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  1. I like collecting AA Boats. Surprisingly the ship in my inventory with the highest avg plane kills is my AA Specc'd Gnessy.
  2. This has been my experience with high tier gameplay. It's not fun for either team, hence why I don't enjoy high tiers at all.
  3. Tier 10 ranked: WHY?

    I said I was going to boycott this season of rank, and am adhering to it.
  4. Weekend spree

    Games were good to me this weekend. My friends and I haven't played in a while, and surprisingly, we did well for ourselves this weekend.
  5. What's the best carrybote?

    "Carry"-ers If you have the skills to wipe out the opposing CV player, the amount of influence you can exert exceeds even those of DDs.
  6. Your last "oh derp" moment

    Jump into Clan Wars with my Gearing. Realize in game Defensive Fire is still equipped. Remembers there are no CVs in Clan Wars. Stays quiet and hopes no one notices.
  7. If this goes Live, I'm skipping Rank this time around.
  8. Have the Baltimore with enough Free XP to unlock the Des Memes if need be.
  9. Shimakaze with its 20km torps
  10. Losing Streaks..Screw You WG

    I'm currently on the same streak. Hopefully it'll turn around sooner than later.
  11. Floodings Need To Stack

    The only change I would make to flooding is the flood dot timer refreshed when the target is hit with another flood. I don't think this change would affect players much as most people repair floods immediately.
  12. I hear this ship is fueled by the tears of BB mains... is this true?
  13. I feel this is a non-issue.