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  1. have you tried "check and repair" button on the WGC? its under game settings before you press play.
  2. GX9900A

    April Fool Suggestion

    yeah, that one, the one from the original trailers of the game with ice falling down into the map. i understand when they switched to the whole everything needs to be symmetrical it had to go, but it was fun having three very distinct lames with different playstyles in each. one of my most memorable matches ever was there, i was in a t9 match, and our side had the t2 Japanese destroyer, and there side had a houshou. that little t2 got a kraken, and the houshou ended up in the top third by score. it was hilarious.
  3. GX9900A

    April Fool Suggestion

    I would REALLY love to see the original islands of ice come back for a little while... that map was fun back in closed beta
  4. Is there a way to just get the commanders or do we have to get the ship too?
  5. I would of liked them to just outright reset all skills instead of what they did. however they provided ample time to fix the issue if you didn't like the skill choices, you also where provided multiple months of warning of what they where going to do before they did it, and gave a full month to fix it yourself. so yes its his fault in this case for not paying attention to the multiple warnings both in game and out of it.
  6. while i do agree their prices are way to high, it is possible to use free commander xp (though that has become harder to come by) to fix it without paying. and as i stated, its not like it was a weekend deal like it was the last time they did this, we legitimately had a good amount of time to fix it and rearrange things ourselves. there was also a button to fix it entirely - but i cant say that was handled all that well as i didn't find out about that buttons existence until nearly the last day i could use it so i cant fault him/her for not finding it.
  7. it was possible to fix this for an entire month... not doing so is not WG's fault its your fault.
  8. GX9900A

    Captain Trainers - T6/7 RU/US

    there is also the boise (t7 CL USN) which after going back to it recently, is a fairly strong ship. its not gamebreakingly strong but it cna be fun and having a conc heal lets it take punishment it really shouldent be able to.
  9. GX9900A

    Vermont Playstyle

    start off the match passive, staying centrally located angled away from where the main fighting is. kite and dodge in the center till mid game when everyone is low health. then push a weak flank with your team. biuld it for accuracy, and survivability specifically fire proofing with high action time on your damage control (get the dmg control mod in slot one for coal). its a fun ship, but it takes a little bit of time to get used to. those guns though are amazing.
  10. GX9900A

    What Did Everyone Use to Get Through Bronze?

    ranked out with the Gerogia, was quite fun. however the qualifications are a mess right now. i cant seem to do anything or figure out what ship to use to succeed in the qualifications.
  11. GX9900A

    WG thanks for the free perm t9 cammo

    in the dockyard at 20 or so stages (pretty sure you can get it without paying, not entierly sure though) there is a t9 permenant premium christmas cammo available that you can apply to any 1 ship that is not a premium/special ship. there is also 2 additional t9 epoch cammo available from the 5 epochs campaign.
  12. no, as he said previously, in the quote you quoted, comanders used to gain 50% benefit from skills in battle while retraining. they now gain 0 benifit from captains in retraining. it is now 50% cheaper to retrain fully in terms of exp, without the silver cost as you said, but the cost of retraining and the effect of a retraining captain are 2 different things
  13. where is this button? i manually reset all my captains at the start of the update, and would kind of like to use this button to make sure i didnt miss any of them before the update ends?
  14. this would not really supprise me, however did you go into the training room to test it or is this just random battle encounters? i wonder if trying it mutliple times in the training room would show this or if it is truly working as intended and its just not that noticable of a skill any more>?