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    Specializing in WWI aviation history but know a fair bit about WWII as well. Small arms history ranging from US Revolution, US Civil War, WWI and WWII. Tank warfare from WWI through WWII. Generally always been fascinated by the equipment and materials used as opposed to the actual battles themselves.

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  1. vonKaiser

    New video card?

    See if we can fix this here... OK that's better. Now before we go with buy a new card, let's get some info. Any changes recently? New Drivers? Has this just started recently or is this an ongoing issue? Happening in other games or applications or is it just Warships? While a new card may fix it, there's some other tests to do as well, such as how's your airflow in the case, how's your power supply etc.
  2. vonKaiser

    Do You Get It?

    all I was seeing in the first one was Anaconda and Hun and kept getting Sir Mix a Lot stuck in my head :/
  3. vonKaiser

    Wildcard Wednesday

    Down in the low tiers I'd say the Yubari's a wildcard. Not seen often either. Personally I like the Yubari. Did well in my stats with her to the point I retired it so I didn't ruin a perfect record, only ship I've done that with. So when I find myself lower tier and a Yubari is on the friendly or enemy team? I kind of pay special attention to them. Some people play them amazingly well, others get unlucky and that one little mistake costs them. But not knowing which way it'll go always makes for a wildcard game. A Yubari in the right hands with DFAA at the low tiers can really put a crimp in the opposing teams plans.
  4. Dear lord I have far too many ships in my port... No idea if I'll be able to collect the snowflakes on all of them
  5. I'm trying to read through the explanation and make sense of it, but it's after lunch and haven't had quite enough caffeine. But from what I'm seeing, premium Warship account, as opposed to a premium "World of everything" account will earn you slightly better rewards, but only used on Warships. So, I still have 200+ something days of regular premium time. I haven't played tanks in years, I'm pretty consistent in Warships but I can blow through anywhere from 5 to 60 games in Warplanes in a day depending on if the mood strikes me. If I do nothing, none of my current premium is going to be taken and made "Warship" specific right? I'm still grinding over in Warplanes and I'm not raking in the credits there like I am in Warships, at least having the unified premium helped out.
  6. vonKaiser

    Video Editing Software

    I've used VSDC editor for my Youtube videos. I need it for basics, trimming, combining etc and it's more than capable at those. Free to use, no watermark on the video afterwards. http://www.videosoftdev.com/
  7. vonKaiser

    Been gone awhile.

    And those Tier 9 Cruisers, don't forget those. Buffalo, Seattle, Ibuki and Neptune especially spring to mind.
  8. vonKaiser

    McDonalds .... ewwww .... but

    I can't eat'em. Got the ones Wendy's sold awhile back and let's just say I was under the weather for 3 days after. I even see cheese fries anymore I get queasy :(
  9. vonKaiser

    The music thread

  10. vonKaiser

    Boise appreciation thread

    I wish it had a bit better reload. Not so bad once Adrenaline Rush kicks in though
  11. The way I've always described the Pensacola is playing like chicken. Anyone who comes up the ranks knows you are a squishy, juicy XP pinata so, even at the detriment of themselves, they will gladly give up that 80% sure shot on a close battleship and instead take a pot shot and focus on your poor little ship. So, when you're in a ship that's priority target number one? You've got to play a bit cautiously. Those who are calling you out for not pushing? Probably never have sailed a Pensacola. I'd offer some advice and how I used to play it, but after going back to the wiki and videos to read up and refresh my memory? I've got no experience in this ship where it sit's currently. My experience was when she was buffed into a decently stealthed radar cruiser :( But, having had a few games in rather fragile ships I can offer the following. Ignore what others say. If you push you're the noob who ran in without support, if you don't, your a chicken not helping the team. This is a way of cruiser life, get used to it early on. You can't push up against BB's and low stealth DD's unless you've got hard island cover or someone who's willing to smoke you up. And don't think pushing the cap when 3 friendlies are in the circle is a good idea either. You have to take into account the type of friendly between you and the enemy. 3 DD's on a Cap spotting for you? Great, but when you pull the trigger you're now spotted, the DD's, if they're passive and aren't firing their guns, they aren't spotted. So even though you've got friendlies in the way that you think might mitigate any incoming damage, the enemy doesn't see them and so they focus directly on you. Not someplace you want to be in a majority of ships, let alone the Pensacola Don't be afraid to shoot AP at odd angles. Long range you can plunge it through the decks, turning ships going from broadside into an angle? Don't switch shells, fire anyway. The American AP can give you surprising results even on slightly angled targets that would normally bounce a lot of other ships. Range is your friend when facing enemies of high caliber. It's the life of a cruiser player. Everyone knows it, everyone deals with it. You go a whole game, dodge hundreds of shells, incoming salvo from a BB at 15km. You can avoid 8 out of his 9 shells. 9th shell is going to hit, it's going to penetrate your deck, and it's going to find your citadel. Don't sweat it, move on and try not to let it get to you.
  12. Doesn't happen often, but once in awhile I manage to pull my head out of my stern and play like a man possessed by a far more competent commander. I finished the play by play of that game for those who may want to watch.
  13. vonKaiser

    Santa Crate Mikhail Kutuzov = No Radar

    I can see where people would possibly think it. She was pulled same time as Belfast. But no she didn't have Radar. What made her on par with the Belfast with regards to Power Level was that on release it was the pre-nerf gun bloom in smoke. Back then any ship sitting in smoke and firing would only be detected at 2km regardless of if they were firing their guns or not (barring radar, hydro etc). So you've got a good DPM ship, hydro backup, smoke, and some potent Torpedo's sitting in a smoke cloud and won't be spotted until 2km. Makes for a un-appetizing target for those who have to displace it. Since the gun bloom nerf in smoke (7km detection for her now I think?) She's not AS powerful. Capable none'the'less.

    1. YeOldeTraveller


      That battle almost makes me wish I'd purchased her when she was available in the package.



    2. vonKaiser


      Yeah that game is few and far between.  If more of them were with those numbers?  Absolutely.  But one off's like that make it hard to justify lol