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    Just a tipical human being that loves: Gaming, Anime, Manga, Japan, Off-Roading, Shooting, and my Tundra. 😎 Tags: Toyota/TRD Biased - Truck/SUV Fanboy

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  1. Well, I'm finally done with NDK (and yes its still going on today until 6pm but if I go there I'll only have 3 hrs left bcuz it takes me a hr to get there) and boy oh boy was it a great yr to get me some Cosplay pics, buying a few figurines, and most of all, meeting (and taking a pic with him) Chris Patton -One of my fav Anime Voice Actors of all time- and my god was he funny as always. He never gets old with his funny personal talks/jokes. I'll be meeting with you again NDK,

    1. Axonn


      until then, see'ya next yr! GO NDK 2016!!!!