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    Specializing in WWI aviation history but know a fair bit about WWII as well. Small arms history ranging from US Revolution, US Civil War, WWI and WWII. Tank warfare from WWI through WWII. Generally always been fascinated by the equipment and materials used as opposed to the actual battles themselves.

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    1. YeOldeTraveller


      I'm taking advantage of the discounts, so I'm grinding toward this one right now.


      Also re Ranked, I'm running well with the Farragut, so I may not take anything else out.  I made my first goal of Rank 15 with my CLs (Cleveland and Leander) and BBs (Warspite and New Mexico, tried Arizona without any wins in 5 matches).  I ran Farragut to leverage the DD weekend with my only DD ready for Ranked.  Over 78% winrate and I'm at Rank 11 which was my second goal.  Only real goal left is Rank 1.

      At this point, I'm thinking of calling it a season.  If the winrate holds, I don't doubt I will eventually make it, but that is still a long way.  Biggest reason to stop is the "helpful" chat while I'm busy wining the match.  Last one in particular was a complaint of camping as I'm driving through smoke already headed for their cap which I've been harassing for most of the match.  Apparently, I should have pushed sooner against a WarspiteNew Mexico, and a Graf Spee.  I'd already burned down a Nürnberg and a Cleveland.  The enemy DD was capping our cap, but we were ahead on points and I had time to get there, and finish the Graf Spee while doing so.  I had taken several strong hits and was under a quarter health.  I did take the cap, kill the Spee, survive the match, and was #1 on the map.  Apparently, I wasn't supposed to be killing things either based on the chat.

      I called it a night having run 3 for 3 to get to Rank 11.

    2. YeOldeTraveller


      Apparently can't edit the above.


      I enjoyed the video and look forward to playing the ship.  I'm only up to 6 points for my best French captain, so things will get better there.


      Also, I don't mind more Cleveland videos.  I like the ship.  I'm just not playing it right now as the Farragut is working much better.

    3. vonKaiser


      Ranked is tough, you can do everything right, win the game, but someone will still find a flaw, usually as they're spectating after being sunk.  And half the time they're right at least with the way I play.  But they have the advantage of being in the spectator mode, no stress, no shells raining down on them.  While you, fighting for your life, have things to contend with that don't allow you to have the luxury to sit back and analyze the situation as calmly and rationally as they do.  That, to me, is one of the more frustrating aspects of ranked.