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  1. AIM is still always looking for captains to join our ranks in glorious revolution comrade... Or just play ships
  2. Please forgive me. It’s been 2 days since I’ve reposted. We are as always looking for more talent! Join us in AIM
  3. Hope everyone had a happy New Years!
  4. Happy New Years! Come join us in AIM for a New Year full of citadels, fires and torpedo hits
  5. Soon.... I’ll be in a new decade refreshing this page
  6. And a happy New Years!!!!’ In a few days of course
  7. 2 days before Christmas, I’m waiting till tomorrow to hurriedly rush out the door for last minute gifts.. but in the mean time, join us..
  8. Daily refresh number 69420, I’m still not sure I’m 100% mature..
  9. Come on... when you’re done watching the Witcher on Netflix, join us... it is the way
  10. All! Merry Christmas!!! And happy Hanukkah! And any other celebrations you may partake of, we are still looking for more captains willing to put up with my dad jokes
  11. Day 257, I’m still doing daily reset.... someone out there is bound to see my transmissions
  12. Happy holidays all! We can always, and arexstill looking for capable and upcoming captains to join our Ranks!
  13. Clan wars season is almost over, but we are still welcoming talented up and coming captains to reinforce our clan roster for next season. Join us!