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  1. Always appreciate the work you do man. Thanks for the updates!
  2. Stampz

    Talk about kill securing...

    1 dmg Kill Secure. Nice!
  3. I am still just a rat in a cage... I'll see myself out now.
  4. Back in my day, we had games where only one team gets a CV.
  5. Hey not all us DD mains agree with the OP.
  6. Stampz


    Then why does it have a Battleship icon in game?
  7. A BB that stays out of the fight would not be able to earn those achievements. Also, any allied ship, regardless of ship type, which is low health should take refuge and play more passively just to deny the enemy team kills.
  8. This is where I disagree with you. If a BB has been on the front lines long enough to earn those achievements, then they did their part in tanking for the team. At that point they are pretty much at a point where they have nothing left to give and are better off retreating to the back. You may think it cowardly, but it is actually a smart decision due to the following two reasons: As long as they are alive their guns are still in play. Staying alive denies the enemy team the points for killing them.
  9. Have you read about flooding changes yet?
  10. Stampz

    Premium DD Yuudachi

    The POI boat is gonna be a real thing??
  11. Positioning is Everything is in this game. Hence player knowledge will trump Captain skills.
  12. Nothing wrong with clubbing seals. All the real baby seals are in their own protected MM going against bots until they reach a minimum account level / games played IIRC.
  13. Stampz

    How to make Mouse a grouch...

    I played mine as a DD and it worked out for me.
  14. If someone is dumb enough to expose their vulnerable points, you punish them!
  15. Stampz

    Why why why why BB players

    DD spotted within 10km, take the shot!