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  1. The USN line has always been island campers. You're just noticing it more cause the new line came out.
  2. Maas proceeds to smoke up in front of me during a knife fight with my Gadja Mada. I wait for his smoke to end, then sink him. He then asks me "How you go invisible?"
  3. The next Season of Rank

    I'd like to see tier 9 Ranked, just tired of seeing tier 100 all the time.
  4. Either my CV is stomping the opposing CV or getting stomped by the opposing CV. Once that's over, the surface ships who have don't have adequate AA get stomped.
  5. Doesn't the Sims already have sea mines?
  6. How it Works: Fires

    Repair Party? Delete the source of the fire? Get out of range?
  7. How it Works: Fires

    If you want to look up tips on fire management, please use search. You'll see this exact thread pop up every week.
  8. When I'm in my German BBs, I don't care if I'm being noticed. Odds are, I'm usually up in someone's grill anyways.
  9. So DD get bad rewards????

    DD or RU Light Cruiser?
  10. How it Works: Fires

    It takes forever to burn a BB to death via fire if the BB captain manages cool-downs properly.
  11. Win, XP, Credits, in that order. Nothing else matters.
  12. How it Works: Fires

    The intention is balance over sim.
  13. How it Works: Fires

    "I BIG Boat, lil boat should not be able to kill me!" Is that the about right?
  14. Dang, going to miss this mod. Thanks for all the work in putting this mod together for the last few years.