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  1. Still don't have a computer to play WOWS

  2. Got 2nd place at robotics competition

  3. i hope my parents sort this out

  4. need to find some anime to watch

  5. need to find some anime tio watch

  6. It wont let me post any thing or type anything acept for this.

  7. My PC is fianly back

  8. my pc broke

    1. Gijoe297
    2. ironcladtanker


      Really? When? I played on 20 fps on WOT and I thought it was bad then *sigh*

  9. well my last topic was just a big fat derp that i made

  10. no one seams to read my story

  11. what anime should i wach next

  12. i cant wait for World of War Ships to come out