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    Specializing in WWI aviation history but know a fair bit about WWII as well. Small arms history ranging from US Revolution, US Civil War, WWI and WWII. Tank warfare from WWI through WWII. Generally always been fascinated by the equipment and materials used as opposed to the actual battles themselves.

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  1. vonKaiser

    Tirpitz and Asashio are back in action

    I did my first time out video in it and I'll be honest? don't know if I want to take it out of port again. And even her saving grace of turn radius, gotta remember a ship going 20.5 knots will still take a very long time to actually get through the turn. Add in that she bleeds most of her speed going into the turn... Final 3 or 4 minutes of the game was just sailing around in circles trying to avoid incoming airplanes and hoping we racked up enough points to finish the game before I eventually died. Wasn't a very fun experience.
  2. vonKaiser

    Checking up on Yahagi

    I find playing her like a tier higher Yubari works OK. Fragile ship, no armor so she just doesn't really like being fired at or being hit. But if you can roam around near bigger things or DD's that will take attention off of you and fire at the enemy she doesn't do badly. Torps are good in range but the limited arcs mean you have to be careful with them, you can stealth torp with a concealment build but the limited arcs mean you're giving broadside to just about everything, so if you're setting up on the battleship and the DD that you didn't expect moves in to spot you, well, not going to go well for Yahagi. 152's are OK, but they have a bit of a long travel time and they're very lofty, makes long range gunnery on enemy DD's very difficult. Fire chance makes burning enemy BB's quote easy though. Finally, AA is pretty good, while it's very short ranged, the fighter combo and effective AA means a few planes shot down, however no access to DFAA hurts it. If you manage to survive to late game however, the speed boost, hydro combo makes for a very potent DD hunter. That's if you haven't used all the charges to run away from things shooting you :/
  3. Breaking 200k damage and setting my damage record at 240k in my Des Moines when I first got it. But when it comes to most memorable? ranked battle awhile back in my Bismarck. Charged the enemy and managed to pull off a come from behind win. Birthday wish? Really just some super containers and I'd be happy. I own a majority of the ships already, Friesland would be nice, but whole bunch of coal or steel from some super containers would go a long way in getting the other ships I don't have access too :D lol
  4. vonKaiser

    The problem with California

    ♪♫ Wide Bottomed Ships you make the rocking world go 'round ♫♪
  5. See, the problem most have with the secondary build is that they see all the extra guns available and bam they have to rush in and use them when you should be playing a bit more carefully given all you have to sacrifice for the secondary build. Adding in you kind of have to play with the secondaries in mind for you to get the best use out of them. Use islands to narrow down firing lanes, this way the enemy can't bring multiple guns to bear at one time and if you have doubts, don't be afraid to back off for a bit and not be overly aggresive. The islands for cover also allow you to go dark for a bit and surprise those who're unsuspecting of your position, then you can unload secondary goodness on them as they panic and retreat.
  6. vonKaiser

    Unsinkable Sam---too cute.

    Figures my Geforce recording isn't working for some reason. :( (Gotta look close, he's tiny)
  7. As much as I like my Graf Spee, as much as I REALLY like that camo scheme for her, and as much as I throw my wallet at the screen for most things in this game... Think I'm gonna have to pass on this one.