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  1. Khazal

    How well do you really know LWM?

    This post was 100% approved by LWM before I even made it :)
  2. Khazal

    How well do you really know LWM?

    You can check my edit. Me and LWM are good. After all I qoute her in some of my WIKI articles for the game :)
  3. Khazal

    How well do you really know LWM?

    It was my Montana. And it was my first TWO BATTLES IN A ROW that she did that to me. :c
  4. @LittleWhiteMouse EDIT: Now that LWM has provided her context time to add mine. I happen to be in a discord with LWM and I came home for work. When checking my notifications that gem greeted me. I was half joking when I said I was tempted to post it in the forums cause in Hinon thats what we do. (Looking at you @Lert) but when @LittleWhiteMouse said I could I jumped on it.
  5. Atlanta is still a very strong ship. Just have to break away from the cookie cutter playstyle that is the meta :P
  6. There are better but she'll get the job done. Play her strengths and she is decent.
  7. Khazal

    How's the Al Sovetskaya Rossiya?

    That's a matter of opinion. A lot of people myself included genuinely enjoy the Cleveland's gameplay and to have a premium version that earns more is a reasonable jump. I will admit I was a tad disappointed there wasn't something more unique about her but Cleveland is still a "gud bote" as the kids would say.
  8. What makes you say that? Just out of curiosity.
  9. They are in Christmas containers, available during fundraisers so they technically are for sale. Just during very specific parts of the year
  10. Khazal

    Public apology, and I'm done for now.

    Can confirm. It makes me smile when I take the GZ, Enterprise, Midway, or even Kaga for a spin and someone rages. After all, Its only a game
  11. Last year was not generous at all in my opinion lol
  12. She also has worse dispersion iirc