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    Specializing in WWI aviation history but know a fair bit about WWII as well. Small arms history ranging from US Revolution, US Civil War, WWI and WWII. Tank warfare from WWI through WWII. Generally always been fascinated by the equipment and materials used as opposed to the actual battles themselves.
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  1. Queen Anne's Revenge. I've got a thing for old pirate sailing ships
  2. I had a small sum of elite commander XP. But then british line came out and I didn't have enough dubloons to retrain the captains so i've been using a bit of it. Hopefully next month after bills are done I'll be able to buy the Harakaze bundle and stock back up on dubloons and maybe convert some free XP for Nelson.
  3. Can't say much about your playstyle Sasquatch but sounds to me like you're being too comfortable with your smoke. If you're getting focused fired when you leave your smoke there's two things I can see wrong 1) You're smoking waaaaay to close to the enemy. Smoke, for me at least, is for those moments when you've got 2 or more enemy ships pushing and without hard cover. Pop smoke, support and light them on fire as they try to push and hopefully get them to turn away. If they're pushing into your concealment range where when you leave smoke and get spotted, you're allowing them too close and should be moving beforehand. 2) You might not be paying close enough attention to the smoke timer and are getting caught off guard. When my smoke get's down to 10 seconds or so I usually stop firing, pour on the throttle and am getting out of dodge. Nothing I like seeing more in a BB or a cruiser facing an enemy Belfast who suddenly appears out of a dissipating smoke cloud who's still firing away thinking he's safe. While Belfast has tricks and all sorts of gadgets to be effective, the one drawback she has is the lack of alpha and a deterrent for those who want to rush her. BB rushing a Fiji or Edinburgh in smoke? Not a good idea due to torpedo. Angry Belfast smoke cloud and your BB has 75% health? Rush it, his fires and DOT aren't enough to take you down and there's nothing he can do to stop you and will get punished once auto spot ranges come into effect at 2.5km
  4. I'd buy one too if I could afford it... heck as long as I'm dreaming I'd have one of these as well
  5. You've got time. since the announcement of the HSF Graf Spee until the sales end is going to be about a year IIRC. It's a licensing tie in with an anime series. As far as the ship goes, well personally shes a favorite of mine. I'm a cruiser main who dabbles with the Battleships so she's right up my alley. And while she is a bit on the challenging side (Slowest reloading guns of all cruisers except stock Furutaka I think, bad dispersion for the normally accurate cruiser guns, armored but not really against battleships) she is very capable and when played right can be a formidable opponent. I'd recommend this review: When it came out I did a bit of an in depth review on her if that'll help as well
  6. Destroyer: Kamikaze R 96 battles 52% win Rate Cruiser: Belfast 82 battles 63% win Rate, 67k average damage too.. huh... Battleship: Tirpitz 55 Battles Wallet Warrior AND a seal clubber ti seems
  7. Sorry for the Delay on this one guys... Went to start my review on the Tier 5 Iron Duke, only to realize i never uploaded the Tier IV video
  8. Sorry for the Delay on this one.  Went to do my review on the Iron Duke and realized....  I never uploaded the Tier IV Video :cap_fainting:

  9. I almost didn't want to move up the tech tree past Emile. I loved it and as soon as I'm done with the grind I plan on buying her back
  10. If they give this thing + Ramming damage and not the Campbeltown I'm going to be highly perturbed.
  11. If you have a supporting Nvidia card, using the shadowplay is the best. I've used FRAPS in the past but it's a resource hit and lowers my FPS pretty dramatically. Nvidia has a nice feature to record the audio and mic as well so you can do commentary all in one shot. After you've recorded the file then you'll need to edit it through a basic video editor. Personally, I use either VSDC which is free (but takes awhile to render the video, hardware acceleration is only available when you unlock it and pay for the premium) or using Windows Movie Maker. Once it's edited the way you like, render the video, save it. Then open your youtube account, go to uploads and drag and drop or select the file. Upload it and voila.
  12. Took my King George out for the first time tonight. Alone on a flank. Other flank collapsed. I went back to save the carriers. Managed to kill 2 DD's in a BB. Only two kills my team got. I promptly quit for the night :(