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    Specializing in WWI aviation history but know a fair bit about WWII as well. Small arms history ranging from US Revolution, US Civil War, WWI and WWII. Tank warfare from WWI through WWII. Generally always been fascinated by the equipment and materials used as opposed to the actual battles themselves.

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  1. Without going into too much detail. You're given tasks to complete, and while new ships have tasks, you'll also be checking for graphical errors, island errors, game mechanics errors. Even little things like making sure the camo works with hull A and B of (insert ship here) Can you shoot through this island in H9? Test it with multiple ships. Do the captain skills work properly on said ship, is there any combination of those that will break the ship? Basically you're making sure everything works and doing what you can to make sure that it won't break when some weird combo is attempted. You'll see testers on the regular server with new ships to test, but there is more testing to be done in organized groups on the Public Test Server. You have a certain time frame to get it done and then you'll have to write up your findings. If any bugs are found you'll need to be able to describe it and explain the recreation settings if possible. Basically, when you see a patch video come out with the changes to mechanics, maps, consumables, ships, etc, etc, etc, anything mentioned in that has to be tested and found to function properly.
  2. vonKaiser

    remove cap zones from random battles

    Moving forward there will be only one Map. Standard Battle on Ocean. It's been determined to be one of the more historical maps with historical features.
  3. Dang new guys coming in here and getting more views and subs. Dang you making me realize my content sucks :P (All in jest, all in jest) lol
  4. The soldiers in WWII were all stoic, doing their duty, none had time for comedy I mean, if they were all running around willy nilly, making fun of things, How on earth would their jobs get done. They weren't called the greatest Generation for no reason. Nope, stiff upper lip and all that, couldn't be having fun when the free world was at stake I mean... Oh forget it.
  5. vonKaiser

    ST New Mechanics and Consumables

    New Tirpitz Camo Renders detection next to small buildings near islands to 2km as long as turrets are not moving
  6. vonKaiser

    Beastly emden

    I still hope for Karl von Müller as the German Special captain and maybe a campaign based on her, but I'm not holding my breath. Błyskawica and the Pan-Asian ships will have a campaign and captain before Germany it seems lol.
  7. Can we not crap all over the guy who volunteered and made that? He works for the museum and maybe not even a guy who's played the game doing his best to come up with what he could. Dunno about the Lexington but some of these museum ships run on some shoe string budgets and do what they can with little. Is there a bit to be desired in that setup? Of course, but we have the luxury of knowing the game, sitting and playing for awhile and thinking how hard it would be for us to play that setup after what we're used to at home. For people visiting the ship who know nothing about it? Little bit of introduction to the game, hopefully they enjoy it enough while at the ship that when they get home we have a new player to ask "why do ships disappear in this white cloud and kill me?" In a setting like a museum ship you've got lot's of visitors, young kids and old kids, whatever you put in there needs to be bomb level durable and simplistic to help introduce someone to it, but at the same time, make it so they can't open up Gmail or the net browser. Don't need little Timmy playing the Lexington and suddenly getting an ad about all the Singles in the area who want to meet him.
  8. Watch the smoke for the tracers from the firing ship. I tend to try to watch for two salvos or so. Keep a note on if they appear from the same position or if it moves. If they appear from the same spot the ship is stationary, line your cursor up just underneath where the tracers appear and pull the trigger. Spotting plane makes it a little easier to guesstimate. if it's moving then the ship is moving in smoke. Keep in mind, they won't be moving fast so they can keep inside the smoke so treat it like any ship moving at 1/4th speed or so. Thing to remember though is that you're firing blind and don't have target lock. When you're locked onto a target your guns have a built in dispersion reduction, when you're not locked on they don't have that so even accurate guns can be all over the place. Double edged sword because not as many shells will land on target but the dispersion effect treats it more like a shotgun shot so more shells will cover the area and have a chance to make a hit. Once you fire, keep an eye on your shells, if you hit you'll still see the black explosion cloud on the enemy ship even though you can't see him. Once you get that black cloud? There's your point of aim for subsequent shots. Using friendly shots to look for that black cloud and to see if there's torpedo missing when it passes throught he smoke will also help your aim.
  9. Could be. I don't have him yet, soooo close, stupid tier X required campaign mission lol. Saw the blue tracers one night after he came out though, could have swore the player, when asked, said he had Halsey but anecdotal evidence isn't always correct