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  1. Detonation Change in 7.2

    Full health detonations are terrible. I'm in favor of this change.
  2. Sorry OP, but long range torpedoes have always been in the game. Shima 20km torp range Gearing 16km torp range
  3. Print Screen key not working? Usually, I just hit PrintScreen key, bring up MS Paint, and hit paste(Cntrl+V). Much better quality then a pic taken via a phone.
  4. Play whatever ship you have fun in. Thee's nothing to prove over the internet, enjoy the WoWs for the game it is.
  5. It happens, sometimes you die early on without doing much. OP should amend post to say, there is no reason to consistently die within the first few minutes of a game.
  6. This has been my experience as well. Plenty of games where the game ends with a large number of ships still alive on both sides.
  7. The IJN DD seems so bad. Not even remotely interested in it.
  8. TIER 9-10 players-cap needed

    If you believe it's a playerbase issue, then why does the meta change completely at tiers 9-10? Tiers 1-7 are very fluid affairs with way less camping, at least in comparison to tier 8-10.
  9. the team kill system..

    I've intentionally let a fire/flood cause by a pinky to run its full course. It's one less area of my ship that can catch on fire from enemy fire, AND I don't have to waste a damage control cooldown.
  10. TIER 9-10 players-cap needed

    Pushing as team in random requires teamwork. Teamwork in a game full of randoms is rare. It also doesn't help that there isn't much incentive to encourage teamwork either.
  11. TIER 9-10 players-cap needed

    Which rarely ever happens in a random match. Usually what happens is one side will have a ship make a mistake, and lose a ship. This quickly turns into 2 ships, and then it snowballs and becomes a rout.
  12. This. So much this. I will happily take the players that have done ranked on my team versus players who have not done any rank. I learned a lot from doing ranked battles. After my first season of ranked, I felt it helped me to improve my gameplay tremendously.
  13. TIER 9-10 players-cap needed

    The problem with Tier 9-10 is two folds. Crappy Maps + Increased Lethality = Passive Gameplay Move up in a BB = Get focused by the entire enemy team, as enemy cruisers are able to reliably spam and hit you from 17km+ and enemy BBs from pretty much anywhere on the map Move up in a cruiser = Same as above. Move up in a DD = Get radar'd/hydro/plane then the above. CVs = if you actually see them in game at this tier, your team is either getting deleted by them or the enemy team is being deleted by your friendly CV. It's rarely ever an even match.
  14. Nope, as DD smoke tends to be able to cover a large enough area with default smoke.