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  1. kinda looks like you either sold the ship or just didn't buy the ship while going through.
  2. GX9900A


    the mods are soley on the computer, they are not account wide. if you change computers they go away. there is nothing wrong with most mods so long as you dont download them from scetchy sites.
  3. GX9900A

    T9 & T10 economy

    T9 and 10 ships are supposed to lose credits, honestly the change where they added perma cammos to make this easier to deal with negatively effected the game as far fewer players are incentivized to play at lower tiers anymore.
  4. GX9900A

    Azur Lane: Fourth Wave

    Will there be any chance we can buy solo commanders again? please? this RNG stuff is infuriating, and if I want a specific commander guaranteed, I would need to buy 25 other commanders at the same time... I'm willing to buy the commander, I'm not saying I want her free, but that price is just way to high, and it doesn't seem there is even dupe protection at all on the commander boxes, so there is no way I'm touching those...
  5. GX9900A

    Supership Queue Broken

    not broken, working as intended. try playing later in the day nearer to prime time. not a large enough population to support mirror t11 outside of prime time.
  6. GX9900A

    What IS Wargaming Premium?

    Tanks premium and warships premium are seperate items that add additional bonuses on top of wargaming premium, but only apply to specific games. wargmaing premium applys to both games, but gives less rewards to each game. i do not believe they can be overlapped, so i think tanks/warships premium will overwrite the bonuses of wargaming premium.
  7. GX9900A

    What was your favorate event?

    would be between bathtub battles, and the original ARP event that gave us so many free ships and captains. the Bathtub event was more fun in the moment, but the rewards from that ARP event im still having fun with today.
  8. My first PC i built was a Ryzen 2400G, with 16GB of ram, 4TB of bulk storage, and 500GB of M.2 SSD. it cost me about 700$ and lasted about two years, i updated it to a 3600X, added an additional 2TB of SSD, and got a 6900XT (was the only thing i could get at MSRP at the time, and wasn't going to pay scalpers) costing me about 1500$ additional $ ( mostly the GPU). this update was purely for AAA games, so that i didnt have to play on medium anymore. if i was only playing WOWs my previous builds did just fine. no matter what, - GET AN SSD. i cant emphasize this enough. get one, and make it a good one. it really does just make your life so much better compared to an HDD. and even high capacity ones are relatively cheap now.
  9. GX9900A

    is zao good

    its still decent, just not as good as it once was. still viable, but could probably use a buff.
  10. GX9900A

    If you were compelled...

    mine would be American (because i don't want to lose my Ohio, Vermont, Montana, and Worchester). pan asia - because the hisengyang is such a good fun ship, as well as the huanghe and anshan. and wow a last nation is hard.... uh got to be between German and British for the final one... oh boy... uh.... i suppose German but it would be really close with the British even though they play so differently.... i really like brawling with German secondary's, but i also really like light cruisers as well. but in the end Germany probably has a very slight edge for me. thinking about giving up stuff is hard lol.
  11. GX9900A

    Disappearing Ships

    Also could have of made the opponent run out of points if they didn't let the bots cap anything
  12. GX9900A

    Disappearing Ships

    The time limit makes no difference if you complete the objective (of which there are 4 not just killing) The four 'objectives' available in random/coop (these can be different in sinerios and events) are as follows. 1 - have more points then the opponent when the timer reaches zero. 2 - eliminate all opponents ships 3 - reach the score limit (this can and very often does happen well before the game timer) 4 - make the opponent have negative points. (Rare, but happens far more often then some would like) 5 (NOT A VICTORY CONDITION) both teams have identicle points when the timer reaches zero - both teams receive the defeat rewards and match ends in a draw. (This is so rare that I can count on one hand how many times it has happened to me since beta ended, but it has happened to me more then once) I hope this helps you understand why the match ends early. Have a good day.
  13. GX9900A


    there are 5 bundles in each set.
  14. GX9900A

    Update 0.10.7: Submarines in Ranked Battles

    yes, though i haven't encountered that specific glitch i have indeed lost all my turrets without dying. usually happens in a BB that has low armor on the turrets but high HP in general.