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  1. NightTerror

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    Detonating a Warspite at extreme max range with one shell from a New Mex....
  2. NightTerror

    Should I Get the Kronshtadt?

    Cit City here you come....Feasts on other T9 and T10 cruisers. NT
  3. NightTerror

    Weather in the test server.

    Of course it is. But 90% of the people on the forums will tell you this game isn't about realism.....Its about arcade. NT
  4. NightTerror

    POLL: My idea for RADAR and HYDRO, like in real life

    And this happened regularly and without fail? In all cases?
  5. NightTerror

    POLL: My idea for RADAR and HYDRO, like in real life

    "Among other things, can give up the ability range a shot in the dark at them. And assuming you make radar work the way it did in real life, my guns should automatically target the invisible ship and land a few shells since that's how radar worked in real life." This was the original offer. I would take auto targeting and a "few shells", even from 3-4 ships, than what happens now. If you want to rescind the offer, that's ok. NT
  6. NightTerror

    POLL: My idea for RADAR and HYDRO, like in real life

    You made the offer, I said I would take it. Now I am DD Mafia. LOL.
  7. NightTerror

    POLL: My idea for RADAR and HYDRO, like in real life

    As opposed to now where, once lit, 3 Worcesters and 2 Des Moines melt your DD in 5.6 seconds flat. That's a deal worth taking.....
  8. NightTerror

    Ranked T5 is horrible

  9. NightTerror

    German Large Caliber BB Guns

    I understand this. My question was why similar sized guns of different nations have such a drastically different max range, which was answered. The long range stupidity is vexing enough at 20km. I also get that 1/3 of the forum says "Its an arcade game. Just do whatever you want!", 1/3 says "The citadel on Yamato is 2.5 cm too high, fix it!" and the final 33% doesn't really care. I am in the last 1/3, but would just like to know why things are the way they are. Thanks for responses. NT
  10. NightTerror

    German Large Caliber BB Guns

    I agree. I am not a BB camper, no matter which class or nation. In the GK I always put up the spotter plane on the way to objective and try to hit something at longer range. Sometimes it works. My question was more in game design, why the shorter ranges on German BBs? Is it due to the bad dispersion, or is it something else? NT
  11. NightTerror

    German Large Caliber BB Guns

    Once and a while you get lucky......
  12. NightTerror

    German Large Caliber BB Guns

    Playing my GK last night I got to thinking about the shorter range on its guns, around 20 km on my fit. Some T9 and T10 BBs have 3-7 km longer ranges on their guns. Looking online at Wikipedia, NAVWEAPS, etc, I found that even the 15" German gun (38cm SKC/34 had ranges between 35km and 55 km, depending on shell and charges. The 40.6 cm/52 and the 42cm/48 were similar in range. So why the short range on the GK? No one wants 12 shells going 27km? NT
  13. NightTerror

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    My Asashio would disagree with you... NT
  14. NightTerror

    Krohnstad or Musashi

    Plenty of citadels in my Krohn, especially against other cruisers, but even against many T9-T10 BBs. Much more dynamic play style than the droll bow camping @ 23kms Mush/Yammy (which I have) style. NT