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  1. ramp 224. i find the story behind the ship, even if odd, very intresting.
  2. The Soup Thread!

    lol this is great! i shall have to try some, sometimes.
  3. Try before you buy?

    play the public test server to test non premium ships. there is no way to try premium ships.
  4. if its the same as last time then if you have, T6 clevland, you get a t8 clevland, and a t6 pensecola. (commander goes to pensecola, premium cammo will be replicated to both ships) t7 pensicola, you get a t7 NO, and a t6 pensecola. (commander goes to NO, premium cammo will be replicated to both ships) t8 NO, you get t8 baltimore, and a t7 NO. (commander goes to baltimore, premium cammo will be replicated to both ships) t9 baltimore, you get t9 buffalo, and t8 baltimore. (commander goes to buffalo, premium cammo will be replicated to both ships) i am unsure if you get a dubbloons refund for doubling up premium camos (such as owning both pensecola and NO premium cammo, as this would result in 4 premium cammos existing for 3 ships) edit: 6 premum cammos existing for 3 ships, as NO actually has 2 premium cammos)
  5. yugumo worth it?

    yugumo has slightly faster reloading guns, but their damage is identical, and you have to sacrifice torp reload to get the faster gun reloads, which isnt really worth it. but if your looking for using guns, the Japanese line is not for you, go play any other line if you want to use guns. instead use your stealth to avoid other dds, rather then fight them. i personally liked the ship, and liked to use its guns at max range to harass slower cruisers, and battleships, but its not good at engaging destroyers.
  6. im looking forward to it. they usually do pretty well with new game modes, though hopefully they go back to the pld reward system, the whole reward only once is starting to grate on my nerves.
  7. French ship containers

    french containers had them. not sure if they still do though, since the line got its ful release
  8. Just Got Akizuki, Need Advice

    you need A cammo, doesn't necessarily have to be a premium camo, just makes it cheaper to run and make credits with it when using the prem cammo. full concealment helps allot, cause your dps at close range is absurd, so the closer you can get before starting the fight the better, keep in mind your the slowest DD out there, so concealment is your only way to really be able to ensure your guns stay in range, with full concealment, the difference between your det and an opposing dd is often enough for you to be able to kill them before they can get away and conceal themselves (when fighting dds)
  9. i think damage is the most important for team-play, but if you get the opportunity, every kill is between 4 and 16 guns of dps off the map. so i believe its a tradeoff, with kills being important for removing dps, but chasing a kill takes your guns out of the battle, when you could be doing more dps.
  10. Bismarck crates?

    you get hunt for the Bismark campaign collectibles. the ones for the permanent cammo for Bismark and Hood. if you completed it the first time the collection came around, then there is 0 reason to purchase these containers.
  11. smoke doesn't care wether you are in or out of it. only line of sight matters to smoke. when looking through smoke, if your in line of sight, and firing, then your det range is determined by the smoke det ranges in that forum post. since no one was within 2km of that DD, dispite the fact he was firing you couldn't see him. however he was within 8.4 km of you, and since you fired your guns he could see you. if you stopped firing for 30 seconds you would no longer of been spotted, but since you kept firing, he was able to continuously spot you.
  12. in that image you are in a CA with a 8.4 km smoke firing detection range. he is in a DD with a 2 km smoke firing detection range. you are 5 km away from him. as such, you cannot spot him, because his det range in smoke is lower then yours. there is no error here. edit: here is a list of all assured detection ranges when firing in or around smoke.
  13. what ship where you in, and what ship where they in?
  14. When are the Spring Break Weeks?

    19-23 of this month for me.
  15. i think we also need a sad reaction as well. if your going to do emotes, at least let us use enough emotes to bring across emotions, rather then only variations of happy or angry.