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  1. Tier 8 Battleship Analysis

    Great job. Very informative.
  2. Been in plenty of Ranked matches this year with teams that have a 2-3 radar ship advantage. Or deficit. Simple fix for a stupid problem...
  3. XVM Prevalence

    Had a match this weekend where a couple of players in a Div started whining at the outset that "Their win rate is 60% and ours is 48%, this will be a disaster." blah, blah, blah... Couldn't get them to shut up about it for the first 5 minutes. At the end of the game, which we won handily, those two were at the bottom of the results list. Seems maybe they were drinking their own Kool-Aid.... NT
  4. How about the division of radar ships in Ranked? I have made it to Rank 9 and I have noticed that in many games one side as 1 or 2 more radar ships than the other side, My "unofficial" tally says that I am 10-22 in games where my team has less radar ships. Now this might be a coincidence, but when 1 side loses a DD, especially early, their odds of victory plummet. Maybe balance that? NT
  5. I caught a DM running away with low health 25 km away with a somewhat lucky shot. If I had the legendary module, he probably would have repaired, then hid unseen behind an island and burned me to the waterline... NT
  6. I did the same. The 1 second you get on reload time is not even close to the loss in range.....Poor trade. Republique is good at long range. NT
  7. Gamethrowing Penalty

    The opposing carrier pushed into the cap, was spotted within a minute and sunk. Someone on the opposing team said it was the 3rd time that night they had been on his team and that had occurred. This was in a Rank 9 battle. I don't know how to define "gamethrowing", but I know it when I see it..... NT
  8. The Stalingrad

    I was in a match with Five (5), yes 5 of them last night. Needless to say we won in a quick and convincing manner..... NT
  9. Rant - ships not fighting

    Is he wrong that at higher tiers the camping/hiding rate is higher? NT
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    I would venture to say that if people are really unhappy with the mechanic, or how it is implemented, and actually did something (besides coming here and pissing and moaning), they might take notice. Nothing gets people's attention more than $$$. Who knows? NT
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    If you spend $$$ on the game, figure out how much you have spent so far. Send WG a note telling them you don't like 5 radar ships constants cycling radar and ask them to change it. If they don't, politely tell them you will not spend any more $$$ on the game until some change is made. Then stick to it. If you think the game is fine do nothing. If you think every ship needs radar, tell them so and ask them to add more radar. That's what I did. Vote with you wallet!! NT
  12. Des Moines or Moskva?

    Fit your Moskva for range, then flame away. You can burn all the things, especially all the Montana's bow camping on the back line. Just keep moving and don't show that fat citadel.....
  13. Kronstadht is awesome.

    So much this.....