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    Specializing in WWI aviation history but know a fair bit about WWII as well. Small arms history ranging from US Revolution, US Civil War, WWI and WWII. Tank warfare from WWI through WWII. Generally always been fascinated by the equipment and materials used as opposed to the actual battles themselves.


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  1. Curses. Was hoping to get into this too, had a blast the last time I was a Corgi Captain. Aww well. Just means I get to be on the hunting side this time.

    1. Cruiser_SanJuan


      All I know is that Boise is my new fave go-to ship. I set my enemies on fire easier than Atlanta, Believe it or not.

    2. vonKaiser


      Doesn't surprise me.  Good fire chance on her guns and the 152's are...  Marginally easier to hit with then the 127's on Atlanta.  I just wish she was a bit more responsive to the rudder or a touch faster in the reload department to make her feel more comfortable.  But that's just me lol


      With regards to the fire chance, haven't been able to find it conclusively but doesn't weight of shell play a factor, how much explosive it's filled with? Considering you've got a 48kg shell on Boise and a 25kg shell on the Atlanta, i'm wondering how much of an impact that makes?

  3. Watching replays

    Open it with the Warships application. You'll go from beginning to end and also be able to move the camera around your ships instead of just being locked into what you saw in the battle. Good for seeing where a ship appeared from or random torps that you might have missed. Drawback to it though is that a new patch will break the replay. IE say you have a replay in version 1.5 and they patch it to 1.6. Update your client, the 1.5 replay will no longer work.
  4. I try not to complain about much, opting to try to find a positive from just about any encounter or scenario in Warships. But can we get the Museum kiosk accounts locked into co-op? Just finished a game, which was a disheartening loss, and probably could have been won with some air cover. Instead we had a Saipan suicide into point C without launching any planes. Enemy Kaga had free reign rest of the game. Still not sure if it falls under name and shame, so won't say the name directly, but the name makes me believe highly that it was an account at the Lexington Museum. Listen, I get the purpose, I get the advertising, I'm all for it. But it does make it tough on the rest of the people on the team. Arguably worse then the tier 1 or 2 who buys a tier 8 premium ship in my opinion lol.
  5. Wallet Warriors unite...part 3

    I wish i had saved the money on the Boise pack and had bought/spent dubloons this week instead :(
  6. The Autograph Thread

    Have a hat made out to me "Conrad, stay away from the Van down by the River" - Chris Farley. My mom's boss sent her to a healthy living center out in California. one of those, eat right stay healthy type places. She went with a co-worker but when they got partnered up they split the two of them up and said "you'll meet your partner later". Low and behold? Limo pulls up and out steps Chris Farley. She spent about 2 weeks doing the program and classes with him, entire time he kept ribbing her saying he's just waiting for an autograph request. My mom's not that type, instead prefers the memories and told him so. One night he decided they had to "Break out" of the place and took her and her co-worker to Grauman's Chinese Theater. While walking down the street he kept telling them, don't make eye contact, don't' accept anything from the hawkers that line the street trying to hand out fliers and things, and just keep walking. My mom, not being used to this type of hustle, accepted a black "California" ball cap with a teal/blue brim from a guy telling her it was free, but then demanding a $5 "donation" after she had taken it. Mr. Farley came back yelling "I told you not to take anything" my mom without missing a beat looked at him and retorted "Fine, let me do something else that you told me not to then, sign this hat for my son". Wish I could have met the guy before his passing.
  7. Grog?

    Wasn't Gunpowder added as well? If the alcohol was watered down the gunpowder wouldn't ignite. If it did, that was the proof that it was good stuff? (Read it in an old pirate history book, don't have it on hand here at work so not 100% sure)
  8. Wrong Answers Only: 15

    Swamp Gas
  9. Throwing my hat in the Ring again. Loved the old Corgi event
  10. Spend Doubloons, Get a T-61

    I tend to have the mindset of "Have to have it as soon as everyone else" due to trying to do youtube reviews on everything... But this close after the Boise buy, and at that price point compared to what the ship will release in store for probably? Nope, sorry, can't justify spending so much for a little bit early access. As much as I want the T-61 and have been looking forward to it, just can't justify getting it that way. I really hope this isn't a sign of things to come for future premiums.
  11. Wrong Answers Only: 10

    It's the USS Hewell during filming. I can jsut make out the palm tree on the deck, obviously shot before Ensign Pulver got to it.