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  1. Croda

    Worchester or Des Moines?

    There is no 'h' in Worcester.
  2. You only get the bonus if you win. If you lose, it's still there for you.
  3. Croda

    IFHE on Massachusetts

    I think I remember losing 3 secondaries once. Once. As most everyone has said, IFHE is the way to go. enderland07's build is what you want. With full secondaries, Mamie is the most enjoyable ship in the game right now.
  4. Croda

    "Daily Shipments"

    I'm cool with that, however it's getting tough to figure out these days what's a test and what's a feature.
  5. Croda

    "Daily Shipments"

    I'm really at a loss to understand the point behind daily shipments. I thought (perhaps incorrectly) that they were replacing the daily login bonuses. But why have this run for a week and a half and then end? It's really very bizarre.
  6. Just think of the cost of the giant musical number they did for their birthday. The production quality of that was very high, set design, costumes, dancers, choreography, etc. A deal with Ovechkin I'm sure didn't come too cheap. They're taking some risks and upping their "game," but it all comes with cost. I get it. And based on some comments I saw from a dev in the subreddit, there are people buying these big monster packages, they just aren't the people who come to the forums. I don't begrudge them making their money, I'm just concerned that they'll price me and others like me out of anything other than a monthly premium account and the occasional premium ship.
  7. The company clearly hasn't been hitting it's financial goals and are upping prices to see how far they can go without driving off too many people. It's been trending this way since around last Christmas, I think. Less value on premium containers, selling 10 point captains, major price hike on a Tier 9 BB that's really a Tier 8 with a gimmick, packaging ships with gold and flags for bundle prices, bundling ships, etc. They're trying a lot of things to increase revenue. At one point in time one of the major appeals of this game was that you could get a lot for your money, but I have to assume that with the smaller player base compared to WoT, they just weren't making enough with that strategy, so they're trying another. We'll see how it works for them. I'm certainly buying less as a result, but I get that nobody works for free too.
  8. Coal is given out through playing...daily challenges, resource crates, etc. All of those are XP-based. This gets people playing more regularly. Regular play translates to higher tiered ships and to a need/desire for gold and premium time. That's my best guess anyway.
  9. Croda

    [PSA] Jean Bart Release

    I disagree that this is the main concern. It may be A concern, but far from the main one. The main issues are the lack of communication about which currency will be used to acquire new premium ships (seems like you might have too many currencies if that's an issue, huh?) and the cost of the JB in both coal and cash. The latter item is the one that concerns me the most. The cost of special event items has increased significantly this year and with an associated decrease in value, and the cash cost of the JB just continues that trend. A tier 7 BB is around (USD) $43, a tier 8 BB is around $53, and now a tier 9 is $80? I have a lot of trouble seeing the linear progression there. It looks a lot like price gouging. Couple this with the increased cost of special event crates this year and the simultaneous reduction in the loot offered by those crates, and the picture that has developed is that the pricing strategy has changed considerably, and not in the consumer's favor. Personally, I play most days of the week, never play without premium, like to have doubloons on hand for retraining and such, and have bought multiple premium ships for cash. So while I don't cough up the thousands that some do, I will open my wallet every couple of months when I think there is value in it, and lately the frequency with which I'm seeing that value is growing increasingly rare. As an example, last year I dropped about $150 on Halloween crates because the value was awesome considering the gold payout on the duplicate camos. This year, I didn't even consider buying any as the cost went up and the return went down. I'm sure there are others like me who are happy to spend money on the game when the price isn't exorbitant and the value is good. The recent trends in pricing and value though is closing my wallet and I'm sure the wallets of many others like me. I hope WG can consider this moving forward. Thanks
  10. Croda

    Jet noise bug solution

    I don't think it's the sound of an actual in-game jet. That's just what it sounds like. It's as if an audio element gets hung up and stuck playing while the game transitions between screens and you get a long and loud static sound. That's what we're hearing, not an actual jet engine.
  11. This is on top of the daily shipments. My read is that you'll still get the daily stuff just as advertised. But there is also a package where for $20 you can get 6,300 doubloons, doled out at 450/day when you log in. But you have to go to the daily shipment to collect it after you log in. It's a tie in to, not a replacement of, the daily shipment functionality. That said, I think it's lousy that they're selling it NOW when the daily shipments don't start until mid next week.
  12. Croda

    Daily Shipments tab?

    Which is kinda crazy since they are selling a 450 doubloons/day package in the prem shop right now, but you have to collect it in the Daily Shipments tab...which isn't available for 5 days. I'm a big fan of this game and the stuff the dev team tries to do, but this is the lack of coordination that really aggravates me. It comes off as shady, but it's just different departments not talking.
  13. When does Daily Shipments go live? I was thinking it wasn't until 10/31 or 11/1 If this is only available through Daily Shipments, then doesn't buying it today actually gimp the number of days you have to redeem this since you can't redeem any of the shipments until the Daily Shipments section is live? Not a problem for me, since I'm in most every day anyway, but it might matter to someone who logs in less often.
  14. Croda

    Remember when Massachusetts was coming out?

    Couldn't agree with you more. It's without a doubt my favorite ship to play. You're clearly way better in her than I am though. Haven't hit 200k dmg yet, but I did get 4 Close Quarters Experts in 1 game last week. I can't imagine how you're getting 95k secondary dmg. I think I'm running your build, and I might have hit 70k once. As for the Tier 10 question, she uptiers pretty good. Tier 9 games aren't a worry, but the 10s sure can be. I worry more about the flame-throwing CLs than I do about the BBs. The biggest problem with Mass against 10s is range. It's just plain tough to get into range for your main or secondary batteries against long range BB fire, rapid fire cruisers, and low-detection DDs. On maps that allow you to get into the Mass's preferred engagement range (<15km) however, you can still be quite effective against Tier 10s.
  15. Update this now to add the crazy cost of the Ovechkin crates. The Freedom crates were crazy at $100 for 25 ($4/crate) Then the RN crates got a little less ridiculous at $96 for 40 ($2.40/crate) Now the Ovechkin crates are back to $100 for 24 ($4.17/crate) And yes, I know I'm not comparing relative value of the crates here at all...just looking at price point. Very curious to see what the Halloween crate costs are. Last year it was $100 for 55 ($1.82/crate) and the contents looked like this: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/and-knuckles/ 15x "Halloween" camo 15x "Halloween 2016" camo 20,000 Free XP 1,500,000 75x "Sierra Mike" flags 75x "India Delta" flags 75x "India X-Ray" flags 15x "Storm Wind" camo 15x "Blue Lagoon" camo A rare Halloween permanent camo! and best of all: Duplicates are Dumb If you pull a permanent Halloween camo you already own, the Container will randomly select another permanent Halloween camo. If you already own all permanent Halloween camos, you'll get a payout of 2,500 to 5,000 instead! We've yet so see the cost on this year's containers, but here's what they contain: 15x "Type 3 – Halloween" camouflage patterns 15x "Halloween" camouflage patterns 15x "Storm Wind" camouflage patterns 15x "Restless Fire" camouflage patterns 15x "Blue Lagoon" camouflage patterns 25,000 Free XP 2,500 doubloons and a chance at one of the cool premium Halloween camos The caveat though is that last year the premium camos had a pretty good drop rate and duplicates paid off in doubloons. This year no idea on drop rate, and dupes are replaced with something else rather than the doubloons. Yet we see that doubloons are now a possible drop in the crates themselves. I'm trying to be fair here, but there's a clear price difference between last year's Halloween crates and the last few crates we've seen sold. Looking for the price on the Halloween crates this year to have a more direct comparison.