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  1. I've played far more than 100 hours and couldn't say it much better. The only thing I'd tell you is that you'll likely get more jaded with it the more you play as the problems you named do not get any better.
  2. If they kicked Flamu for doing damage to their image, when will they kick the game designers who continually gack that image up more and more with each release?
  3. Nothing added in the past couple of years has been good for the game. That isn't even a consideration anymore. The only consideration in what is released and how it is released is what is good for the company's bank statement.
  4. Croda

    Game fun is 6-years low.

    Nor will it be changed by a majority of players coming to the forum to complain. I happen to think that their vision for the game sucks and has taken the game from one I used to enjoy playing to one I have now stopped playing. I hope that others follow suit.
  5. Croda

    Game fun is 6-years low.

    Agreed, I just thought it was particularly significant on a patch day when a new ship line was introduced. Patch days used to be a big deal. Clearly not so much anymore.
  6. Croda

    Game fun is 6-years low.

    On patch day several of the most prominent CCs were streaming games other than WoWs after just a few hours of ships. If the guys who wave the banner don't care to wave it, that's surely a sign of something. I haven't played in a few weeks, and it feels great.
  7. yeah, fix the stuff not in the game and leave the game as is. winning strat
  8. Croda

    Subs when Wargaming o.O

    too soon. no matter when, it's too soon.
  9. Croda


    I think you'll learn that it doesn't pay to get excited abut these events, or to go crazy trying to finish them. I used to, but have learned it's not really worth it and rarely finish any of their events anymore because there's isn't enough value in them for me. Then again, that's what makes me happy, your approach may differ.
  10. Croda


    If you read all voiced disappointment as a complaint, then I guess it is. Have a great day, Burnsy. Really, I mean that. Really
  11. Croda


    I tend to disagree. Maybe he's just unfamiliar with the mechanics of crates in this game, but I don't think it's an unreasonable expectation in general to think that the ultimate reward for a set of tasks is somewhat better than the other rewards given out while working through the tasks. I didn't read what he said as a complaint at all. If you did, so be it.
  12. Croda


    Drive to my house and I'll give you a quarter. No? But it's free. Just because it's free doesn't make it exciting, and just because someone isn't excited doesn't make them unappreciative or "entitled" as the going phrase is.
  13. Croda


    Nope. That's how it works.
  14. Croda

    so i checked the EU forums...

    Hapa, thanks for the response. I have not done your job, so I cannot speak with any experience or authority on how it should be done. And I also fully understand that human nature is generally resistant to change and that can certainly sour responses, making it difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff in the early days of a big change like this. That said, as a customer of the company and frequenter of this forum, I would expect there to be far more communication about what is happening at a time of upheaval and disquiet like we have now. A pinned post saying something like: "Hey everyone, we're following the threads and collecting data. We're looking specifically at the impact of deadeye on high tier gameplay and the concerns over secondary battleships. Due to so many different commander builds being used right now, we're expecting it to take X days/weeks/months to gather enough data to truly evaluate the impacts of the skill changes and potential tweaks. At this point in time we see the issues with high-tier games being full of back line snipers and that is per design/not per design but we need more time to sort out how to make adjustments. " It's saying things like the above that at least let people feel like they're being heard. I know you play a lot, so I'd imagine that you've seen first hand what people are complaining about with A-line Thunderers and crazy HE spam. So commenting that it is working as intended or doesn't appear to be working as intended or really anything that acknowledges the complaints is very helpful. The people need someone to say "I've got your back." Thanks for your time.