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  1. GX9900A

    Increase Queue Times

    this was likely caused by someone else waiting the full 5 min at t10. what time of day did the battle occur?
  2. buy it with FXP if you can, its kinda a waste to use coal for this. its a decently fun ship, but its about to be hit pretty heavily by the CV rework. id save your coal for alaska or the french BB.
  3. GX9900A

    Santa's Gift Boxes

    as i understand it, there are 2 'lists' 1 rare, and one standard. the ship you pull is based off of which list you pull from but they dont draw from eachother. so if you keep drawing from the 'standard' list, and you have all standard ships, you get dubloooms. same for the special list untill you have all the rare ships. but the two lists dont mix.
  4. GX9900A

    CV Rework

    point 1 - your comparing planes with AA moduales, i think they are better compared to main guns (bombers) and torpedo moduals (torp bombers). i would prefer if they kept infinte planes, but made torpedo bombers only 2 attack waves with 1.5 min reload time for a full squadron, and then bombers having the current system, with a 12 second re-arming time, but reduce damage and DOT. point 2 - they already have a reason to move closer - rearming times are reduced because they have a return time, and then their is flight time from the carrier. point 3 - did you even play the rework or what are you basing this off of? torps have a activation range that has been extended in the update. some of them even take 1.2 km to arm when dropped now.... all planes are DOT not Alpha, bombers and rockets set fires, torps set flooding.
  5. to be fair, none of the ships listed are standard premiums though. it does make me worry greatly about the earning potential of the missouri being no longer assured,
  6. GX9900A

    Why would anyone play a khab over groz?

    khab is a much better long range kitting ship... so long as you get in a situation where you have a long strait area with which to run at full speed. its far more survivable (larger hit points and has some areas where it is impervious to most he). it is much faster especcially when speed boost in in effect. it heals for more health. khab is far more annoying for me to fight against then a groz is.
  7. GX9900A

    band from in game chat??

    it can be a normal thing as if 3 of your teamates report you for misbehavior in chat is can cause an auto-ban if it happenes enouph. its just a chat ban, just leave it be, it will go away eventually. probably just some salty people (unless you were legitimately being an [edited], in which case expect it to happen rather often)
  8. GX9900A

    Not BOT, but has CAMO been hacked ?

    1 - german Bb's tend to have absolute crapfor dispersion above 7km, its either tight as a laser or spread all over the map. 2 - spaced armor is also very trolly, never can tell exactly when its gonna end for you as sometimes enemys do no damage, and others you take 5 cits and go blapp. 3 - combine these two factors and suddenly you have a nightmare scinerio for the german BB's, as it becomes very difficult to kill them as your luck is at its lowest. the only real chance you have is to close the gap quickly and hope that your secondaries can makeup for what your main guns lose.
  9. GX9900A

    Not BOT, but has CAMO been hacked ?

    .... overpen and/or spaced armor being trolly. most likely no mods involved.... not everything needs to be blamed on cheating....
  10. GX9900A

    Multiple accounts for CV rework?

    pretty sure everything you just said is against the TOS on so many levels. 1 - sync dropping with the intent of greifing (if one of your own acc ends up on the other side, there is no way you would use it properly against yourself) 2 - multiple accounts 3 - corectly me if im wrong but miltiboxing requires scripts to run, which im pretty sure is also against the TOs....
  11. you most likely had auto resupply on, and ran out of a flag or camo you had equiped.
  12. which version of the santa crate? other then that, thanks for all the info!
  13. GX9900A

    To: WG

    tank? sure your not in the wrong games forums?
  14. GX9900A

    Intro Videos

    im with you here. its kinda irritating that we can no longer watch that video anymore....