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  1. i got the same thing earlier this month... not worth it, not paying it. perhaps if it was all going to restoring the monument i would have, but as far as i can tell its just a cash grab so i ignored it.
  2. i dont agree with the sentiment, but i can see a way in which it would work - to both stop progression from t8-10 for players unwilling to learn (unless they are willing to pay). set it 900 for winning side, 600 for losing side, make consumables and cammo get used, but reduce the cost of operating the ship to 0 if they get 0 credits for that match (gain nothing, but dont have to deal with the massive complaints losing 200k+ each match would bring) and any loss in credits would be the players fault for bringing unnecessary items into the match when not prepared for the tier. but again, is still a very harsh punishment for players in T8+ which ocationally still has issues with population and que times - so i cant support a policy that would bring the numbers down, no matter how much it may help the player-base in the long turn (so long as there isnt a mass exodus from the game due to it, i think it would be a good thing in the long run)
  3. no idea, i hope it does fairly soon, but i guess we wont know till a very short period of time before its release if it ever does get released...
  4. where they launched by aircraft? that is the only time i dont get warnings for torpedoes is cause they activate with 0 warning if launched close enouph.
  5. im with ya, dont like the new one, was a decent map before (it had its problems but not anywhere near as many as it does now)
  6. ToD is worst map hands down, especially on epicenter. at least with ocean the game keeps moving... on ToD its always a stalemate.
  7. all right, if your going off server stats then yes the ship itself does often survive. but how many of the planes are lost, how often do you see a CV attempting to ram because they are out of planes (relative to how much you see CVs at all at least) ? a CV with 0 planes left might as well be dead in my opinion - perhaps i wouldn't consider ti this way before the economy change, but now with 0 decrease in operating cost from the ship living, but a massive loss in credits for the planes lost, to the player, they would be better off dyng at that point, as tanking damage is the only way they have left to earn credits. since this isnt recorded seemingly anywhere, plane shot downs are, but plane losses arent, its a difficult bit of survivability to measure, but is vital to how survivable a CV actually is in my opinion.
  8. post looks odd with full quoting. 1 - agreed. there is inefficient counter-play to CVs in the game. 2 - i would disagree with survivability (at least from what i can say ive experianced recently -havent played IJN CV in a long time, recently been playing USN) unless you spec into stealth CV's are massive, easily spotted ships that rely upon hiding behind islands and a allied front-line to be able to do anything, and can rarely get more then 4-5 strikes out in a match due to flight times, unless they are on a really small map. 2 B - yeah they do have an issue with perma spotting things, which can really only be solved by asking your own CV for assistance - so yeah in agreement here. 3 A - i personally see this a positive effect, as it becomes closer to a team relying on each-others unique ability's rather then individual contributions -but again thats just my personal opinion, which i know is not a popular one. 3 B - yeah more tutorials, or a more intuitive interface is needed to help lower the difference between a skilled and unskilled CV player. 4 - im in agreement here. my reasons for liking CVs are stated in my previous post, so i wont repost here as its in the same thread.
  9. i really could care less about your argument that occurring now, but i do care about the subject of this thread, and why i belive the title is correct, even if the arguments used to support said title is a little off. my reason i think CV games help releave the slower hide behind meta we currently have. 1 - spotting DDs, without radar/sonar. - DDs can see and evade planes, and ask for support to get rid of them, they cannot do this with radar. sonar is really only an issue on German BBs, and i think its actually a good thing on cruisers as its shorter range is helpful without being broken in my opinion. radar is simply broken in its current iteration and not taking it on anything but British CL that can take it is a waste of slot. i dont agree with this principle, as i believe there should be a trade off, and it shouldent be a 'spot all within 10 km button' no matter how short its duration 2 - lone wolf gameplay is punished - a lone BB with a CV in play is a dead BB, helping to keep things moving by forcing BBs to stay with a pack or risk dying. while this can also be accomplished with a competent DD, it doesn't have the same fear factor effect that having planes come at you does. and at the same time, seeing the planes coming means you can (to an extent) reduce incoming damage. 3 - team play is heavily rewarded. - while a single ship may be able to shoot down a few planes if heavily specced into AA, a group of ships playing well together will be able to rack up many, many plane kills, helping your CV, hurting the enemy CV, and usually keeping the game going as the packs in general move around the map together (at least when not on tears of the f-n desert epicenter....) keeping the game with some momentum. while CV's in there current iteration are broken (as in not the most fun to play, not op) with long reloads, minimum rewards for doing well, inconsistent punishments for bad plays (ex... over compensation for getting attacked, loosing all your planes from misplays, straife existing ect...) and a less than steller skill floor vs skill ceiling discrepancy causing heavily unbalanced games, i still believe the few games i get with them to be far better games at high teir (even when playing destroyers and getting spotted allot) then the many games without them. im editing this it sent before done, give me a min before reply please sorry ! - Edit: other then a few grammar and spelling errors i know exist in this, i believe it presents my current argument for CVs as well as i can get it across.
  10. anime skins i know of - many, many skins, but individual downloads. easy to install, but tedious. https://pravdateam.wordpress.com/ - many indiviual anime mods, and a mod pack. - tedious to install, but lots of choices. https://www.woeramods.com/ - not many mods here, but a couple good ones. once again individual downloads but occupationally worth it for good quality. Anime Packs i know of. - packs of muliple mods, easy install, usually 1 click installation for each mod. https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/15787-aoki-hagane-no-arpeggio-skin-pack-dlc/ and aslans, but i dont have a direct link to that one as i dont ever use it and thus cant really say much on it.
  11. CV rework. IJN DD re-balance, the rest is fine in my opinion
  12. dealing with torpedoes can be avoided by simply staying with your fleet (if you can convince them to push with you), yamatos lol-pen capability shouldent be ignored, but it can also be mitigated with not trying to bow tank, and exploiting yamatos odd citadel in return - sure its not a go-to thing, and fairly situational (yami has to be alone, or you need substantial support of your own to deal with their support, and ya need to know roughly where his DD's are) but its not very hard to do. i personally have difficulty hitting any decent damage outside of 15 km, and i suppose im a fairly aggressive player which does nto help matters, but i haven't really seen a case where you would do more damage, and help your team more by being farther away. but im also not a great player, so i suppose that might be why.
  13. get that dispersion. your AA if specced right can get above 100 easily, mod3 is unnecessary, that dispersion can mean the difference between a bounce and a citadel in fights below 14km. the maximum dispersion circle is at your max range, you should not ever be fighting at that range if you can help it, 8-15km is the Montana's sweet spot (unless fighting yamato, then try and close to within 7 so you can utalize your secondaries, and out manuver his guns turn rates.)