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  1. I had that same thought. Although think about it...we would have all gotten free premium consumables to balance out the ships with the buffs...because one more spotter plane is all it would take... Wasn't it the dev video that Flamu/Flambass/iChase posted that showed the devs saying it would take "a long time" before anyone would have been able to get all of those buffs? Lol...gg, WG. RB working as designed.
  2. I hope he enjoyed reliving his time in the lower tiers.
  3. Croda

    Research Bureau is Awesome

    Thanks for the reply, Bob. I'll also add that RB is directed at me. I'm an average player. I've got 12 Tier Xs in port. I always play with premium, have 15k in doubloons, and buy premium ships. I have a good job and have disposable income that I used to send War Gaming's way. So I'm one of the people that this is meant for.
  4. Croda

    Research Bureau is Awesome

    I think you don't understand the reason that people are complaining about the Research Bureau. It's the fact that it continues a trend of WG creating content that requires crazy grinding or crazy money to get the carrot at the end of the stick. Events have been like this for well over a year now and the RB just furthers the point that WG's new approach to managing this game is that whether you're Free to Play or if you're a Premium customer, if you want anything beyond the base game modes you need to play constantly or pay up. RB is particularly offensive because it's being sold with the obvious lie that it's about re-engaging with lower tiers. It's a disturbing trend that many of us who have been playing for years really dislike because it never used to be like this. There are so many better and obvious ways to accomplish the same goals that they are purportedly going for. The fact that those methods are being ignored says a lot about what the company thinks of its players. And THAT is why so many of us are upset about the Research Bureau.
  5. Croda

    PSA: Free Skill Reset

    Just wondering if anyone can confirm this now that the game is up. Does hitting the button on the web page enable free resets per captain at the player's choosing, or does it do a single global skill reset of every captain you have? Thanks
  6. I realize this. Was applying some dry humor. :)
  7. I generally wait until I have enough duplicates to cover all of my missing items before I use any of them. Otherwise I just get more duplicates. :) Thanks for the help, though.
  8. Not sure how many I opened, but I think I got all the free ones and got no missions. Bought 0. Then again, I still haven't finished ANY piece of the Russian collection. Missing 1 doo-dad in every grouping, and have like 30 duplicates, so luck hasn't exactly been with me with crates.
  9. Thanks, Mudd. I'm sorry my sarcasm wasn't clearer in my post. I've found WG to be very disingenuous about the "play lower tiers" thing from the outset, and felt like taking another shot at it. I know exactly what this is about. I appreciate the sincere answer though, seriously.
  10. You aren't supposed to use Free XP and other things to get you through more efficiently. You're supposed to spend more time in the lower tiers. That's what the RB is all about, not the points or the reward. Just sayin'.
  11. Can we please get confirmation on the function of the Reset Skills button that's a part of the article on this update? Is it necessary to hit the button to get the skill reset? Does hitting the button simply allow you to reset for free? Does hitting the button reset all of your skills automatically? Are all resets up until August 29th free, or just the first one? Thank you @TheURLGuy @Femennenly
  12. lol, the button probably expires before tomorrow...which was likely communicated in some other article...about subs...in Russian...sorry u didn't see it...
  13. One thing I haven't seen anyone complain about with this event is the Hall of Fame. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the past couldn't you start earning HoF points once you complete the week's Directive? In this event, you had to complete ALL tasks in the Directive to be eligible for HoF points. I don't remember that being the case in prior events. Sorry for the post if I'm wrong, but if I'm not...that was a pretty lousy change as well.
  14. Croda

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    This seems wholly disingenuous. Let's assume for a moment that a player who does choose to engage in the RB actually grinds out the ships without using FXP. How long will it take for that player to grind through that lower tier content? The type of veteran and experienced player that this system claims to be targeting is going to sail through the lower tiers. They'll be at tier 7 within a week. How is that re-engaging with lower tier content? Not to mention the entire system is designed to allow players to coast through all tiers by using FXP. If the goal was to have players actually play through the tiers, then they wouldn't get the research points for the first win in the ship after reset. This system is setup to allow players to race through the tiers, check off the box, get the points, and reset again. It's a new reason to pull out the credit card, that's all. As many have said and continue to say, there are several other ways to accomplish the purported goals of the RB that actually address those goals where the RB does not. However, this change has clearly been in the works for some time now and the company is going through with it no matter what, because bottom line or because spreadsheet or because someone just thinks it's funny.
  15. Croda

    Rooting for WOWS to Fail

    Personally, I'd like to see certain things fail (recent excessive monetization trends, grindy events, Research Bureau, just to name a few), but with the goal of proving that WG's data analytics are way off base so as to ultimately improve the game. The core gameplay is great and keeps me coming back, but I don't like the direction of most of what they are building up around it. Those things I'd like to see fail. But the game and the company, no. I want them to figure out how to better deliver on that great game they've developed.