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  1. Ahoy there~!

    1. YamatoA150


      Ahoy! Hope you had a wonderful New Years!

  2. It has been a considerable amount of time since my last post. I announce the end of this account when it comes to forum affairs. I myself enjoyed many years on this forum and will never forget the fond memories I had here. Onwards into the future and onto new frontiers.



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    2. Ephemeric


      Farewell, Tankwarhammer, farewell.

    3. J30_Reinhardt


      Someone find her in-game or elsewhere and direct her to me plz?

    4. SkywhaleExpress
  3. That was a harsh drop from 60k posts to 43k.

  4. Am I...ancient?

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    2. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy
    3. StrixKitty


      I actually thought you dead, so...Yes?


      Don't worry, everyone rises and falls. It's the Human way.

    4. StrixKitty


      At least you didn't go out in a great ball of fire, so that's something to celebrate.

  5. I wonder if I should cut out the Titan part of my name, and stick with Imperium_Roma?

  6. Happy belated birthday, Roma-chan! It's been a while

  7. Happy birthday late ok have a good b-day and Dec.7,1941 is comeing soon

  8. Apologies for the inactivity lately~! I've been swamped in Schoolwork, But I hope to be posting soon again~!

    1. Rolkatsuki


      Thats ok Roma we can all get pretty busy here and there at some point. /^_\\