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  1. GX9900A

    Tier V Premium USN Cruiser?

    rather then purchasing a t5 USN CL premium, it would be best to just lay the Omaha until you cant stand it anymore, then transfer your captain to the next ship. the only t5 premium i know of for USN is not worth the money (IMHO). its just a worse Omaha clone. wait till you are higher in the tiers before buying premiums. if you must buy a premium USN CL/CA id suggest looking at t7/9 cruisers instead, as there is more options and they arent just copy/pastes without AA guns like the t5 premium is.
  2. GX9900A

    Stream Rewards Guide for 0.9.2

    yes. i was indeed talking about the twitch mission chains.
  3. GX9900A

    Stream Rewards Guide for 0.9.2

    @Hapa_Fodder once again i ask, is there no stream for NA in the 3rd mission chain? if so does that mean NA cannot ever complete this stream event? also how do the drops work, do you need to find a code hidden in the stream or does linking your account to twitch and watching the stream work?
  4. ifhe cuts the fire chance in 1/2 BEFORE all other buffs. DE is even more important now then it was before due to this. example, fire chance base 10%, before nerf with ifhe this would be 10-3+2 = 9. after nerf 10/2 = 5 then flags and DE are added afterwords (assuming just DE here) 5+2 = 7.
  5. GX9900A

    Watch Official Streams and Receive Rewards!

    why is there no na stream for mission 3? is this an oversight or do we just have to participate with the EU stream when we only speak English (which takes place at 10 am MST) ? also how long will the streams last, and do you need to be on the streams just at the beginning or will showing up later work? (i have school/ work usually, currently sick, untill 6 pm MST (8CST) which limits the ability to watch streams that occur at 3pm.)
  6. in this case his point shopuld stand. if you arent going to read it dont reply to it. you know what they say about assumptions. in most of this thread you have seemed reasonable if standoffish, but this post is excessive. also the post linked to is a reasonable explanation not some rant to be dismissed (even if i dont personally agree with it entierly it is a good argument.)
  7. people on the test server are using different builds, which can greatly change the effectiveness of CV's vs surface ships. the test server is also filled with players from all servers resulting in a mix of different play-styles and usually do not work together. while no, most ships dont work together in random either there are usually enough in a match to make a CV's life difficult to miserable. the test server also doesn't upteir you as much (in my experience please correct me if i am wrong). all of these factors alone dont make much of a difference but when put together it makes CV's much easier then in normal gameplay as it significantly decreases the amount of work you need to do get damage due to not losing as many planes.
  8. GX9900A


    the training room exists. you can create any scinario you want, and it doesent even cost you anything.
  9. GX9900A

    An Idea for CV balance (please read)

    that actually would be rather interesting. its not the instant death others have proposed, but keeps things interesting and provides a reason not to stick to single hard to find DD. it doesn't effect their capability of attacking other ships much (which is fie right now just DD's really need help right now) and would provide and incentive to more aggressive CV placements as closer engagements would mean not only faster turn around time, but also more time on target as you have more fuel. all in all i like this proposal.
  10. when did you last play? yamato got its dispersion nerfed when the legendary modals came out. to get the original accuracy back you need that module.
  11. GX9900A

    Thank you WG

    thank you
  12. GX9900A

    Thank you WG

    ? can i have a link to info on a superyamato? i havent seen this anywhere....
  13. GX9900A

    Why the hate on Gorzia?

    i guess im not the same type of players as the other people in this thread as i quite like the gorzia pros 1- guns are more then capable of punching through the armor of anything she can fight (at proper engagement ranges) 2- shes an excellent DD hunter, and good at disengaging from fights she cannot win. 3- enough range to be effective, and not a km more, as a side effect her guns are capable of doing dmg at any of her ranges. 4- good speed 5- armor is troll armor. (overpens are common) cons: 1- Very BAD detection range. 2- lack of torps does hurt it 3- her AP is only situationally useful and i almost never use it. 4- armor is troll armor. (deleted if they get lucky no in-between.)
  14. GX9900A

    Discount Coupon

    the in-game messages (not the description) for the coupons say they will be restored on 12-26-19. no idea why there is this discrepancy nor which one is correct.
  15. yes. the ranked flag for each season has always held benefits that go up with each teir of rank completed (3rd, 2nd and 1st league, -5, -10, and -15% cost of servicing respectively) as a reward for the duration of the season. i agree with this post though, it would be nice if the flags stuck around until the start of the next season. though they should still be reset with each season.