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  1. NightTerror

    Premium Consumables

    So it appears that if the "Resupply using in-game currency if unavailable" is checked the premium consumables will load.
  2. NightTerror

    Premium Consumables

    I ran the check file and sent it to WG on a ticket. I got a canned response about "removing Mods from your install and re-installing". I had an aiming mod I never used from 4 years ago that never seemed to interfere with the loading of consumables, but now it suddenly does. So I uninstalled and reinstalled. 3 times. Problem still exists, mainly with 2 ships. Submit another ticket? NT
  3. NightTerror

    Premium Consumables

    Everything is set to reload premium. I will send it in as a bug. Thanks to all for the response. NT
  4. For the past two weeks (?) some of my ships won't load premium consumables even though the "Enabled" option is selected. I have plenty of credits and doubloons, so that isn't a problem. I went through all my ships and loaded premium consumables on every one. Then made sure the "Enabled" option was selected. No dice. Some reload and some don't. On some ships, half load and half don't etc. Any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance. NT PS Kronshtadt shown....always loads a mish mash of items, but never full.
  5. NightTerror

    They Do Exist!

    I got Prinz Eugen last night. Plus captain. Thanks WG!. NT
  6. NightTerror

    Premium Shop Cart

    I would spend more $$$ is it wasn't such a pain in the a$$. NT
  7. NightTerror

    Premium Shop Cart

    I have asked for the same thing. Seems crazy in 2019 you even have to ask for this. Who wants to make 9 purchases when one will do? NT
  8. NightTerror

    What are your keys to success in USS Alaska?

    Easy solution. Get a Kron.....Some games you have 8 cits and some games you suck. But its better than peeking around some island using 3 barrels to farm HE damage.... NT
  9. NightTerror

    Collision avoidance Glitch??

    I thought I was losing my mind as I noticed this happening too.... Thanks NT
  10. NightTerror

    More and More Passive...

    Every Sinop in Ranked Sprint was suddenly a bow camping, island hugging Minotaur in drag. Save a star mode was on the second the match started..... NT
  11. The best part is the shell hit the load the truck was pulling and still managed to take out the engine in the truck....Just like in game.
  12. NightTerror

    Favorite T10 Battleship

    Republique. Best all around.
  13. NightTerror

    Tirpitz is kind of underwhelming.

    HE spam rules the world.....
  14. "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." NT