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    Just a tipical human being that loves: Gaming, Anime, Manga, Japan, Off-Roading, Shooting, and my Tundra. 😎 Tags: Toyota/TRD Biased - Truck/SUV Fanboy

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  1. Well [edited], just yesterday on my our way to work (my bro and I drive his car, I don't have one atm) and some idiot person just did a/n dounat turn and skid off and while he did that (and yes, HIS FAULT 130%) we creashed into him and luckily we were ok (me and my bro) but he wasn't and he was bleeding all over the place and we all called 911 bcuz of his [edited]being reculess and me and my bro had 2 witnisses and the guy bleeding and his 3 buddies left off and did a hit-and-run IN...

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    2. Axonn


      or not in 1-2 weeks.

    3. Axonn


      So me and my bro can't drive to work bcuz my bros care is a total mess and its recked so we have a friend there who works (and we known him for over a little 16+ yrs) and he'll have to take us to work every day until my bros car is fixed. So yea, sucks I can't ride with my bro and having his car in my garrage but ehh, me and my bro will have to deal and stick with riding with my best friend but until then, we'll have to wait and see how my bros car is doing.

    4. MotorheadEddie


      Whoa, that is nuts sorry to hear about hopefully your brother and you heal and get well again. I also hope the Anime decal car is repaired to its former glory soon.