alright to blame the CVs when MM places you in a random match where each side only has 4 boats?
  3. I prefer the term "off-red".
  4. So stop playing Shima and pick up this thing. Got it.
  5. Negative sir, you left out ramming!
  6. Pretty sure this game will be around for at least another 2 years.
  7. Had a lot of good games that resulted in losses this weekend. Feels like critical thinking goes out the window when it's double XP.
  8. Does any of this? No. But it would be nice if it was working.
  9. I do the following to ensure my games are always enjoyable. 1. Assume Clicking Random Battle = Loss. 2. Your team will do everything possible to fail. 3. If you want to win, you'll have to drag your team kicking and screaming the entire way to victory.
  10. You get close... danger close.
  11. Had some good games this weekend. Finally got out of the low tiers on some ship lines I've been wanting to start.
  12. Changed the portrait of all my captains to be anime girls. Now they have men voices...
  13. Can you show me how to mod them back in? I'm fairly sure the sound files still exist somewhere in the client.
  14. I run mostly AA ships. I just like as a common courtesy for strike loadout US CVs to let me know. This way I can plan around playing without any fighter cover.