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  1. Croda

    RIP Arms Race Sep 2018 - Sep 2018

    It's fun, they just gimped out out of the gate by turning off achievements and not letting ppl grind legendaries. I get that they didn't know how it would go and din't want people farming achievements, but you have to give some incentive to play when there are other things going on in game where people can work towards their goals. Even Pub Test rewards you for things.
  2. Croda

    No way! Thanks!

  3. Croda

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    Hi, guys. How you doin'? Just wanted to chime in because I'm part of the club too. Went to bed in Diamond league, woke up 30 points out and in Gold. Ugh. Still want my crate.
  4. Croda

    Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    Has anyone run Steering Gears 3 rather than Concealment? Wondering if the improved handling is worth giving up ~.7km detection talking Kit, specifically, but on either I suppose
  5. Croda

    How to pronounce Worcester

    I actually do call it alternately the USS Wormtown, the Miss Worcester, or just The Woo. Strangely, nobody has the first damn clue what I'm talking about.
  6. Croda

    How to pronounce Worcester

    Worcester native here and I approve of this video. Well done.
  7. Croda

    "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

    I always end up referring to mine as "Miss Worcester" after the diner.
  8. Croda

    "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

    No bags at Spags
  9. Croda

    "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

    Have you read the rest of English? It's all pretty whack.
  10. Croda

    "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

    Born and raised in Wistah, this man is correct.
  11. Croda

    Code for one Freedom Container

    such rotten luck. 20 dragon flags and 2 US Cruiser Collection pieces. Both USS New Orleans in the Battle of Cape Engano, which I already had. so 20 nice flags and 2 dupes. thanks for the freebies though!!!
  12. Croda

    Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    Interesting. That build has IFHE, yet I keep reading that IFHE isn't needed. I'm currently running with IFHE but without Manual Secondaries. I want to try a different build, and am trying to figure out optimal. Thanks
  13. Croda

    Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    @nagasakee what build are you using for your commander?
  14. Croda

    Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    This is what I'm wondering right now. Manual Secondaries or not. I went without and chose FP instead, and I'm definitely not unhappy with the results. But I'm wondering if manual control will be even better, and maybe offsetting it with superintendent in place of BFT.