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    Just a tipical human being that loves: Gaming, Anime, Manga, Japan, Off-Roading, Shooting, and my Tundra. 😎 Tags: Toyota/TRD Biased - Truck/SUV Fanboy

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  1. Well [edited], just yesterday on my our way to work (my bro and I drive his car, I don't have one atm) and some idiot person just did a/n dounat turn and skid off and while he did that (and yes, HIS FAULT 130%) we creashed into him and luckily we were ok (me and my bro) but he wasn't and he was bleeding all over the place and we all called 911 bcuz of his [edited]being reculess and me and my bro had 2 witnisses and the guy bleeding and his 3 buddies left off and did a hit-and-run IN...

    1. Axonn


      and in Colorado state of law, ure not supposded to do a HIT-AND-RUN bcuz that'll get u in jail. So, the cops said he was getting 3 tickets in one day.....REASON WHY is bcuz, SIMPLE, he was dounating around a RESTRICTED AREA by DIA (Denver International AirPort) with the Solar Panal Company, he did a HIT-AND-RUN, AND......it was his fault from the start for being reless on doing that around in a restricted area where I and my bro work at.

    2. Axonn


      Good news is that me and my bro are 130% fine but my bros wrist is a little sprain bcuz of the airbags went off and suprsingly, this was my FIRST TIME in a LEGIT CAR CRASH (24 yrs old first time in my entire life). F*cking scared me, but I'm glad that me and my bro are ok and alive is all I care about, but for his care.........ehhhh, he's got insurence but his Anime decal car is wreck and a total mess and we won't know from the repairers if they'll say if it's repairable o...

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