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  1. Positioning is Everything is in this game. Hence player knowledge will trump Captain skills.
  2. Nothing wrong with clubbing seals. All the real baby seals are in their own protected MM going against bots until they reach a minimum account level / games played IIRC.
  3. Stampz

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    I played mine as a DD and it worked out for me.
  4. If someone is dumb enough to expose their vulnerable points, you punish them!
  5. Stampz

    Why why why why BB players

    DD spotted within 10km, take the shot!
  6. And BBs would be obsolete like in real life.
  7. Done if you concede ships get crippled or sunk from getting hit by a single torpedo. And none of this magic repair / heal stuff either.
  8. Allow DD Captains to play 10+ DDs per match and we can call it even.
  9. No one tell OP BBs were made obsolete with the introduction of CVs, he might ask for CVs to be nerfed or reworked.
  10. BB AP was nerfed on DDs? Didn't notice cause I was blapped by a Yamato using AP in my Kiev over the weekend.
  11. Stampz

    Salute to potatoes

    I have no issues with potatoes. I only have issues when MM decides to put them all on one side or the other.
  12. Stampz

    Forum culture

    You'll find these forums to be quite civil compared to other gaming forums. Just remember to remain civil yourself.
  13. Stampz

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    If only WG would actually reward DDs for this type of play.
  14. Someone was expecting you to carry harder.