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  1. GX9900A

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    im sorry what? the 100$ dubloon cost boosters isnt enough for completing the event on-time? i had bought those because i dont have enough time to complete the event this year and the pre-launch notes made it seem like the 3 premium boosters would complete the event, just not before right at the end of the event? is it possible to refund these tokens then? this is pretty big bait and switch right there. or can you tell us how many boosters is required to finish the event cause these directives are practically impossible for anyone who cant put 8hrs a day into the game to complete on time, and even then its pushing it.
  2. GX9900A

    German battleship split line

    double post why?
  3. GX9900A

    PA DD's

    what nerf to the chung mu?
  4. GX9900A

    Return of the Salem Witch: Event PROPOSAL

    7.5 mill is too much of a cost to operate as am event. increase the amount of wins to say 30 and 10 special mission requirements, and lower the operational cost to 500k. change 5 of all combat flags to 5 of a random combat flag and 5 det flags for the destruction. other then that i would enjoy this. or just bring back the original Salem witch event.
  5. GX9900A

    Call it a whine but it needs to be said

    i would agree with you on most parts but your "newb QUESTION" was not a question it was a statement. im personally in agreement with you on the dont nerf premiums, but common man it wasn't an 'innocent question' by any stretch of the intention of that phrase.
  6. else there is no values with which currency can be compared. inflation is a thing that happens yes, but not 100% in 1/2 a year in the US (it happens elsewhere and its terrifying when it does. if you set something as a price and we agree to that price, by buying it, then the next time its offered you double the price, and we decline, then clearly there is an issue with the price. being able to randomly set prices and expecting no recourse to it is not capitalism its monopoly, and not a fun game of it either.
  7. im fine with things being free. im fine with things costing money. but there needs to be consistency, the azure lane stuff was twice as expensive as the other boxes, with 0 ways to purchase them. if they had originally been only available with loot boxes i might have been fine, but you are taking away what at one time was a choice and forcing a tax on us. also they reduced what we got on the azur lane collab ships compared to before. HSF had a free T10 cammo (thats huge) previous azur lane gave out Nelson and let us purchase relatively reasonably priced cammos (still to expensive in my opinion but not so much so i didnt buy them), and ARP had 9 free ships and 18 free captains... this time, we get a basically unknown azur lane char, who has not char recognition, and Hood which is nice, but... most of us who want hood already have her, heck i already had 2 copies of her, and the prem ships where lackluster (they also only came with standard AL cammo no option for a historical cammo like the HSF ships did) with no cammo to purchase. im fine with WG making money, but be reasonable at least when compared to your self... be consistent.
  8. GX9900A

    Rate the 4 classes by strength.

    if by alpha potential 1- BB 2 - DD 3 - CA 4 - CV By spotting potential 1 - CV 2 - DD 3 - CA/CL 4 - BB if by survivability 1 - BB 2 - CV (can be moved to #1 slot if player moves continuously and stays out of the battle) 3 - CA/CL 4 - DD (can be moved to # 1 slot if player avoids detection) if by contribution to victory 1 - BB (if played adequately and moving to key positions) 2 - CA/CL (if screening BB's) 3 - CV (increases as time goes on so long as they conserve their aircraft.) 4 - DD (but only if they die in the first 3 min, every minute they survive after initial confrontation exponentially increases their role in the battle, by the end of the battle so long as they arent doing nothing they are the most important class.)
  9. GX9900A

    Ranger more health to torps or DB?

    on enterprise, yeah her ap bombs are quite a bit better, and IJN need some love after all these nerfs. but for the lex, her possible damage is higher, but due to her drop pattern and very slow torps, it makes it difficult to get all that damage off. her DB's still do more consistent, higher alpha damage, especially since the only thing you can reliably hit all your torps on (BB's) have torpedo protection your effective damage is even lower... also torp bombers dont need to be in the AA cloud nearly as long as DB, and thus dont need health as much to be effective. they fly bellow most flak clouds during the attack run, and are maneuverable enough during the run to avoid flak, DB's do not have this luxury. sure they still take continuous damage, but they are in and out fairly quickly.
  10. GX9900A

    Ranger more health to torps or DB?

    on usn in general TB's suck and DB's are amazing. there is no exception to this rule. upgrade those DB's as much as you can, they do way more alpha and fires are more likely to stick.
  11. GX9900A

    Computer setup?

    running max settings on wows doesent take much, before i upgraded it i was able to play max settings wows on a ryzen 5 2400G with 16 GB ram. only reason i got a GPU later (RX580 8gb) was for other games.
  12. GX9900A

    I prefer AL Cleveland's camo.

    exchanges a higher precision (not accuracy) for a .5 second fire rate decrease. depending on the range of engagement and player skill this can be worthwhile compared to Cleveland.
  13. what part of montana, born in havre raised in bitterroot


    1. GX9900A


      Am currently in bozeman/belgrade though I spent last summer in Glasgow 

  14. GX9900A

    Finished the USN BB grind today

    Iowa is slightly less stealthy, with more accurate guns and better armor, but it's much more incremental then the shift from 7-8. The Monty however gives up speed for a significant increase in both rpm and armor. If angled correctly she is very well armored against all ap shells. Both the iowa, and Mont are very good ships, which if you enjoy the NC you will enjoy them.
  15. It doesent. Every ship in the game has this exact same "alarm", it's just a tiny icon saying you are spotted by a enemy. Doesent tell you what's spotting you. Just that you are spotted.