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  1. I really like your take on "The Carrier Mess".  But the two CV matches are exhausting  and at my end it adds up to less games played and too much time in port thinking about  what ship to take.  DD's are the toughest to learn to play. Cap support is pushing father and farther out.  I understand "he with the best CV captain" wins.  But a lot of players won't see that just yet. We'll adjust if we want to drive the little boats. 

    1. GX9900A


      the best cv does not always win. they have very little actual influence on the outcome of the game. the only reason for them to ever have this much influence is because people arent playing a team game as a team. 2 CV matches can be irritating. so can multiple BB matches, so can Multiple DD matches. so can multiple CA matches. its all just in the perspective of the class you are currently playing.