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  1. have 10 more openings thanks to unlocking clan perk. tier 8 captains welcome!
  2. We are looking for 2 more players, and as of tomorrow, 12 more due to unlocking the the latest perk +10 clan members building.
  3. We have all Perks unlocked, except the +10 clan members perk, join us today!
  4. So it's not in game necessarily, but in the recruitment channel, someone was telling me that clans are stupid and he doesn't need clans because the perks aren't worth and either way he was grinding all the oil he could without having to join a clan......
  5. Rank Distibution

    i'm sure they will add more ranks, safety checks and other features in the future, seems like they got the basics in just to push out the clan UI.
  6. KRK is in need of 10 more players! have all perks unlocked, our allowable numbers are up to 40 now, looking for 10 more players with at least a tier 8 in their garage for Clam Wars KRK Kill Reload Kill! Is geared for those long time dedicated adult Captains wanting the benefits and perks of belonging to a clan without the time requirements. -Busy with a full time life outside of the high seas, -Work full time? -Parenting full time? -Going to school as well? -Want to log on play without being bothered? -Want to contribute and reap the benefits and perks without feeling hassled to do so? - Don't want to be forced into teamspeak or discord? hell, never say a word to us!! Any combination of the above mentioned Sound like you? You're exactly what KRK is looking for. There are requirements of course: - Be Human (no bears allowed, sorry) - Have at least 1 tier 8 Ship in your port ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - We have all Perks except +10 clan members perk unlocked. - This is not a hardcore competitive clan - This clan is geared towards experienced Captains unable to participate in competitive clans due to Real Life demands Please drop Kevsteak1 a line today or Deputy Commander Rathnal in game. Also post any questions here. Good hunting Captains! or just apply ingame.
  7. Concealment first, if you're sniping gives u a little more breakaway room
  8. No Beta reward

    That page should have a big red Redeem button in the middle somewhere... if not, open up a ticket as it could be anything.. I'd check again before going down the ticket line
  9. I wonder if people assume that since their main armament is torpedoes, that they would be quick and nimble comparable to destroyers? Also don't they realize all the counters against destroyers in game (sonar, radar, aircraft) would also hinder submarine play? Not to mention the addition of depth charges and possibly anti submarine aircraft if this where to be considered?
  10. First Impression MAHAN

    I don't know why I can't get Mahan to work. Kiev (when it was T7), Maas and shira I can dominate with, not to mention my Blyska.... Mahan? Nope, i need to play it more and hope I connect, nothing seems wrong with it, the gun arc is workable, I'm sure it's "operator error" with me.
  11. Share your weekend WOWS experiences!

    two brothers' gap is to weekend teams what a bug zapper is to mosquitos on a porch
  12. How did that play out? And thank him for his service on my behalf.
  13. I'm just looking forward to an angry Italian voice announcing torpedos and other notifications
  14. It doesn't play like a regular BB, she will punish you for bad positioning, for over extending, and getting greedy. As said before, HE always, unless a juicy broadsided Nagano pops up at 10k and u shotgun it from full health to the bottom of the ocean... her secondaries aren't bad either... her AA is not amazing, she burns easlily, but those faults aren't enough to make her bad, she's great, just takes a different approach compared to regular BB.
  15. This year most events from WG for Aprils Fools where lacking... this is pretty funny though