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  1. Yep. There was a time when most people didn't know about the secondaries, just like there was a time when most people didn't know that the Scharnhorst and Tirpitz had torpedoes. The problem, as you've identified, is that the only ships that get close to you are the DDs coming to delete you. Great, you did 800 damage with your secondaries! And he only did... 30,000 with his torps. Good trade.
  2. Secondaries in general are crap. I remember I spec'd out my Yamato for secondaries once, and quickly realized that I was still doing 98% of my damage with my mains. I quickly changed everything so that it supported the main batteries instead. Even on German BBs, the damage is weak overall. I'll have my Bismarck firing secondaries for most of the battle, only to see 13K damage. At best, secondaries are like cruisers firing HE - yeah they do some damage to the other team, but it's all repairable and they never lead to a devastating strike like torpedoes or a well placed broadside.
  3. prevans

    Why do people bother playing?

    Well, I hope trolling the forums makes you feel better about your loss.
  4. Yeah I've logged in a couple of Saturdays, saw it's just 50% and gone on and played something else.
  5. Because the developers want to make money?
  6. If someone said I'm thinking of starting the IJN line, I'd say just get the Musashi. If you're already almost there, play the Izumo for a little bit and then get the Yamato. The Izumo is really not that bad a ship, but remember you are a huge target (an important thing to keep in mind when you get the Yamato as well). The only reason I don't like the Izumo because it was just a paper ship, whereas the Yamato was truly the battleship to end all battleships. I know the Musashi had a similar history, but the Yamato hogs all the spotlight. At matches featuring Tier 10s, you're definitely going to want the Yamato. A lot of your shots are at very long range and the better accuracy can really make the difference. That being said, I acknowledge that the Musashi is completely OP for tier 9. I feel bad enough when the Tier 8s can't angle or do anything to prevent their deletion by the 460mm guns. At Tier 7 it's almost comical. You can also get close enough so that the dispersion doesn't really matter.
  7. prevans

    Are There No Honorable Players in this Game?

    Yes, I agree that should be added to it.
  8. prevans

    Are There No Honorable Players in this Game?

    I certainly agree that in most situations when you have a shot at a low HP opponent you take it. As others have commented, even at 1% HP, an enemy ship still has 100% of its firepower. That being said, there are certain situations where "kill securing" be a disservice to yourself and the team. One example is when an enemy BB has (1) already used damage control, (2) is on fire, (3) is almost dead, and (4) there are good other targets around. Your shot in that situation will end his life a few seconds faster and won't prevent any damage to your team. Rather, you have prevented damage the enemy team because you now have to wait to reload your guns before you can shoot at another target.
  9. prevans

    Quad Cit Yamato

    It's always important to remember that while the Yammy can hit very hard, it can also get hit very hard. A bit of a glass cannon I suppose, although I'm always a proponent of the best defense being a good offense.
  10. prevans

    Is Stealth a Double-Edged Sword?

    I agree with everything you said here. There is a BUT, and I'll get to it below. Here's where we disagree. It's very difficult to go dark in a BB and you generally don't want to. In terms of the ability to go dark, it assumes (1) you're not on fire - you being on fire is probably one of the reasons you're wanting to go dark, (2) there isn't a DD that can spot you - this is unlikely in the scenario you appear to be describing (overextending in the early stages) and because DDs are probably moving in to try and torp you if you're out too far. You also probably don't want to go dark, because unlike a DD which can fall back on torps, you aren't doing anything helpful while you're dark. Most importantly, and particularly if you're in a Yamato like I was describing in my post, you want to be shooting and shooting all the time. You want, and your team needs, those guns belting out 460mm death every 23 seconds. It's much better to get out 3 or 4 volleys at 20km than it is to get off one volley at 13.5 km and then not shoot for a minute or two while you reposition. I'm not saying that there aren't situations where stealth is nice, even in a BB, but playing a BB like a Zao (particularly IJN or other heavy hitters), is a serious mistake in my view. If you overextend, do your best to angle and hope that you can shoot your way out of the problem. Also, I'm not saying that there is never a situation where an IJN BB should not get in close. Heck, I do it all the time when it's me against one cruiser etc. My point is that it's much better to play a little cautious, particularly early on, as compared to charging in and then attempting to rely on stealth to get yourself out of a bad situation.
  11. prevans

    Is Stealth a Double-Edged Sword?

    So why then should the Yamato player be going for a stealth build so he can get to 14km undetected? It's unnecessary and exposes him to a retaliation once he opens up. To play a Yamato right is to do exactly what he did to you - get in the 15-20 km range and let those 460mm beasts rip everything apart. Stealth in a BB is nice for brawler BBs like the Germans, not snipers like the IJN line.
  12. prevans

    Recent Losing Streak... and I mean bad...

    Well, apparently the probability of flipping a coin and getting heads 30 times in a row is about 1 in 30 million. So, if you actually lost 30 in a row, I'm going to concede it's probably more than just bad luck at play in your situation. That being said, there is always the gambler's fallacy to consider, which basically says that each time you start a match your chances of winning remain the same as they did prior to the previous rounds, regardless of the outcome during those previous rounds - i.e. the past results don't affect the future probability. In WOWs terms,, whether you've won the last ten in a row or lost the last ten in a row, matchmaker doesn't care and your chances are still 50% of winning the upcoming match.
  13. prevans

    Recent Losing Streak... and I mean bad...

    It's probably explained more by the way probabilities go. If you flip a coin enough, you're going to have streaks where you get 7 heads in a row. I was about 2-10 last night, and a lot of the 10 losses were situations where I was on the top of the (losing) team. I can empathize. While others have commented on a bunch of recent game changes, that really doesn't have anything to do with it. The changes affect both teams, so if cruisers are suddenly better (which they are), then your team's cruisers should also be better. It's important to remember that even for good players, about 90% of the matches are going to end up the same way regardless of what they do or how well they play. It's the inevitable consequence of 12 versus 12 - the individual matters a lot less. My only advice is that when you're having a bad streak, fall back on your best ship. Focus on playing your best and you'll eventually win. Or like in my case last night, have a bad round where I get taken out early, and then go on to be on the winning team notwithstanding that bad performance because, again, your individual performance usually doesn't have a big impact on the overall result.
  14. prevans

    should i buy the scharnhorst on sale?

    I agree that in its early days, it seemed to see a lot more fights where it was top tier. It was (and still is) brutally dominant when going up against a team of mostly tier 5 cruisers. It was further aided back in the day by the fact that many players were taken by surprise when it launched torpedoes. That's not the case anymore. Also, I agree that it struggles when it is in tier 9 matches, but it's still very serviceable and it remains very dominant when it is top tier.
  15. prevans

    Scharnhorst discount price

    I know. Sorry for trolling. It's my favourite and most-played ship and I'm very well aware of the fact that the shiny horse shines brightest in close quarters.