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  1. Maverick builds for fun

    my myoko build full secondary, and CE with secondary mod. because 7.2 km secondary on a CA are hilarious when they work. i only did this cause of the excess of myoko captains i find myself with. but its ended up my favorite thing to do with CAs if i have more then 1 capt for a ship.
  2. im able to run it fine on a i7 (5 years old) with a nvidia GTX 960m and 8gb of ram. if it wasnt for the fact i play many other games id probably keep this computer for a few more years yet as it can still play WoWs on high, in the 60 fps range. other games though are proving rather demanding.... also buying a computer from best buy generally ends up being a rip off, in a price per performance. even if you dont build it yourself it will still probably be both cheaper and better then buying anything at best buy....
  3. More Dudes

    as much as i hate that particular char, and i401 (love the rest of the series) yes thats a dude,
  4. More Dudes

    I for one am definitely with Compassghost on this one. Getting the voices from the characters from the Mirai would be amazing. (Zipang is the anime if your confused, Mirai is the ships name)
  5. Why you like your username?

    ive been a Gundam fan since before i even knew what anime was. and after watching pretty much every Gundam anime i can find, i have come to say After War Gundam X (or "New Mobile Century Gundam X") is one of my favorites. the name is the model number of the original gundam X... with a A as a holdover from a previous username i used and because im to cheap to pay to remove the A at this point XD
  6. we also get all 18 possible american crates, which is really nice, cause the last few missions like this required u to rebuy a ship to get access to the missions.
  7. for me the clunkers of the ijn bb line for me where tiers 3,4, 6, and 9 (stock version only). the rest where enjoyable to some degree or another, but these 4 where an excersize in frustration for me.
  8. Personal Achiev

    isnt it per day? also it is not the reward for getting rank 1, you can check those rewards in game under profile. (its like 50 rank cammo, 2500 dubloons, and a few other flags) also yeah, that mission is for people who are already at rank 1 (there are actually quite a few out there who did it already)
  9. not on your own ship. the red 'your ship is worse x amount' and green 'your ship is better by x amount' in the comparasin charts still show up. their chart says 'soon' sure, but your ships stats are still compared.
  10. for atago, i play her as a harassing kiting ship, after the initial skirmish at a cap. her 5-7k alpha strike on dds at close range can be deadly, and her double planes can be effectively a early cheap radar. her armor is 'good enough' when kiting to harass battleships at 14-15km, especially with her 14% fire chance. her 37.5 knot speed combined with 9.1 km det, makes her very easy to reposition if things are going bad in one area. my setup for atago was (17/18 pts used) 1Point =PT+DCCA, 2 point = EM + AR 3 point = superintendant 4 point IFHE + CE
  11. And u wonder why CVs are...

    edit bah im blind ignore me.
  12. on the pre-battle screen you can see their data by using the 'show my ships stats' and hovering over their ship. their stats remain hidden, but u can see how they compare to your own ship +/- your own stats.
  13. i got up from rank 19 to 10 using mostly cruisers so it just may be my bias showing, but i believe this is because the majority of the 'marginally' op ships at this teir are all cruisers. (with the exception of Lo yang) ex - Atago (almost all my wins are because i was using this ship), Krutzov (smoke + rapid fire long range guns), Eugen (buffed with heal, strong secondary's, German hydro, planes spot ships easily over terrain, good health pool, good armor). as well as the most teamplay oriented ships are also cruisers at this teir, which if you can get them to work, and a team who calls out when they are ready to fire, can be a very important deciding factor in many games. ex - New Orleans, chapy. the t8 pan asian DD can equip radar as well, but i have yet to see a single one, probably because its such short duration + short range, and that i t only has 4 guns max.
  14. My first GOAL ship!

    says Myoko, shows Haguro XD unways OP, The Furious Taco remains my favorite T5 ship in the game, even though i have a gremlin, i have much more fun in the taco. definitely a keeper if you can get her guns, concealment, and torpedo arcs to work for ya. takes some getting used to but once you get her to click, she will do wonders.
  15. i think ive only run into a single game where the BB got to keep their star on a loss, and i can honestly say he deserved to keep that star more then me. im pretty sure the exp is not based off of damage as you say, but rather %damage. so if a BB is doing so much %damage, then yes, they certainly are contributing to the team even if you dont agree with their playstyle. (though i personally hate the hiding BB playstyle as well...)