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  1. CSM_HQ_Coy

    Warships Size Comparison: Cruisers

    The ships displayed were all actually built ships. except for the Soviet tree. Soviet Propaganda rides again.
  2. CSM_HQ_Coy

    Update 0.10.0. Commander Skills Update!

    in my opinion, for what it is worth. this was not needed and is not justified. all this has done is a new batch of skills that all the players will copy paste onto all their various ships once they have tested and tried the new skills in various free resets. WG will end up with exactly the same imagined "issue" in 6 months EG all the players will go with the one build per class that suits that class best. I may not leave quite yet but, I am really tired of the crap that WG keeps throwing out. CV rework, Puerto Rico,. Subs, Makarov, Skills etc.
  3. CSM_HQ_Coy

    Update 0.9.5 - Bug Reports

    Armoury keeps freezing when I try to select ships.
  4. CSM_HQ_Coy

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    This is what I found in my games i subs annd in DDs
  5. CSM_HQ_Coy

    Update 0.9.2 - Bug Reports

    the game locks up my computer, I have to use task manager to stop it.
  6. CSM_HQ_Coy

    Public Test 0.8.3 - Bugs Report

    Same Issue, unable to log in
  7. CSM_HQ_Coy

    Update Hotfix

    Sorry, I dont troll the forums. I might not be the best player in the game but I do however give the facts of my experiences. I have had the situation as described above. Multiple CVs gunning a DD to death in two minutes. Unfun for me as the DD player. I like the IJN main DD line but the AA is weak at best. Now that the dust has settlled a little after the 8.0.01 bleeping... eeeer Hotfix, there are much less CV playing at high tiers.
  8. CSM_HQ_Coy

    Update Hotfix

    Sorry dude, tier ten is crawling with CVs. Had a game with three in it on each side Unfun and absolutely crap to a non CV player.
  9. CSM_HQ_Coy

    Update Hotfix

    After taking out both cruisers and destroyers at tier nine and ten, I must say there is no changes to play with the HOTFIX. I still got focused down by two carriers and died withing 2 minutes of the game starting in a DD. The Salem was a bit longer but now the CV just sits his planes just out of AA range and the rest of the team just blapped all the AA cruisers first then the CV went to town. Not much point in playing anymore. Hot fix has made no visible changes and the better CV player(s) still dominate the game. Congrats WG you have traded in RTS [edited] for FPS [edited].
  10. CSM_HQ_Coy

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Conratulations WG, you just screwed yourselves. This patch really is just terrible. CVs are cancer. I really really dislike what you have done. I am going to give you a couple of weeks and then I am pulling the plug. We warned you, but no you had to go with the F&%*% consol World of Warplanes crap. Fix this or I am OUT!