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  1. Do I annoy people?

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    2. FOX_Battleship_Kentucky



      Ikoma's right. You just gotta try. Try, be the best person you can be, and just go for it.

      That said, listen to other people. Listen and learn. For both of us that's extremely important.

    3. _Sarcasticat_


      I'll answer straightforward rather than give emotional support for it is not in my expertise.


      Personally, in all my experiences with you, I've felt very little real annoyance. Very rare arguments do happen, and they don't last more than 6 posts between us two. However, the one do thing I do feel is the way you type posts. It's...Different to say the least. Not to say difference is bad - It's not - But it's kind of confused me the first year I read your post...

    4. _Sarcasticat_


      ...s on the Forums. I've just come to accept it.


      Speaking in a more broader sense, as Ikoma said, there will always be that one occasional person to get annoyed. It is inevitable if you continue to communicate with the Forum-goers (However I'm sure many won't mind - You're universally regarded as female anyway). Hell, it's inevitable even in the real world - Many can easily be annoyed just based on personal style and even as little as body positioning.

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