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    Specializing in WWI aviation history but know a fair bit about WWII as well. Small arms history ranging from US Revolution, US Civil War, WWI and WWII. Tank warfare from WWI through WWII. Generally always been fascinated by the equipment and materials used as opposed to the actual battles themselves.

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  1. OK End of September hasn't been fun.  Water cooler on the PC went, gas tank on the truck went, Battery in my motorcycle went, add in bills and property taxes due as well...  In other words, sorry for no update this weekend but been kind of frazzled and pulling my hair out of my head.  Hopefully the replacement water cooler will be here today (10/04) and should have the PC back and operational for a video before this weekend.  sorry all.

    1. YeOldeTraveller


      Stuff like that is supposed to happen at the end of October.

    2. vonKaiser


      Yeah, just a random bout of bad luck.  It happens, usually at the worst times lol.  On the plus side, watercooler is all fixed, I have a working PC again, but took me too long to finish.  I'm paranoid and meticulous when it comes to anything liquid and the PC so all connections were checked about 20 times and then another 20 for good measure xD

      1st thing I do after I get home today (Other then put my motorcycle battery and new gas tank in the truck) will be a video. 

    3. YeOldeTraveller


      Looking forward to it once it publishes.

      Fair winds!