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    Specializing in WWI aviation history but know a fair bit about WWII as well. Small arms history ranging from US Revolution, US Civil War, WWI and WWII. Tank warfare from WWI through WWII. Generally always been fascinated by the equipment and materials used as opposed to the actual battles themselves.

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    1. Cruiser_SanJuan


      So, how do you like Zeppy so far?

  2. vonKaiser

    Henri IV is a Beast!!

    Salvo one, use speed, salvo two, drop speed, salvo 3, evade. Doing all three at various times has resulted in some... Interesting... Chat complaints.
  3. vonKaiser

    Is this the future??

    I've always wanted Ensign Pulver in game. Each time you sink someone "It is I, ensign Pulver and I just threw your stinkin palm tree overboard" (1:30 into the video if the time stamp don't work)
  4. vonKaiser

    Is this the future??

  5. Not the most exciting video, but when I say you guys are getting the first time out of a ship I play, you get the first time out :D



  6. Duguay Trouin has a Fighter on both A and B hulls.
  7. Send me a PM to remind me in about 2 1/2 hours when i get done with work. I've got about 225 ships in my port that I can pull up, check and record the data on. I'm also in the Reddit and official wargaming discord servers. With regards to trying to figure out what aircraft type they are, well that's probably just going to be the down and dirty method of screenshooting them and comparing them to WWII float plane records, maybe get lucky and cross reference with some of the fighters on the carrier's in game.
  8. vonKaiser

    So can someone explain to me

    IIRC the original nerf was due to the spotting complaints. This is back before the re-work happened where running into a Carrier was much more rare. BB's with a launched plane had torpedo spotting and, ships with aircraft could see past islands at further distances (This is before airplane spotting distance got nerfed as well) than most other nations running hydroacoustic search. It also lasted for quite awhile which made it arguably better then hydro, all be it with a built in blind spot until it circled around the ship again.
  9. vonKaiser

    Does AA gun Mod really needed in this meta?

    Stock flak bursts are manageable, the increased flak bursts can sometimes catch you off guard, add in another ship or DFAA running and it becomes one of those Japanese Bullet shooter mini-games in certain circumstances. But let me offer the question another way. Looking at all the upgrades in that slot, and, with your playstyle in the Helena, would the extra AA bursts be worth it with the way you play? That's the way I've been building all my ships as of late. Aiming system mod is a nice thing to have on a cruiser especially if spamming long ranges, but if you've got a fast firing ship with good fire chances and a large number of shells to help with RNG, it might be worth skipping for something else. Conversely Helena reload is a bit on the longer side, so I'd like as many shells as possible to hit my target in each salvo so the extra accuracy it gives might be beneficial to some players more than others.
  10. vonKaiser

    [humor?]antropomorphized ships are historically accurate

    And going by the smoke puffs in the aft I'm guessing last nights dinner was Beans, Cabbage, and Sauerkraut.
  11. vonKaiser

    Mixing it Up Monday - Your Fleet

    Whatever has a star next to it. Unless it's a Battleship. I've been severely cutting my BB play, not enjoying it as much as i used too.
  12. vonKaiser

    Fixing Carriers - Five Tweaks

    I always wondered what would happen if we made the carriers stealthier and buffed the turning radius and speed drop in a turn. Give'em them 10-12km detection range, but make the air groups have a range limit and a time limit. When they first launch they'll have full attack range but the longer in air the less distance from the carrier they'll be able to travel, boost makes the range drop faster, this will simulate fuel reserves for the aircraft until they eventually are forced to return to the carrier, refuel, re-arm and then take off again. If the planes are a long way out and returning? send up a new squad, but once the returning squad get's closer, suspend takeoff operations and prepare for the landing operations. Add a new upgrade of drop tanks that increases the fuel range and timing at the cost of some of the rockets/torps/bombs or if the planes can't lose 1 torp or 1 bomb (carries only one) make the aircraft speed slightly slower and turning radius wider.
  13. vonKaiser

    Announcing: Anchors Away Tour + FAQ

    And stuff like this is why my friends from other countries look at me funny. 2 of the trips are about 2 and a half hours drive for me into different states. However! The one IN my state? 6.5 hour drive lol. We need an impromptu one at the intrepid, just saying :) But I hope to make either the USS New Jersey or the Massachusetts... Heck maybe both? lol Long as the weather co-operates and my foot sprain heals fast enough that I can use the trips as an excuse for a Road Trip on my Motorcycle.