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  1. Mahan and Pre-buffed Pensacola near broke me.
  2. You will learn. Everyone learns.
  3. This has been my experience. Still the same amount of derps as ever.
  4. This was back before the manual drops were removed and every game at tier 4 had 2 CVs per side.
  5. This is more a problem with CV imbalance between the US and IJN lines. Which WG is taking their sweet time in fixing.
  6. Keep manual drop out of low tier gameplay. I've known many a new player quit due to frustration with tier 4/5 CV seal clubbers. The main issue with CVs at this tier is the lack of effective AA.
  7. Have you tried the patch notes on the official wiki.
  8. Not sure why people label this community as toxic. This is probably one of the least toxic communities I've seen.
  9. True, prefer to getting hit with HE on cruiser than being outright deleted. On my DDs, at low levels this is annoying; at higher levels, it doesn't matter if the BB hits you with AP or HE, as both will take chunks of HP off a DD.
  10. Oh gawd, the team winrate predictor... I hope to god this doesn't turn into WoT.
  11. CV weekend was glorious. So many derp CVs attacking my Yubari, Cleveland, AA-specc'd Gneseinau, Atlanta, etc. etc.
  12. I'm all for giving BBs a reason to switch ammo types, but not at the expense of cruisers taking more damage because of the change.
  13. Got CV missions done in co-op. Helped a new player learn the game. Had some decent games over the weekend.