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    Specializing in WWI aviation history but know a fair bit about WWII as well. Small arms history ranging from US Revolution, US Civil War, WWI and WWII. Tank warfare from WWI through WWII. Generally always been fascinated by the equipment and materials used as opposed to the actual battles themselves.
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  1. I've been playing the War mode non-stop. It's been quite a bit of fun.
  2. Well let's start you off right Wolf. I'm a WWI Nerd so I recommend the Lost Battalion first and foremost (Put it in spoilers due to some violence in the video)
  3. Sadly i don't take pictures of the food. Plus, if i did, defeathering and field dressing the one I got last night might make some people lose their appetites xD
  4. From the history aspect yeah I can understand that. It's why I have the Oleg and the Cambeltown lol. But what it comes down too in that regard... Which do you enjoy? Personally for a long time I shied away from Cruiser gameplay at Tier 8+, I wasn't too good with it, not until recently did I make a concentrated effort to learn and try to do well at the higher tiers that the Hipper will often face. Tiers 5/6/7 was mainly my comfort zone so I overlooked Eugen during the sale of her on top of the fact that I was grinding Hipper around the same time and didn't much care for the gameplay style of her. It wasn't until my final few games where Hipper and I kind of "clicked" so now, I'd contemplate the purchase of her, but at the same time I remember how the Hipper played and I've got plenty of other German premiums that I can train with. Mainly, I'd suggest looking into the history, both have plenty of that, but then I'd also add in the tier and what your comfortable with. On top of that as well, your playstyle and how you play the game. Whichever one ticks the most boxes, go for that one. But again, just my two cents.
  5. True but according to his profile he's already got the Tirpitz, Scharnhorst, Konig Albert, and the Spee. With all those, another trainer I wouldn't really think necessary. Where as the skills learned in the Atlanta will help with a majority of the USN Cruisers and some of the DD's arguably.
  6. Whenever I'm having a bad run where I find myself doing well but just not winning i tend to switch up tiers and ships. If I'm not doing well in the 6/7/8 BB's I'll drop down into my Konig Albert, Texas or my Mutsu for a bit, if i don't change it completely up and go for a DD or a cruiser. Heck even walking away and taking a break for 5-10 minutes is sometimes enough to clear out the matchmaker and get a new group of players on the team where you might have some better luck on the win side.
  7. I'd say Atlanta simply because if you want a Prinz get the Hipper. Sure Prinz doesn't have the benefits of premium status but it's pretty much the same thing. Atlanta at least offers a different playstyle and those rapid fire guns are fun. But again, Atlanta is different, she requires you to play her to her strengths, if this is something you don't want to do or have issues doing you might not have much fun in her.
  8. I'm hoping next weeks paycheck will cover the Kidd bundle with the flags. Running out of Premium time and running low on flags so that'll help. Want to get her before she disappears. Love the Sims, love the Mahan, so have a feeling I'll like her too, just can't afford it right now :( As far as the mega bundles, I would buy the American one for Enterprise and the Saipan, but I'm not a carrier player so it'd be a waste. Want the Kaga too but again, it's be a novelty ship to take out once in awhile and be a detriment to my team because I can't carrier well. I was looking through them before and, sad to say, it wasn't until I looked through that list that I realized exactly how many ships I have...
  9. Hey @Chaos_EN2 Have a good thanksgiving, and enjoy.
  10. Best of luck to you. Need advice or help with anything feel free to drop me a line. I'm not so great at it either (editing and the like) and I'm not as famous as some but I can give a few pointers.
  11. A Tier 8 Cruiser, sailed by yours truly. A tier 10 game where I don't do so well... The lovely New Orleans carried me all the way to the top of this one
  12. A Tier 8 Cruiser, sailed by yours truly. A tier 10 game where I don't do so well... The lovely New Orleans carried me all the way to the top of this one



    1. YeOldeTraveller


      New Orleans is next for me on that line.  I expect I will get there before the split, but that mostly depends on when the split actually hits.  I'm actually focusing on the RN CL line for now.  (Getting close to Neptune.)

      As always, thanks for the video.

      Fair seas!

    2. vonKaiser


      Yeah I'm still looking into the split but not too worried.  I'm just doing my best to grind the Tier 8's at the moment.  I'm on the Edinburgh on Royal Navy right now and I'm liking it even better then Fiji, and I enjoyed the Fiji quite a bit so that's saying something lol

    3. YeOldeTraveller


      I'm not concerned.  it will happen when it happens, and what will be will be.

      Pushing to complete the Pan Asia mission, so I can get the Commander XP once they drop.

  13. Well considering the link comes out from a wargaming employee... And as far as functionality, I always thought that was in reference to the mod... working. IE don't make a support ticket when your flag mod doesn't work because they aren't going to help you.