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  1. Last match other team had 4 radar ships. Ours had 0. The outcome was decided before the match started. Fun and engaging. I know. Too hard to program around that....... NT
  2. NightTerror

    Multiple Ships In Cap?

    I agree that it wouldn't solve every problem, but many times I sit in a cap with a DD for minutes, not shooting, maybe torping, hopefully spotting, but not leaving as I don't want to give the cap away to the other side. The other DD is doing the exact same thing. If one team devotes more resources to a goal, shouldn't they be rewarded?
  3. NightTerror

    Multiple Ships In Cap?

    But that's only if no enemy ship is in the cap.
  4. Nearly every map in randoms has some kind of "capture" mode. In most matches, 1 ship from each side in the cap/ring will result in a draw/stalemate where the cap isn't taken. What about if one side has more ships in the cap/ring, they will succeed in taking the cap/ring? Two DD's enter cap A from Team #1 and only one DD from Team #2 enters, Team #1 takes the cap. Team #2 can decide if they want to push the issue and A) Put more ships in the cap, or B) Find the ships in the cap and evict them or destroy them. This might (theoretically) encourage more teamwork and more shorter range play if people knew numbers made a difference in a critical match goal. Bad idea? NT PS. Apologies if this has been posted already, if so I couldn't find it.
  5. NightTerror

    Alaska or Kronstadt?

    But there is nothing like dropping 3/4 cits on an opposing ship in a Kron. Get yours in open water with the right angles, you can pretty much wreck anything. Even T10 BBs. Its like Vegas. Alaska might win you $5 a hand more consistently, but Kron will hit the jackpot and drop $100k in your account once and a while. NT
  6. NightTerror

    Premium Consumables

    So it appears that if the "Resupply using in-game currency if unavailable" is checked the premium consumables will load.
  7. NightTerror

    Premium Consumables

    I ran the check file and sent it to WG on a ticket. I got a canned response about "removing Mods from your install and re-installing". I had an aiming mod I never used from 4 years ago that never seemed to interfere with the loading of consumables, but now it suddenly does. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. 3 times. Problem still exists, mainly with 2 ships. Submit another ticket? NT
  8. NightTerror

    Premium Consumables

    Everything is set to reload premium. I will send it in as a bug. Thanks to all for the response. NT
  9. For the past two weeks (?) some of my ships won't load premium consumables even though the "Enabled" option is selected. I have plenty of credits and doubloons, so that isn't a problem. I went through all my ships and loaded premium consumables on every one. Then made sure the "Enabled" option was selected. No dice. Some reload and some don't. On some ships, half load and half don't etc. Any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance. NT PS Kronshtadt shown....always loads a mish mash of items, but never full.
  10. NightTerror

    They Do Exist!

    I got Prinz Eugen last night. Plus captain. Thanks WG!. NT
  11. NightTerror

    Premium Shop Cart

    I would spend more $$$ is it wasn't such a pain in the a$$. NT
  12. NightTerror

    Premium Shop Cart

    I have asked for the same thing. Seems crazy in 2019 you even have to ask for this. Who wants to make 9 purchases when one will do? NT