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  1. Clearly not comrade! Look at all the evidence here in this chat! How can one trust the Wee of Gee over the word of their comrades?
  2. For all of the haters out there saying Fujin isn't superior. then how do you explain this battle hmmm?
  3. Much like the fujins foes. She too dies.
  4. Or it makes their gunners crapthemselves in fear! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHA
  5. I remember people very very eager to pick one up after that yes. Man now we are reaching into the way way back machine
  6. As far as I know Fujin never came back after her promo but they did sprinkle a few Kami's here and there over the years.
  7. There is that but then you also have a badass pumpkin camo that looks like it is ready to devour the souls of your enemies and rob Davy Jones of his prize as they slip beneath the waves having feasted upon your torpedo's. Everything about the little bugger just screams "Fight me. I'll bite your ankles off."
  8. Because its the superior ship. Its crazy all of these non believers!
  9. I mean she was available for like 2 weeks and then never seen again iirc where the Kami's keep getting brought back.
  10. EXACTLY THIS! Clearly superior!
  11. The most important thing for a ship. The paint job.